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Top 5 New Indian Historical Fiction to be in Book Worms’ Bucket List

Indian Historical Fiction — For every bookworms in this world, every new book on the market is nothing less than a treasure, and recently the new craze of historical and mythological fiction have gone up, especially with the success of the Trilogy of Shiva or Krishna’s key or Chanakya’s chant, etc. Mythology and Historical fiction is now not only limited to history or mythology lover but they also to other readers’ who used to love other genre. Mythology and Historical fiction are now loved by the people and reader of age groups, from youth to the octogenarian.

I myself being an avid reader and lover of history or mythology, I used to search new books in the market belongs to this genre. Also, before buying I used to read the prologue to make sure the books are worth buying. Recently in online shopping site I found some new Historical fiction and I think every history lover like me would surely love this book as much I love them. I am also quite sure not only history lover, but these books is favored by all readers out there.

1. Emperor Chandragupta by Aditi kay

Emperor Chandragupta by Aditi kayWell Chandragupta is one of my favorite Emperor from the India history, who had build an extended Empire of Maurya Dynasty with the help of Chanakya, my another favorite character from history. Chanakya had a dream to build ‘Akhand Bharat’ and had helped Chandragupta to build a dynasty to unite India overthrowing the Nandas. All of us are aware of the fact, but what you like in this book is the language and flow of writings. Moreover this book is not at all a work of Historical facts but also fictional facts mix with history which made it even more interesting to read. 

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2. The Indus Challenge by RDurgadoss

The Indus Challenge by RDurgadossAnother extremely well written work of Historical fiction, that every book lover will surely like to read. The books also plays with your imagination. Yet another story that evolves around Chanakya and Chandragupta, struggle of power and and young hero Rudra, who was the  commander of the Mauryan  Sena and lifelong friend  of Chandragupta.


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3) Ashoka: Lion of Maurya by Ashok K Banker

Ashoka: the Satrap of Taxila by Ashok K BankerAfter Chandragupta the Great ruler of Maurya Dynasty was Ashoka, the story revolves around the central character of Ashoka who was set out to save his family from the assassins. The story will make you time travels to the ancient India, its political and social setup. The blend of fictions along with history make this book a perfect treasure for the readers of all ages.

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4) Ashoka: The Satrap of Taxila by Ashok K Banker

Ashoka the Satrap of Taxila by Ashok K BankerThe another book revolves around the story of Ashoka, by the same author. Although this is also a work of fiction, but nevertheless you can get a glimpse of the political setup and power struggle of the country during that period.

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5.  Harappa: Curse of Blood River by Vineet Bajpai

Harappa Curse of Blood River by Vineet BajpaiEveryone is must aware of the Indus valley civilizations, Harappa and Mohenjodaro of the ancient India. Both of the civilizations were rich in culture during that period. But this book plot is very interesting which make readers’ time travelling to  1700 BCE Indus Valley to the modern day of Delhi & Paris. The book is very well  written and imaginative and a must buy for book lovers.

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