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What is Conservative ideology and how does it differ from Liberalism and Marxism?

Conservative ideology is an ideology that emphasizes upon adopting a conservative approach and at the same time respect the prevailing conditionals circumstances. One can say that conservative scholars have great regards to custom and tradition and proud about their histories and backgrounds and as a result of which they are not open to accept changes.

Conservative scholars emphasize upon the premise that it is better to adopt such methods of development which have been tried and tested, and as a result of which they can be adopted for a greater chance to reach up to success. As after all experimentation has a greater risk and the result of which, if there risk are to be covered, then one must abide by the existing regulations. It is stated that the conservative believes that undertaking an experiment may prove to be costly and may not give you a chance to recover from such a mistake like USSR which had to face disintegration due to Perestroika and glasnost. At the same time ‘shock therapy’ who was witnessed when they tried to undertake privatization.

Conservative scholars have been emphasized upon the premise that in the world no society can be perfect and as a result of which one can say that there would be shortcomings and drawbacks witness everywhere as a result of which it would be better to employ such customs and tradition that has to be the test of time and can set to be one of the greatest examples of safely achieving their goal.

One can say that conservative scholars emphasizes upon the premise that one does realize that over a period of time the society has adopted and tried various policies and alternative and if one set of rules, policies or custom have stood the test of time and prove to be successful and have led to the achievement of the desired goal then in such a scenario these customs and tradition can be called as the best among alternatives, anyhow, it is about the prospective as it how an individual or set of person perceives development as a result of which it is better to be attached to the old custom and traditional values or rules rather than blindly following modernity.

Conservative scholars like David Hume and Edmund Burke has been emphasized upon a promise that the moderate development can be equated with hollow development. These scholars emphasize upon the premise that there is an urgent need to attach the organic structure of a society with the development of state so as to make sure that societal ideas of moralities, values and co-existence are adopted.

Scholars like Michael Oakeshott, emphasize upon the premise that the society comes under prominence and people follow regulations based upon their free will, rather than co-hertion. One can say that as a result of which it can be stated that conservatives largely emphasizes upon maintenance of state and would not want to undertake radical changes or those which are irreversible thus emphasizing upon the premise that changes are to be adopted they have to gradual and those which can easily be reversed depending upon the results and consequences witnessed.

Through an example of Britain we can easily understand the theory of conservatism. Britain in this regard where in while it had ruled the world and has granted freedom to many nations across the world, but at the same time refused to shed its path and has pursued monarchy over a number of years instead of adopting Parliament or presidential government.


One can say that it is the presence of conservative parties that has led to falling of pride in the past as a result of which has emphasized upon the persuasion of such policies. Two party system of Britain witnessed liberal party getting replaced by Labor party in the structure ok bye party governance, but at the same time conservative parties continue to hold a strong base in the country since the time of it’s in section as a Tory party.

That is also stated that Britain have never adopted a written constitution and never even from the constitution assembly for the formation of written constitution and rather has emphasized upon the unwritten laws, governing the nation, thus clearly signing that society shall get prominence over the rules of state thus people willfully follow the regulations and wouldn’t be forced into following by the state.

Finally, in the last we can conclude with this topic by saying that, conservatism can be proven good and efficient for small nations and for those nations who wants to stabilize their situation of development in both domestic as well as in internal arenas, but this approach or ideology starts suppressing the new modernist thinkers of the nation or society.

Hence, it’s created division in the society, at one side there is a group of conservatives who supports old ethnic values and supports well examined actions to be taken for the development of the society. And won the hand who supports modernist views and liberalism, criticizes the conservatives thought because according to them these ideologies can be proven obstacle in the path of development and modernization.

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