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Why Our Mothers are the Best of Friends?

How many times we have heard that ‘God cannot be everywhere, so he made mothers to look after us every time’. Some can relate to this really well, whereas some may find it weird. A woman when becomes a mother not only her responsibilities but also her stress doubles. What is so good about us that she has to sacrifice whatever it takes when it comes to you or simply protect you from where small to a big thing. Why does she keep you safe in her womb for 9 days and has to go through the pain? Giving her whatever she needs and making her proud simply makes her sacrifices, pain, compromises simply worth it!

A mother is that one person who will always take our side, even if we are wrong. She becomes our shield when it comes to our safety. Her thoughts always relate to us. Most of us think that whatever my mother does, it’s just the same as other mothers. True, but every mother is as unique as a diamond. They all are different in their own ways.

We all can relate to very well to these 3 things that justify why mothers are our best of friends.

1. She gets to know when you are lying

We have seen on social media memes saying ‘’Tag Your Best friend Who Knows When You Are Lying’’. Most of us tag our friends too. But not even 5 % of us have ever tagged our mothers. So, a mother is the only person who has the super power to immediately know when we are lying even before our best friends do.

2. She will understand you and will always stay by your side

A mother is that one person who will, no matter how hard it is but still sticks to your side. No one in the world will ever understand you the same as your mother. She is the only one who can with surety tell what is going on your mind. Will your best friend stick to you forever and would sacrifice their best for your good? You’ll surely doubt! So, a mother is the only person who has the super power to understand us in & out and stick with us always and forever.

3. A mother is the best motivator

No one in this world can suggest or advise you as best as your mother will. When in doubt she is the first person that comes to our mind, even if we consider not going to her. She will comfort you when you are in a mess. She will encourage you and motivate you to such extent where you just cannot give up. Satisfaction would never turn out in your life until and unless your mother is by your side. So, a mother is the only person who will encourage you 11 times and make you stand up even if you fell down 10 times.

How many of us will do a job that is full time? Where there are no fix timings. A job in which you will have to work overtime as well. Sometimes you’ll get irritated, messed up with work; you will definitely get a free package of stress. And the most important this job will be unpaid. You will get appreciated but not always.

Not even 1% people will say YES to this job. But my friends OUR MOTHER does this job every day without any complaints. She works from the morning till night and gets a free package of stress, still never gets the appreciation ‘every time’.

I salute to all the mothers for doing this job and taking care of us really well. We all love you our ‘Real Heroes’.