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What are the Top 7 Dance Forms Making Waves in Indian Modern Culture?

Dance is a profound way of expression, it’s been an integral part of the arts and culture of a country. Dancing is also a form of self- realization or a form of deep personal satisfaction besides being a visual treat to the eyes and a performance. Dance is a form of celebration. We dance when we’re happy. Dance uplifts moods and is directly related to sexuality and contentment too. People who are naturally good dancers have high self-esteem and are very creative. There are various kinds of dance forms in the world and all involve specific body techniques and styles that make a signature dance form. There are many types of eclectic dance forms and since it is a medium to express our dreams and desires, fantasies, and emotions, and also because people love watching a dance performance, it’s been taken as a profession or even as a hobby by many people all over the world.

In any form of dance, there are five major elements around which the dance occurs, the Top 7 Dance Forms Making Waves in Indian Modern Culture are:

  • Body Movements
  • Facial Expressions
  • Music
  • Lyrics or Theme
  • Costume

Since dancing is a skilled way of choreographing a person or a group of dancers into a rhythmic synchronization and involves lots of practice, it is advisable to learn a form of particular dance style from the professionals and the various popular dance academies. In modern society, some types of dance forms are quite popular and gaining attention these days which one should know. So, here is the list of some very popular dance forms which are making waves and are enjoyable to indulge yourself into the world of joy and confidence.

1. Contemporary Dance

Contemporary Dance, Indian Dance

A contemporary dance style is a modern and fluid form of dance style in which the whole body moves to the rhythmic soft musical flow often accompanied by narration or storytelling. Contemporary dance involves the characterization of characters and intense floor work as the moves performed by the dancers for the audiences require an unpredictable change of musical speed and improvisation. contemporary dance is often performed by a solo dancer or can be accompanied by a group of dancers. It is very expressive and beside the face, hands, and legs are widely used. it is done barefoot and the costume is generally a tank top and a tight legging or spandex leggings or can be accessorized with some props too. It is very popular due to its versatile and free form of expression, which makes it different from other dance forms that require certain specific rhythmic moves according to beats or steps. Also, read Popular Indian Female Rappers you Must Hear.

2. Jazz Dance

Jazz Dance, Indian Dance

Jazz is a form of the modern western dance style that involves the moves of ballet dancing and tap dancing. Jack Cole is known as the father of Jazz dance and it involves body improvisation and beats. It is an upbeat dance style and requires proper contraction of hands and legs and hips and other parts of the body according to the music beats. Jazz dance is done with jazz shoes that help the dancers in swirling and twisting of the body. There are mainly six types of Jazz dancing popularly used inn stage performance and movies like Latino-jazz, Broadway- jazz, Afro-jazz, Cakewalk style, etc. the costumes vary according to the type of jazz, like some tight leggings and strapless bodice too short flowy skirts and tight pants and jazz shoes. The costume can be heavily embellished with fringes or laces too. As jazz is now a more mixed type of dance due to the involvement of ballet and contemporary style, so Jazz is quite adaptive to new styles. Tapping and leg movements are well-choreographed in jazz which makes it a remarkable form of dance style.

3. Salsa Dance

Salsa Dance, Indian Dance

Salsa dance style form roots in Cuba and is an energetic, passionate, sexy partner dance with African and Caribbean style of music. Salsa is a ballroom dance and a very popular casino dance form of steps matching and swirling around in the arms of the partner. it is a beautiful amalgamation of emotions mixed with a royal style of body movements with lots of twists and turns. it is passionate with a mix of formality and quite an expressive way of showing desires. The costumes used are formals with some bow or lacey shirts and tuxedos for men while the lady chooses to wear a remarkable evening gown or long flared skirts. there are different types of salsa dancing styles out of them, Cuban Salsa, New York-style salsa, Miami Salsa, Casino style and Latin style Salsa are most famous.

4. Bollywood Dance

Bollywood Dance, Indian Dance

In modern style, Bollywood dance is not just a particular type of dance style but is a mixture of Indo-western style of stage dancing style which is often choreographed beautifully with one or two protagonists and other side dancers performing dancing style that is a mixture of contemporary, jazz, Disco, hip-hop and sometimes some classical or folk dance fused making it quite pleasurable to the audience. Elements of brake dance and Salsa are also seen and are generally upbeat with loads of music and lyrics. The protagonist’s dancers are generally male and female dancers and there can be dream sequence into it which makes Bollywood dancing a complete free kind of dancing as it can have elements of imagination that can make it very different and charming.

5. Hip-Hop Dance

Hip Hop Dance, Indian Dance

Michael Jackson, Paula Abdul, Les Twins are some of the big names who made hip hop dance a world-class modern dance style. In hip- hop dancing extensive work of the head, legs, and hands is required with constant shifting and jumping positions. There are basically 4 major elements of Hip- hop dance. These are rapping or rhyming, deejaying, extensive floor use in the form of jumping and kneeling and rotating of head and body, locking and popping moves, and graffiti. Michael Jackson’s moonwalk is a wold famous dance that finds its origin in hip hop. Beyonce and Desi hoppers in India are also famous dancers that are very popular. Hip hop is a form of street dancing which is now a very popular concert dance all over the world.

6. Tango Dance

Tango Dance, Indian Dance

Tango is a Latin dance style with the American style of close intimacy style of dancing that is done between a couple and it is more intimate and sensual than salsa as it is more romantic and sexier than the previous. While in both salsa and tango, intense foot works are done beside clutching and swaying movements, in Tango more interlocking of legs and entwining of bodies is observed. Tango is a deeply romantic and more intimate form of dancing.

7. Ballet Dance

Ballet Dance, Indian Dance

Ballet is a very popular dance form that finds its origin in France and Russia and is a concert dance style. There are four types of ballet dance:- Classical ballet, Neo-classical ballet, Contemporary ballet, and romantic ballet. Ballet dancers can wear long stockings with extensive short fairylike dresses and synchronize with the musical display of powerful emotions. The toes are widely used to flying gestures and a methodical dance that requires lots of training. A typical ballet dancer retires at the age of 35, and their bodies are well taken care of, to be light and rhythmic. Of all the styles, contemporary and Neoclassical styles are very famous in concerts and stage shows.

As Dance is a medium of expressing and telling a story, its a medium of staying fit and soulful, dance is also a connection to the self, innovative art that is inclined towards performance and releases good vibes, dance is a form of joy and happiness and pleasurable feeling, learning and dancing should be made priority to stay fit and healthy, it should be noted that dance sparks your soul and boost self-confidence too. So, folks tune into the rhythmic adventure and give yourself the joy of dancing!

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