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Why Politics is Worse in India as Compared to Other Countries

As citizens of India, we all know India is considered as the largest democratic country in the world. That is, the entire Indian constitution and Government lie in the hands of the people. As a country which gives immense importance to the educational system, with diverse cultural norms and abundant economic resources typically India must have been included among the top advanced nations but what makes Indian democracy to lag among countries like USA, UK, China. It’s politics. Yes, the whole nation is under the influence of many money eating, self-centred, manipulative people grouped as an assembly named as politics.

Ideally, a political party is created upon specific criteria and ideologies to be followed that promote the development of the nation and to improve the economic wellbeing of the country people. But Indian politicians are more focused on their prosperity and contentment. Unfortunately, greed, conceit and snobbish approach of fellow citizens have made Indian politics a despicable system. So, who is the reason for making Indian politics worse? The people. Yes, in India the power is people, you can’t blame a political person for not keeping their words; instead, the blame is in the ordinary people who deliberately fell prey into their manipulative hands. Let’s discuss some of the significant political criteria’s that rooted for the downfall of the welfare of a nation.

The impact of Divide and rule policy:

India is a country with a vast population. For the efficient administration, the nation has been divided into several sovereign states governed by the supreme authorities elected by the people. But the chief motive of parties competing in the elections is to win and build their wealth. They go to any extent to gain the trust of ordinary people. Notably, the election peoples do visits to rural areas for requesting votes and win the trust of ordinary people with their tricky words claiming to solve all their issues and uplift their living condition. They also bribe people by making vows to provide numerous offerings like free household supplies, money, higher education facilities in return for votes. This creates a positive impact and hope in the hearts of poor people, and they end up voting for the requested party without knowing their true political intentions.

They also input rivalry against opposing parties in the minds of people by pointing out the opposing parties loopholes in their election campaign. This will create a pessimistic impact on people towards other election parties and end up building upvotes for the undeserving parties. After the election, the winning party just vanishes like smoke in the air not filling their vows; this technique is continuously followed during every election period, which has now created a dilemma and made people look down on politics.

Casteism in India:

Even in today’s world, we can encounter the supremacy of caste-based politics. Caste has been looked at as the leading equipment to gain power. People are categorized and have been given privilege based on their caste. The division of politics based on the caste system has made people stand by and support their caste authorities irrespective of evaluating their efficiency and proficiency. Though India has been declared as a secular country in history meaning ruled based on no religion and no caste system, in reality, religion and caste are the entities which are governing the contemporary politics. In politics, the highly influential people tag is indeed given to upper caste people which makes other lower caste people stay inferior and serve them no matter how efficient and educational they are. The party of a particular caste or religion is said to help for the benefit of their disciplines; this makes people support and vote for the party of their faith and make them gain power.

The rules in Politics:

There is no educational degree required to get into politics, and also the income given to ordinary people entering politics is extremely low. This made most young individuals choose other career options. It even pawed the way for illiterate and uneducated people to join and occupy the whole political kingdom for their intentions rather than looking up for the nation’s development. Also, a member of a party can stand in election numerous times. There is no restriction for the number of times to stand in the election this makes the same person rule the party for a long time not giving opportunities for new individuals wherein other countries like the USA a member can’t stand in the election for more than two times.

The Government of India:

The Government of India plays a primary role in the development of the country. The Government is responsible for enacting and passing all laws. Sadly, our Government is in the hands of a lot of money-minded politicians. It takes a lot and lot for the Government to act upon any issues as per common people request. The wealth of the whole country is now being accepted and divided between these self-centred politicians. The politicians use their power to enact their laws through bribe and corruption. Here the most affected groups are the oppressed people like farmers, untouchables, daily wages, people etc. The methodology of family politics has been growing immensely in our country, just like how the political heritage is passed from Indira Gandhi to Rajiv Gandhi and now to Rahul Gandhi.

These political systems only helped the growth of their officials, not for the ordinary people. Still, there are too many under civilized, remote areas in our country where people are dying to get food and water. Indian politics can only become beneficial for the welfare of the nation only if the laws are rewritten and providing educated people to engage by introducing a steady income in politics, allowing new individuals to stand in elections and by enacting strict punishments for bribery and corruption.

Amritha Kanakam
Amritha Kanakam
i am a medical undergraduate student who has a passion for writing.

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