LifeStyleTypical Indian: The importance of Discipline in one's Personal Life

Typical Indian: The importance of Discipline in one’s Personal Life

Discipline is a word derived from the root word ‘disciple’. It is a quality with which a person is born. It is difficult to implant this trait into a person. Thus the discipline is moreover a way of life rather than a personal trait. Discipline adds a structure to live by which there always exists a definite purpose and a set aim in one’s life. An undisciplined life can lead to constant stressful situations due to a lack of sincerity in meeting the set targets in time. A disciplined person is liked by many for the systematic attitude that he/she possesses.

This article deals with the conflict between two types of discipline viz self-discipline and Enforced Discipline. All wish to live a life of comforts and happiness, but it should be known that this can be possible only when there are initial efforts put in a disciplined manner. For this purpose, discipline in personal life has an everlasting impact on the results. Choosing either of the ruts of discipline can add flavour to life. A structured life can surely ensure success and can lead to increases in motivation as well.

Discipline in terms of philosophical means is the strict adherence to rules, regulations and guideline irrespective of the presence of the superior authority. This discipline is not something that has a particular time in which it should be practised, but it is a responsibility for a lifetime. At times there are people who are junior in rank before whom; we should showcase the epitome of discipline because indirectly they learn a lot of traits in the incubation period, which may help them in future.

The first type of discipline is called Self-discipline. It is something that the person practices irrespective of space and time constraints. Such people are well organized in their personal life. They can set time-bound targets and bear the potential to achieve the same because of their systematic approach. When it comes to self-discipline, the person need not be reminded about behaviour or any other such aspects. Self-discipline can work out wonders while working in a business organization. Especially in the corporate world where there is a constant requirement to meet the demands and standards failing which termination is guaranteed, a disciplined approach can ferry the person to the other bank.

Self-control is the next step of self-discipline wherein the person can stay away from all addictions and bad habits to lead a very healthy and peaceful life. But a close observation is that there are very few people who have this quality of self-discipline. This is because, in recent times, there is a craze for earning easy money by means which demands less struggle and hard work. Thus the quality of Self-discipline is rare to be observed commonly. People with self-discipline are highly successful and contented with themselves are cared least for material enjoyments.

The second type of discipline is called Enforced Discipline. This is very commonly observed type. Right from nursery school to post-graduate colleges and further extending to business organizations, every place enforces a particular code of conduct onto their students and employees. Enforcing discipline has got its pros and cons. A positive aspect of enforcing discipline is that undisciplined people can add a structure to their life by changing their attitude and by practising self-discipline.

Life can be much more enjoyable if the enjoyment is disciplined. Another positive aspect is the motivation that a person can get if they’re the quality of discipline that is evolved from within. But certain negative aspects are hat people do not practice good things if they are enforced to do the same. This creates lethargy and a casual attitude in people. However, if injected with the right dose, applied discipline can be as effective as self-discipline.

There are numerous organizations where ethics need to be followed while working. However, being disciplined can be of greater importance. The feeling of living a life which is free from hurdles is pleasing, but to bring it to reality, one has to pour efforts that can make the complications disappear. The courage and determination needed to face odds can be had easily if one is disciplined in the approach. A disciplined person has the complete knowledge of the gravity of the situation and can tackle any problem with a systematic approach, instead of running away from challenges a person can face the odds and can be the ultimate winner.

Coming to certain benefits of discipline in personal life. We all feel the need of motivation from time to time to meet our targets. In that scenario, all that we need is certain self-discipline. If a person is disciplined, he/she is punctual too. Punctuality is such a quality of human beings by which there can be lots of motivation and self-confidence. Another side of discipline is maintaining our physique. Disciplined people look after themselves very well and carry out the complete necessary grooming required to live a fit and healthy life. At times, it is discipline alone that can yield self-control in a person. Self-control works out wonders in the worst situations where opponents want us to lose control of ourselves. Benefits are ample, but there are certain shortcomings too. An over-disciplined person is generally not liked by a majority of people the reason being that such people are working and result oriented. However, the merits of being disciplined do overpower the demerits.

It can be concluded that for a healthy and happy personal life, discipline is the utmost important thing, and if it comes from within as self-discipline, the world can be a better place indeed. Life gives challenges to be met at every instant, but it is a systematic approach to face the problems that provide the strength to ferry across the ocean of difficulties and reach the shore of happiness. We may not work for others’ welfare, but for our well-being, there should be an adequate amount of discipline along with enjoyment.

Gourav Vivek Kulkarni
Gourav Vivek Kulkarni
I am a Mechanical Engineer graduated in 2017 from KLS Gogte Institute of Technology, Belagavi, Karnataka, India. Born and brought up at Belgaum(Belagavi) itself, I completed my school education in 2011 from St. Paul’s High School. I was the First Runners up for Boy of the Year during our batch. I have also been a cadet of Air Wing NCC and have completed NCC A, B and C Certificates. My interests include Science and Technology, Management and Indian Defense Forces.

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