ScienceWhy do we love watching animal videos so much?

Why do we love watching animal videos so much?

Animal videos have always been adorable to look at. Whether the animal is domestic or wild, we enjoy videos of them. We can watch these videos endless and countless times. It gives us so much relaxation just watching a cute puppy or kitten on social media or television. Many people post their pet videos on social media, which gained wide popularity as well as followers. Many channels on television even have some shows dedicated to these cute ones. Previously, there were shows which asked the viewers to send in their pet’s video, and the best videos got showcased on television. Nowadays, those shows have lost their prominence.

Kitten And Puppy, Dog,cat
Kitten and Puppy (Pic source:

There are very few shows nowadays where we can see these cute bundles of joy. Mostly are wildlife shows in which we can still see cute babies of wild animals like tiger, lion, cheetah etc. They’re also cute to look at. These cute ones capture our hearts, and we love seeing them over and over again. They sometimes even do funny activities, because of which we can’t help but laugh at their cute silliness.

Looking at cute animals reduces stress:

Dog, Rabbit, Puppy
Rabbit and Puppies (Pic source:

It is a well-known fact that watching videos of cute animals does indeed release a lot of stress and tension, which we may be experiencing. Even if we have a cute animal at home, just playing or cuddling them can give us immense pleasure and joy. The brain releases feel-good hormones such as dopamine and serotonin that help us remain calm and happy. As these animals do fun stuff on social media or television, our happiness rates also increase. We just want to keep looking at these animals and don’t want to be bothered by any other activity that might give us stress or depression. These cute ones even help those who have suffered a tragic event such as a death or any other traumatic event and elevate their mood as well. These animals are beneficial for senior citizens as most of them are alone, and their families live far away from them.

In western countries, a weekly visit is usually scheduled of cute baby animals such as puppies, kittens, bunnies and the like that are given to these people to play and cuddle with. They’re even made therapy pets that help people recover and lift their spirits in places such as hospitals, nursing homes etc. People who are suffering from major illnesses like Cancer, HIV-AIDS and other terminal illnesses are the major target groups for these therapy pets. Even normal people who are about to undergo surgery have much-reduced stress levels when interacting with these pets. Children hospitals also keep dogs such as Labradors, Golden Retrievers that are the most friendly species of dogs and bond well with kids. Kids undergoing surgery or have come for some minor tests also feel happy by just seeing these pets. They pet and play and have a fun time at the hospital, and their anxieties and fears reduce. Thus, pets in normal and medical life help reduce massive amounts of stress and depression.

Benefits of watching cute animal videos

There are several benefits of watching cute animal videos. Some of them are:-

1. Improves mood

Watching cute animal videos helps in lifting one’s mood and health. When we watch these videos, we instantly feel light-hearted, happy, calm etc. It reduces blood pressure, heart rate as well.

2. Increases productivity

These videos also help in increasing productivity in individuals. Whenever we feel burned out during work, we can just tune out of it and tune in to watch these cute furballs in action on social media. This helps reduce our tensions and gives us a much-needed break from the monotony of our work. Several studies have also proved that viewing these videos has increased productivity levels in individuals than those who did not take a break at all.

Seals, Cute Animals
Cute Seals (Pic source:

3. Increases compassion

These fluffballs also help in increasing a sense of compassion in us humans. Nowadays, this world has forgotten the virtue of compassion, which is very much needed, especially in nursing homes, hospitals, etc. Even in homes, people have become less compassionate to others and care only for themselves. By seeing baby animals in the action of helping their siblings through something, we are instantly moved to become nurturing and compassionate towards others. We must always be compassionate to those who are feeling low and want some love and care. This will help in making them feel loved and included. That’s why in nursing homes in western countries, the elderly are often visited by the baby animals from time to time where they interact and play with them; cuddle with them and feel great after the session.

4. Enhances attention to detail

Looking at something cute increases our attention span as we look carefully at that thing. So, when we see cute animals, it immediately increases our attention span, which helps us in our workplace as we give attention to smaller details of the task at hand and don’t get distracted very often. It can even help students in studying better for their examinations and pay better attention in their classes.

Cute Animal, Small Pet

5. It makes us more careful

Baby animals also help us in being more careful towards things and people. For example, when we pick up a puppy or kitten, we are cautious with them as we don’t want to drop them to the floor and hurt them in any way. Similarly, it allows us to be careful with things. Again as an example, if an individual is very careless and keeps dropping things now and then, then watching these furballs will help them in being careful, and the chances of them being careless will reduce considerably.

6. Improves efficiency

Watching cute animals increased efficiency in people, and they worked quickly and effectively at their jobs. A study proved that people were better able to perform their tasks by watching several rounds of cute animals.

Pet, Panda, Bear

7. Enhances focus

Looking at cute animals increases focus. When we look at baby animals, we give them our full focus and undivided attention. That also comes in handy when we are performing household or workplace tasks as whatever task we are doing, we give it our full focus, and that work ultimately comes out as perfect.

8. Improves outlook on life

People nowadays have a very negative outlook towards life, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. People feel that everything is over and now they have nothing else to do. They are even committing suicide after testing positive for Covid. This is a bleak picture to see. But, when we get exposed to pictures and videos of cute animals on social media, this helps us give a positive outlook on life, and we gain a new sense of vigour and hope that there is still some good left in the world. These cutie pies help in giving us all some positive vibes and good cheer. We mustn’t lose hope during this pandemic and take all precautions to keep ourselves and others safe and healthy.

9. Improves childhood development

When we have a cute puppy or kitten at home, it helps in the excellent development of our children. This is because children and adolescents bond well with pets. So, exposing our kids and teens to pets can help develop certain soft skills such as cognition, social and motor skills. It also helps adolescents have higher emotional, cognitive, behavioural, educational, and social development levels.

10. Reduction in doctor visits

Seeing cute animals reduces many medical conditions and thus reduces the visits to a doctor’s office or clinic.

11. Reduction in pain and anxiety

Cute animals also help in relieving pain and anxiety. This has been shown through PET scans that reveal biochemical changes in the brain. So, touching a puppy or kitten stops the pain and also lowers the levels of anxiety and reduces the usage of medications. This bonding between pets and people helps in relieving the symptoms.

Looking at cute animals is good for your health

I have mentioned a lot of health benefits of baby animals. I would only like to mention here that having pets or watching them on television or social media can work wonders for us. We must always keep ourselves healthy and disease-free. That is being taken care of by these cute furballs. They ensure that we remain happy, calm and in a good mood. Everyone loves watching these cutie pies in action and want to play with them all the time. This keeps them distracted, and they can forget their worries too. The adorable levels of these animals are extremely high. The ‘cuteness criteria’ includes:

    1. Large head relative to body size
    2. Large, protruding forehead
    3. Large eyes relative to the face
    4. Round, protruding face
    5. Rounded head and body

The Germans have even given a name to this cuteness that is called Kinderschema. Many other species of animals look extremely cute: Fennec Fox, Quokka, Red Panda, Sea Otters, etc.

See, aren’t they looking adorable? I am pretty sure you’ll love them and would like to hold them close to you at the first instant.

Thus, seeing cute animals and playing with them helps us immensely.

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