Concept Of Hell And Heaven According To Hinduism And Tenali Rama

Where Do Hell and Heaven Exist According to Tenali?

Let’s get back to the older days, Tenali were known for his cleverness and wisdom one day there were a great debate on hell and heaven between courtier, they were saying that the one who did virtuous deed will get heaven at a point tenali interrupt the conversation by saying it exist on earth nowhere else, one courtier said “tenali never agreed with anyone”, he ignored and continued his statement it all depends on our frame of reference, I can show you if you all agreed, they sent swami to the city in the costume of beggar swami got irritated after taking beggar’s look swami went for city and he came and said tenali lied to all of us it is nothing as such hell and heaven I just wandered everywhere and I got nothing and hunger strikes me hard and too tired right now, tenali said relax my friend tell us what you have saw there, he said I say a couple who were fighting and the man started beating his wife and after seeing that I got a headache still my mind is numb and I saw another couple who were very kind they share their lunch with me and I feel peace at their place.

Tenali Rama, Hell And Heaven

Tenali said yes, my friend who used to fight always, irritated nature of family members they create their own hell and the other one they have peace and harmony in that manner they live in heaven. In conclusion, hell and heaven is in our own life our own planet.

Where Do Hell and Heaven Exist According to Hinduism?

Hinduism, Hell, Heaven

According to Indian mythology, hell and heaven do exist. It depends on your karma that where you will be placed after death, the one who sins every time will tell for sure. Also, so many punishments were written for them, and we have an officer appointed to take us to hell and heaven, and he is also known as Yamaraj. Yamaraj is also known as the God of death, and he had an assistant known Chitragupta who used to manage all the data of human deeds; well, if we go deep down, we’ll get this fact Narka is of 21 types. It is also believed that Narka is deep down the earth, also known as Patal and Swarg are above the clouds.

Concept of Hell and Heaven:

Actually, I don’t think that hell and heaven exist in the afterlife; even the afterlife doesn’t exist. All these exist in this life, all this depends on our perspective for example if you ask from a newborn, yeah sure, they won’t be able to answer you so feel like a new-born, so guess what would be heaven for them I think mother’s lap, milk and hell are not able to find mommy even after crying so loud. Let’s go to the next stage when you deadly want some chocolate games dresses and surprisingly you got those, this was the most relaxing feeling, and that will give you a sense of heaven and when you got lots of zeros in your report card, and your next task is to get a sign of your parents, really at that time hell seems quite small. When you had a cold fight with your bestie at that world seems to end. And yeah, when your teacher ask any question from you in Infront of the whole class, and you didn’t know a single line of it, let’s move to the next one; this stage is too dramatic seriously, and this stage is heading toward adulthood loss of changes in our body-mind and heart too when you had a crush on someone. They agree to be with you, first time listening to I love you from your beloved, getting your dream college, parents support, spending warm time with your beloved, getting ranks in your exams, your favourite food etc. and hell is betrayed by your loved ones, failures, family doubts.

I want to convey this message is a concept of hell and heaven depends on the situation hell is a distorted feeling; heavenĀ is a sense of satisfaction. Just suppose you don’t have water and somebody locked you in a room. After two days, when the door is open, you have thirty types of dishes, dresses designed by Manish Malhotra, and a pot full of water, and the condition is you can choose only one thing among them, what you will choose I think water. After getting one zip you will get the pleasure that you won’t get anywhere, and this is what heaven is, it’s my opinion to convey this topic you should think once about it and observe your life most probably you will get hell and heaven on earth itself, and make others life beautiful by providing them heaven because giving heaven is better than living in heaven, save people from heaven and enhance their life by delivering positivity to them. Soon you will feel godly after doing this.