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Why is it important to boycott Chinese products?

China has a huge population, the largest in the world. Their government encourages them to think of new business ideas meanwhile China keeps investing billions of dollars in its neighboring countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. Most students in countries like ours i.e. India are encouraged to get a good job. Even though their parents are in the business field but still they want their children to go for jobs rather than continuing the business or trying for a new business. The most common reason people prefer jobs over businesses in India is that they see how fast the world is developing. They see how businesses are getting failed in India due to very silly mistakes or maybe no mistakes at all. They have seen their competitors and friends going into depression. They have heard stories of suicides like the one of the CCD owner VG Siddharth. These all stories may be true but there are other problems with jobs too. Every profession has its own merits and demerits.

China is exactly opposite to us in this case. Their government supports them. Their elders and parents support them as well. They talk about new innovative ideas. Even though a person there has a job at least one family member is working on small business and this is true about almost all families in China. This works there because they do not fear taking risks. It is important to take risks. China at present is the world’s largest manufacturing economy as well as the exporter of goods. It is also the world’s fastest-growing consumer market and the second-largest importer of goods. According to the 2018 census China accounts for 28% of global manufacturing output. So basically, China rules the market.

China is trying to become a superpower and is competing with the US and Russia as well while it does not have a good relationship but its superpower nation, India where China keeps indulging in border conflicts with India. The main reason behind them becoming a superpower is their growing economy. Chinese market or the exports from China are the biggest contributors to the economy. Under normal cases, it is no problem for the rest of the world if a country is growing but in the case of China, everything is different.

The reasons, why is it important to boycott Chinese products are:

1. Low-quality products

No doubt their products are cheap but most of them cannot be trusted. They do not last much. Most of the toys and mobile accessories that we use today in our day to day lives are manufactured in China. They all do not last much.

2. International Conflicts

China has a lot of enemies due to their behavior. This includes Japan, India, Tibet (autonomous region of China), Russia, the US, and many more. The reasons for these conflicts are many. Since every country knows its backbone is its market, breaking that is the best option so far to stop them from conflicts and war-like situations.

3. Violation of human rights in china

There are a million ways in which China violates human rights including eating of dog meat, the Yulin dog meat festival, and many more different types of animals are slaughtered for eating purposes. Chinese citizens are not allowed the freedom o speech on the internet. They are threatened. We do not know what happens there but they know everything about us as we publish everything on the internet. They publish are allowed to publish thinks that are only approved by their government. Apart from all this, their legal system is pathetic, their LGBTI communities suffer a lot of abuse, their human right defenders cannot raise their voice, or else they are threatened or maybe more. This list is too big.

4. COVID – 19 Pandemic

The whole world is against them because of this new fresh reason. This recent pandemic has shown how cruel and irresponsible the Chinese government is. At present we don’t know whether COVID – 19 is a biological weapon or naturally came from a bat or something but there were many more things to this. When pandemic started in China, they continued international travel but stopped their intercity travels. It is believed that in association with WHO (World Health Organization) they made people believe that this virus is not that big a threat, which it is. Apart from this, they recovered from the virus and it is believed that they have released the false details to the whole world. They didn’t allow teams from the US or other countries to search the Wuhan Institutes of Virology. They sold poor quality equipment and masks made of undergarments to the countries when the countries expected good quality masks and proper equipment.

Apart from all this China is creating tension with countries like India at the border where India is still fighting with the pandemic. All these facts show how cruel China is. All this is because China has power. This power is because of its market. Their market runs from us. That is why Boycotting Chinese products are very important. This will break their backbone. They will fear as they do not want to lose their market with such a large impact on the world for some pity disputes. China officially considers Arunachal Pradesh and some other parts of India as theirs.

5. Interfering in India-Pakistan conflict

India and Pakistan are under conflict since the two nations were divided due to the Kashmir issue. This is an internal issue which must be solved by India and Pakistan altogether without the interference of any other country but China interferes here too. China is supporting Pakistan and giving them the strength to fight from India. It is believed that the Pakistan government hides terrorist groups inside their territory. Almost all terrorist activities are from Pakistan. In the last 20 years, India went through many big terrorist attacks and small scale military attacks from Pakistan and China both.

Not only giving strength and power but China takes sides of Pakistan on almost every issue with India during global conferences. Apart from this, it is believed that they provide funds to the Pakistan government as well as the terrorist groups which attack India. When it comes to terrorism it is something very big and China supports them because they have money. They get this money because we choose to buy an Oppo company mobile phone rather than Micromax. This is because we chose apps like TikTok in our mobile phones and many more.

All these are the reasons why our PM Mr. Narendra Modi requested us to make India self-reliant. These are the reason s why Mr. Donald Trump is going against China. These are the reasons why people are against buying products made in China. China feared this movement for a very long time. This was the reason many of their products used to say “Made in China” earlier but now it says “Made in PRC”, where they did not mention what PRC stands for which is the Peoples Republic of China.

Here is a list of few Chinese applications which one must uninstall from their phones: Weibo, WeChat, SHAREit, UC News, UC Browser, BeautyPlus, NewsDog, VivaVideo- QU Video Inc, Parallel Space, APUS Browser, Perfect Corp, Virus Cleaner (Hi Security Lab), CM Browser, Mi Community, DU recorder, Vault-Hide, YouCam Makeup, Mi Store, CacheClear DU apps studio, DU Battery Saver, DU Cleaner, DU Privacy, 360 Security, DU Browser, Clean Master – Cheetah Mobile, Baidu Translate, Baidu Map, Wonder Camera, ES File Explorer, Photo Wonder, QQ International, QQ Music, QQ Mail, QQ Player, QQ NewsFeed, WeSync, QQ Security Centre, SelfieCity, Mail Master, Mi Video call-Xiaomi, and QQ Launcher, etc. Try using Indian apps as alternatives and if possible remove these from your mobile phones. Also, read 15 Android and iOS apps that you should never install for better privacy.

Not only amongst the apps must we also stop purchasing China manufactured appliances. There is no sense in breaking the things which one has already purchased but we must keep in mind the next time we purchase a new appliance it must not be made in China and preferably it must be an Indian product. Just as it is important to boycott Chinese products to avoid the boosting of the economy of China is important similarly boosting the economy of India is also important for us. This can be done by using India made appliances which will in turn boost our economy and help us in the future.

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Niket Jain
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