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Why Indian Weddings is the best of all the Other Weddings

A wedding is one such phase of life where everything needs to be perfect. It is that time when not only the couple, but also the families makes infinite memories. The word ‘Wedding’, especially in India, rings a siren for every family as the planning starts 2 months before. Starting from the guest-list to the last goodbye, everything needs to be perfect just perfect!

Well, weddings also involved an end number of people who have different purposes for the wedding. These different people get excited about different things and plan differently too. Sounds confusing right? Fret Not! These are the different people who have their own meaning and ideas for weddings…


A wedding cannot happen without these two most important people.  They are the only reason of whom the wedding happens.’ The BRIDE and the GROOM’ are those two essential parts of the wedding.
For the bride, it is the most important and beautiful day of her life where she is excited about her bridal lehenga/dress, bridal jewellery, bridal look, all the wedding functions as she is the only one who gets all the eyes on. On the other hand, the groom gets excited about his wedding outfit, bachelor parties, cocktail parties and much more.

So, a wedding to them is the most important day of life as both of them are on cloud 9 as it is their D-Day.

2. Parents (both bride & groom)

A wedding to the bride’s parents is the toughest time of their life as they have to say goodbye to their little daughter who is a big girl now. Whereas, the groom’s parents are the happiest of all as they welcome their daughter in-law.  One similarity between both the parents is that hot or cold, rainy or humid they have to plan everything be it the guest-list, the decorations, caterers, functions and a lot more.

So, a wedding to them is a mixture of things like happiness, planning, hectic schedules and what not!

3. Relatives/ Cousins

This category of people in a wedding are the only ones who enjoy to the fullest. All the young cousins and close relatives get a chance to showcase their attire, dancing skills and click never ending selfies and pictures. For all of them, a wedding in a family is a golden chance to get ready and look ravishing.  These are the only people who make the DJ worth having. They just cannot leave the stage until and unless it’s high time to just stop the music.

So, a wedding to them is a chance of showcasing their clothes, beauty and dancing skills!

4. Guests

For all the guests wedding is a siren for free food.  Believe it or not, but it is the truth. The guests that come to a wedding do surely also comes so that they get delicious food. All the guests along with the food thing in mind to get a chance to get ready, show off their clothes and get to meet new and a lot of people at a wedding.

So, a wedding to them is a chance for getting free food and showing off their outfits.

A wedding is something where two souls who are deeply and madly in love gets officially together. It is one such phase which is the most beautiful and essential time for the couple. Without the above categories of people, a wedding is always incomplete and can never be called a typical ‘grand Indian wedding’.

Prarthna Grover
Prarthna Grover
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