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What is Bridal Shower? Is it Celebrated in India?

Make your girls wedding more memorable. Your best friend or your sister soon gets married, so utilise each second left before the big day and spend time together. Before the big day surprise her with fun, the thrilled party that is nothing but a “Bridal Shower Party”.

Usually, the bridal shower is a ritual in foreign countries; basically, was performed in the United States. It was supposed to be held before two months of the wedding. If you are planning it for your bride, then don’t be worried there’s nothing impossible or complicated here. But as all the Indian ceremonies or functions have some rules to be followed- here are two! Make sure “No Boys” at the party. Thrilling? Yes, girls, you have the right to have a naughty, fun party before, your best friends/sister’s wedding. It was said before, Bride’s family could not host the party. Usually, the maid of honour hosts the party for the bride, but here we can surely avoid it; brides friends and sisters all along can host a surprise bridal shower for the bride. Enjoy the most out of it.

But definitely – “Don’t let your bride host the party because it’s all about her special day.”

The party is all about getting gifts for brides in the party itself, there’s a big- No to dowry! Isn’t this good? You are sharing gifts to the bride to give her a momentum before she enters into her new life. It’s a fun plan where family/friends; that includes only girls shares the gift to bride blessing her before she begins her future with her spouse. Don’t worry, and there’s no stress; this is acceptable by society. And are, “THERE ARE NO RULES TO BE FOLLOWED”.

Confused about who is going to pamper ladies at the party?

Decide girls you can discuss it along with the bride’s friend/bridesmaid, plan out a script for the party. Picture her journey from childhood till the day she is going to get married. It is going to be the best memory for her. Brace up, girls. A wedding is about to come!

Here are some tips for the memorable bridal shower:

First of all, girls get proper planning done. And if it is a surprise, let it be till the big day. Plan a good day and date for her bridal shower, and of course, you have to plan a good theme for the party. Plan something your bride likes. Usually, the host of the party has to take care of things like inviting the guests. Make sure to ask each of her guests beforehand, so that they could make their appearance on time. If you don’t need any theme for the party, you can move further throwing a typical party a tea party, or a cocktail party or anything, am sure she still would go to love this, because Who doesn’t love surprises?

If your bride is choosy then don’t make a mistake putting on your ideas for the party it can result to a party spoiler, discuss with the bride if it is must, ask her what she wants for the party, She might have had any dream for bridal shower you never know, take a wise decision. As in Indian ceremonies, there are many things which aren’t allowed to do so due to customs; make sure that you are not going wrong or against the tradition if you had a traditional bridal shower for the bride.

Need a checklist for the bridal shower- to make it easier; here it is:

Decide on a proper date! DATE has to be decided first of all, and of course, it has to be before the marriage. If you are seeking to follow the tradition of a bridal shower than it has to be before two months of the wedding. Decide it accordingly see if your brides friend and relatives live far away, send them to invite soon so they can make up to the party.

Decide a venue/theme: If you aren’t able to organise a venue for the party, Don’t worry still your party plan is on, You can host a house bridal shower. Host a party at home itself. Just add on some ideas, put some decorations, make sure everything is according to the theme.

It can be a pool party if you are planning a pool party be ready with your swimsuit it is going to be a blast. Plan up your decorations according to the theme.Spa Bridal Shower

Spa Bridal Shower

If you are not having much time left and your brides wedding is just after days; still, you can host a bridal shower for her- spa together. Take your bride for the spa and get along with her, share some talks, give her some naughty ideas for her honeymoon, share her some tips.

Floral theme party

Indians always have a flower as decoration for weddings. If you are deciding floral make your decoration the best of it, get some decorative hangings, Fragrance candle on a table, and a comfy corner for sitting with your bride is a must. Don’t forget to put a gift corner, because it is must for the bridal shower.Bridal Flowers

And yes if the theme is floral everything is in that way; Surprise her – Get a flower bouquet for her hide some letters/cards for her in it. It would be unusual to her.

Afternoon Bridal Shower- If you have planned an afternoon bridal shower, you have an option to keep a high tea and organise little fun activities play along with your bride.

If you are not looking forward to any ordinary party, then there’s another way which is a trip naughty night with your bride; Imagine how fun it is going to be that too without boys. Enjoy the enjoyable thrill moments with the bride. Still, want something exciting? Plan, a stock up bar shower, yes, if you and your bride are party people think this is going to be so much fun. You can stock up the bar with drinks for her at her bridal shower and can take a chill pill sharing thoughts, talks and playing naughty games.

Bridal Drinks

Food, Who doesn’t need it?

Remember to list down the party menu according to your bride’s taste. Don’t forget to add things which she likes to eat, because it is all about her special day. Decides it thinking what it is? A brunch, a lunch or a dinner. Cake and desserts are must for the bridal shower. Get the cake done according to the theme.

Bridal Cake, Wedding Cake

Thinking about the bridal shower games?

Plan a scavenger hunt: Prepare a list of items you can hide & also the place to protect them and for more fun hide the gifts which her guests have got for her and ask the bride to find it out reading some clues.

Know about his game: Sounds interesting. If you all are planning a game only for the bride to make it more special for her than play this game; Ask the bride about her fiance, don’t forget to prepare an answer bank cross-checking it with her fiance. If she answers wrong, then dare her to do something exciting and fun.

And if you want to play a game along with the bride- Play How well you know the bride game? Ask questions to the guest related to the bride; the one who answers correct most of it; would be the winner. The most played games in India- Yes “Truth and Dare” and “Never Have I Ever” games like this are good enough if you want to play something all together with the bride. Surely this is going to reveal so much of a girl’s secret.

Bridal Bar Party

COME ON! – It’s a Bridal Shower; don’t forget to plan to open up gift games for the bride — This is going to be fun for her, she is going to remember this her entire life.

Bridal Surprise

Guess power game: You can prepare a checklist with a column to put a tick mark, give it to the guests. As soon the bride opens the gift wraps, ask guests to guess what is there in the gift wrap or a box and put a tick mark to the following. You can put down the characteristics associated with gifts in checklist like; small, giant, useful, significant, teddy, jar, favourite, unexpected, etc. At the end finds out who guessed most of it correct; the one with more score would be the winner, ask the bride to give something as a reward to the winning girl.

Second exciting game is- “MAKE UP STORY GAME” Here one girl will list down the first word bride utters as soon she open up the gift, at the end see what are the words collected, Ask the bride to frame a story using those words and ask her to tell it to her fiance by calling him.

Surely you can plan some fun activities like this to make her bridal shower special. Decide party favour for the guest- It is just a way of thanksgiving for the guest. You can keep anything as party favour it can be self-made or purchased.

Don’t forget to capture the day shooting it- Get a concept shoot done with the bride on the occasion of the bridal shower.Bridal Party, Bridal Girls

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