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Waking up at 5AM! Is it really the secret of high performers?

You must have heard that most successful people wake up early in the morning. Many successful people who give high performances in their field, leave their bed early in the morning. The morning holds the control of our full day. How do we start our day is significant. Every successful person understands the value of time, whether in business, arts, politics or sports. Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister, starts the morning at 5 a.m. and does Pranayama, sun salutation and yoga.

Virat Kohli, the cricketer, wakes up at 6 a.m. and does work out. His workout is a combination of weights and cardio exercises. This combination has helped him to develop muscles in a most appropriate way to suit his batting. Bollywood celebrity, Deepika Padukone wakes up at 6 a.m. on most days followed by an hour of yoga, and this habit of waking up early keeps the actress going. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, starts his day early and does cardio. He spent an hour on the treadmill while watching educational DVDs.

By waking up early, you will get enormous benefits in every aspect of life. Some high performers claim that by waking up early, their energy got doubled, their creativity increased, and their productivity got tripled. But how does it happen? Every individual brain energy is limited. We spent our energy on many things in a day like at work, meeting people, social media, news and much more. Our brain energy decreases slowly. Till noon, our brain energy almost gets empty. We cannot focus on one thing entirely.

We shift focus many times on other things in a day. And we cannot give 100% on one thing or work. But if you wake up at 5 a.m., you have the golden opportunity to give your 100% on one thing or work. You can work peacefully without getting any disturbance. It happens because when we woke up early, then the Prefrontal Cortex, which is responsible for our logical thoughts, get stopped working for a few hours. And from that, you will not overthink about things, and you can be focused and give your 100% on one thing. So by working on one thing, you will be getting more focused and productive.

Some people believe that mindset is everything. But it is not valid. There are also three other things that you should take care of in your life. You should not forget heart set, health set and soul set. If your mindset is fantastic and your personal life is disturbed, then also you cannot focus on one thing entirely. So, you should take care of your heart means your emotions. It is imperative to take care of your emotional well-being.

Now, in everyone’s life, health is also essential. If you do not have good health, you cannot enjoy your life. So, keeping yourself fit is also a crucial part of our life. Spirituality is also an essential part of our life. If you are not at peace of mind, then also you will get disturbed and can’t enjoy your life to its fullest.

There are few things which are common in all high performers in their field. They indulge in physical as well as mental activity to keep themselves fit and calm. But do you know that what keeps them high on energy full day and how they are right in every aspect of their life? Here are some tips that you can also follow to keep your energy levels up a full day and get success in every part of your life

1. First Hour of the Day

How well our day will spend as much dependent on how we spent our first hour of the day. The first hour of the day is the most precious hour of the day. Just waking up at 5 a.m. is not enough. If you wake up early and spend your one precious hour on social media, then it will not work for you. The most successful people or high performers follow an excellent technique to start their day. They start their day with some exercise to sweat it out. By doing yoga, our brain cells, repairs itself and the neural connection improve.

So, it is imperative to sweat whatever exercise you choose. You can do exercise for 20 – 40 minutes to get results. Just taking care of health is not enough; you should take care of your emotional well-being as well as your soul well-being. If your primary emotions are pissed off and you are not at peace, then how rich you are financial, it does not matter. After doing exercise, you can meditate for 15 – 20 minutes. It is good to keep your mind peaceful. After meditation, you can keep 20 – 30 minutes for your mind grows. In this time frame, you can read books, watch inspirational videos, read psychology books, listen to audio books or business books. By this, you will learn a new thing every day.

2. Last Hour of the Day

It is very important that how you spent your last hour of the day. The first hour, as well as the last hour of the day, is also very important how you spent it. Many people do not get good sleep nowadays. It happens because of the technology we used all day long. It is advised that we should stop using technology after 8 p.m. In research, it is proved that blue light comes out from our mobiles, computers or laptop, which decreases the Melatonin hormone in our body. Melatonin hormone is responsible for giving sleep, which decreases in our body by this blue light. So, it is good to stop using technology after 8 p.m. for good sleep.

Now you have enough reason for waking up early, and you know the other important set of our life and how you can apply in your life to get maximum results so now leave the bed early and experience the wonderful results in your life.

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