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Why Korean Mukbangers stay thin?

The term ‘Mukbang’ comes from two Korean words: Mukja (eating) and bang song (broadcast). Basically, YouTubers settle down with some food and eat for the camera. Some claim to get hungry while watching them eat, while others end up with a filled stomach after watching them. Whatever the reason, there is a ton of food on the table that will enter a small stomach. It is bewildering how such a thin person could eat so much without getting fat.

According to researchers, apparently, there is something called TDEE. It stands for Total Daily Energy Expenditure, which refers to the amount of energy a person might need to carry out their daily routine like breathing, blinking, excretion, blood circulation, walking, and exercise. The food intake must be balanced. If you eat more than 3500 calories, you end up gaining one pound of fat.

If for a video, you eat 10,000 calories, you will only gain three pounds. At least, if for the rest of the day you eat healthy (like green vegetables) and do regular exercise, you have nothing to fear.

Why Korean Mukbangers stay thin are as follows:-

1. Metabolism

South Asian Metabolism Body

Metabolism refers to the chemical reaction occurring inside your body, like a breakdown of certain complex compounds into simpler ones or synthesis of complex compounds from simpler ones. The higher your metabolic rate is, the more calories you burn. And there are ways to keep your metabolic rate high.

    • Eat more proteins. There is a thing called the thermic effect of food (TEF). It tends to increase the metabolic rate by 15%. Eating protein also makes you full quicker, reduces muscle loss due to dieting and drop in metabolism due to fat loss.
    • The next thing you need to do is drink cool water. At the same time, avoid sugary, carbonated and alcoholics drinks. Drink water before eating something so you will eat only as much as you need.
    • Metabolism increases with hard work. Do household chores and deep cleaning. Rather than depending on someone to help lift a heavy item, do it yourself.
    • Do not sit down for long. Sitting has been dubbed ‘the new smoking. Stand up after few hours of sitting as it will help burn you at least 174 calories.
    • Green tea has also been found to increase metabolic rate by converting fat into fatty acids.
    • Spicy food is also good! Especially peppers which have capsaicin.
    • Sleep according to the circadian rhythm. Avoid sleeping late or oversleeping.
    • Use coconut oil in your food.

2. Diet

Korean Mukbangers, Diet, Eating Habit

Before starting a diet, it is better to consult a professional dietician as these might not end up suiting you and can have an adverse effect. Some of these might also not match your lifestyle choices, so consider everything properly. There are plenty of risks associated with diets, like deficiencies of certain nutrients. Please do not get into it headfirst without proper research. A certain diet like the Western Diet leads to raised chances of mortality. The Keto diet might be too expensive for some. Vegan ingredients might not be available for some. Most of the diet requires you to keep away from carbohydrates, starch and processed food (like pizza, burger, etc.).

    • Atkins diet: A diet for people who love their animal fried. You can eat certain carbs but limit and abstain from others.
    • Vegan diet- a plant only based diet. A type of vegetarian diet.
    • Zone Diet- slow, but with this diet, you will only lose fat and not muscle or water.
    • Keto Diet: Based on ketosis, which derives calories from fat and protein.
    • Weight Watchers Diet- no food is off the limit. The dieter is given daily points, and their intake has to be below it. Don’t miss the Surprising and Interesting Myths about Weight Loss.
    • Vegetarian Diet- Of five types classified based on the type of food. Like Pescatarian, they exclude all types of non-veg but fishes or Lacto vegetarianism where dairy and dairy products are included. Ovo-veg, which allows eggs. And then a combination of the two.
    • Raw Food Diet- Composed of unprocessed food. Yes, also raw food.
    • Mediterranean Diet- Inspired by Italy and Greece. Rare intake of red meat and avoid fast food.

3. Exercise

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Raise your hand if someone did not have an idea it was coming. Here are few exercises you can do along with calories burnt in thirty minutes:-

    • Walking: 3.1
    • Running: 10.8
    • Sprinting: 240
    • Aerobic Dance: 6.6
    • Swimming: 198
    • High Knee Crunch and Butt kicks: 240
    • Mountain Climbers: 240
    • Jumping Ropes: 7.6
    • Jumping Jacks: 8
    • Stationary biking: 210

It is important to talk to a doctor before beginning. Also, warm up to prevent any injuries from happening and raise your mobility.

4. Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting, Food, Watch, Waiting, Clock

Unlike a diet, intermittent fasting does not stop you from eating whatever you want to. Rather, it dictates when you should eat. Herein if, you alternate between fasting and eating. Allegedly, some say that after fasting, they feel more energetic or even during. Fasting is also an integral part of Indian culture. So some of you might already be familiar with it. While you have to avoid solids, you can drink liquids like tea, coffee and water. At least as long as it is not a sweetened beverage. Depending on the kind of intermittent fasting, you can shove in some amount of solid as well. You are allowed supplements (with doctor and dietician’s guidance) as long as it does not have any caloric value. Through IF, there is automatic calorie reduction. There is also a loss of belly fat. It happens because, in the absence of carbs, the body has to depend on fat for its energy need.

5. Genetics

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Genes affect metabolism, just like with hair, eyes and skin. There are different levels to how it does so, as well. It could be as low as 15%, and for others, it could be as high as 95%. Despite which there is still a chance for you to beat the odds. So, genetics is not everything for why Mukbangers stay thin, unlike what many would like to think.

There are other probable reasons about how Mukbangers stay thin. It could be a play of editing. Like maybe they keep away some food, cut that part out and post it online. Or maybe, after eating, they put a finger in their mouth and vomit it all out. It is important to know that the life we see on our frames is not realistic but an idealistic version. There could be a lot of software on play here. We must stop chasing something that does not even exist.

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