Op-edWhatsApp very soon to launch MS Word, Excel, PPT and PDF sharing

WhatsApp very soon to launch MS Word, Excel, PPT and PDF sharing

WhatsApp very soon to launch MS Word Excel PPT and PDF sharing

This has been a very long awaited feature for almost every WhatsApp user to share additional files other than images and videos. Recently, WhatsApp has launched the Beta version (test) which includes the additional file sharing abilities as such Microsoft Word, PowerPoint (PPT), Excel and Portable Document File (PDF) sharing. There has been a several reasons for integrating the additional files sharing facility. In India, instant messaging app Hike Messenger was already having this feature which enabled users to share files and apps such as excel, .ppt, .doc, .apk (android-package-kit) etc.

There are several reasons of integrating and using WhatsApp to share Word, Excel, PPT and PDF, etc. files which includes marketing competition and as I have already mentioned above in the first paragraph that most of instant messaging apps were already offering such feature and this could be one of the reasons which compelled WhatsApp to bring additional file sharing.

WhatsApp’s new file sharing feature will include following additional and existing features:

1. Secure  File Sharing

As WhatsApp has already integrated end-to-end user encryption which has granted fully encryption and safety of the user’s data while in the transit. This includes encryption of images, text messages, voice calls and even the videos by which WhatsApp have already gained the trust of the users and with this one can rely on WhatsApp in terms of security.

2. Faster File Sharing

Earlier the only means for most of us was the email to share files, but now with WhatsApp’s new file sharing feature one can share the files even faster. With this you will be able to share the files with individual contacts as well as in a group where people in the group will able to download the files without any problem and that’s again at high speed as one should not forget, WhatsApp is powered by Facebook servers.

3. Could be the alternative of Email

This could be the alternative to the older classic system of sending file attachments and email as with WhatsApp’s additional file sharing feature you will able to send the files very quickly while ensuring 100% delivery.

4. Easy File Sharing

WhatsApp is very easy to use and this also grants easy file sharing. Now with the launch of the additional file sharing feature you will be easily able to share the files where earlier it was very boring work for us to login into an email and send attachments through email.

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