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Why Brie Larson Captain Marvel is the Best Actor to be the Female James Bond in the Next James Bond Movie

If you are fond of the spy film genre, then you must have watched the James Bond film series. Moreover, you must have been overblown by the charisma, style, and intelligence of MI6 agent James Bond. So, if I were to ask you who could play a female James Bond, what would be your answer?

While you scratch your head to find the best fit, I have done my homework. So, here is the actor who could play the role of a female James Bond- Brie Larson

I know what you must be thinking. There is a long list of actors who could play the role of a female James Bond. Then why choose Brie Larson as James Bond 007? To answer this, let’s find out what the role of James Bond demands.

Who is James Bond?

British journalist Ian Fleming created the iconic spy Commander James Bond in 1953. James Bond works for the Secret Intelligence Service, and his code is 007.

James Bond series became a hit worldwide. The success of the series is due to the suspense of the stories and the memorable character of James Bond.

Why is James Bond so famous?

James Bond is an intellectual person with expertise in martial arts. Moreover, he knows how to remain calm during chaos. Also, he is mature and does not dare to take decisions independently. Not only this, but he is also cunning when needed. Besides, he is romantic and sensible to women. He appeals to both genders due to his attractive personality and not to mention hid-drop-dead has a gorgeous look.

The actors that played James Bond so far

Although the James Bond movies are big hits, the first James Bond series on screen was on television. It was the television series Climax that was based on Casino Royale. So, the first actor to play James Bond was Barry Nelson in that series. Later on, the James Bond movies became massive hits.

Below are the names of the actors who played James Bond in Hollywood movies:

  1. Sean Connery
  2. Bob Simmons
  3. David Niven
  4. George Lazenby
  5. Roger Moore
  6. Timothy Dalton
  7. Pierce Brosnan
  8. Daniel Craig

Why is Brie Larson perfect to play the role of a female James Bond 007?

Brie Larson, the 30 years old actress has proved that she has what it takes to be a successful Hollywood actor. Moreover, her acting skills and experiments with different types of roles helped her to grow as an actor over the years.

Here are a few reasons why Brie Larson is perfect as female 007:

  1. Brie Larson has got a sophisticated and intelligent look. She can stand out in the crowd. She has proved that by her acting skill and appearance in Avengers Endgame. In short, it is her overall presence that does the magic for her. So, Brie Larson, like a female James Bond, will be able to portray an intelligent character without much effort.
  2. Her intensive eye expressions keep the audience glued to her. So, when she is not delivering dialogues, she conveys messages through her eyes. Besides, she has got a dominant personality that is appealing to both the genders. So, she will do justice to the on-screen image of the female James Bond.
  3. Also, the masculine features of her body-built make her appear stronger and more confident. One must remember her for doing most of the stunts on her own while playing Captain Marvel in two movies. We all know about the fighting skill of James Bond. So, watching Brie making the Bond moves will entertain all.
  4. How can you forget the makeup-clad look of Brie Larson as Captain Marvel? She pulled it off even in that “boring” suit. She looked stunning, even though she was playing a superhero. So, I believe the USP of Brie Larson is her unusual sex appeal. Her defined jawline and intense glances raise the heartbeats of many youngsters. So, her avatar as MIS 007 will mesmerize us.
  5. Brie Larson, as Captain Marvel, is a craze for new generations. So, young people can correlate her with the female James Bond. Also, she has already got the tag of a superhero. Thus, creating an aura of a super spy will not that be that difficult for her.
  6. Moreover, she has proved her acting skills in many movies. Some of her famous movies are Room, Short Term 12, Kong Skull Island, Glass Castle and many more. She has the confidence and skill to portray any character of a protagonist. James Bond series are always in search of good actors. So, there is no reason why Brie Larson should not be the next James Bond.
  7. Above all, she has bagged prestigious awards like the Golden Globe and Academy Award. So, that makes her a precious star. Thus, her value as an actor lies in her success and achievements. All the previous actors that played James Bond were successful. So, taking Lara playing female James Bond in the James Bond series will add value to it.

All in all, the star is a deserving actor to grab the iconic spy James Bond. So, if there is ever a James Bond series with a female James Bond, then it should be none other than Brie Larson.

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