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15 Modern Lungi Designs for Ladies and Girls

Saree is a part of the traditional attire of India, which is loved by every girl and woman here. A Saree is a garment that suits every woman of her height. Whether there is a religious event at home or a wedding, there is no better chance of wearing a Saree. But many are not aware of trendy styles and designs of saree and have to wear a simple style saree. We will crush this problem today in our article.

If you are also fond of sarees, then definitely try these fifteen trendy styles which are enough to give you a gorgeous look.

The 15 modern lungi designs for ladies and girls are:

1. Floral Border Saree Design

Floral Border Saree Design

A cute plain saree with a floral border captures all eyes even if it is regular wear and for some small events giving a fresh look. A plain light colour saree with dark floral printings gives an unusual combination with an attractive floral blouse. Also, the dark on bright colour combination is lovely and appealing to wear on either for regular wear or party wear. By wearing this floral printed saree, you can add more shine and freshness to your beauty.

Expected Initial Price – Rs. 1000

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2. Anarkali Style Lungi

Anarkali Style Lungi

If you feel that your height is a little less and you don’t like tight-fitting clothes, then you can try the Anarkali style lungi. It will give you a perfect look and will not make feel any tightness on the body. You can wear it in any light function along with the office. Believe me, and people will not be able to live without praising your dressing sense. By wearing this saree, you will beat Miss India on the fashion front.

Expected Initial Price – Rs. 800

3. Hot Pink Colour Saree Gown

Hot Pink Colour Saree Gown

This is the best option for modern girls. You can choose its colour according to your wish and give it your taste. It is the best modern dress to wear at a party or in an event, which is also trending nowadays. It is straightforward to wear and will be very comfortable for you. This hot pink colour will give you an attractive and appealing look.

Expected Initial Price – Rs. 1000

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4. Faux Georgette Saree

Faux Georgette Saree

If you love to wear light colours, this saree is perfect for you! Here is a fashionable and designer wear saree for a super look in events and small parties. The saree contains double colours, both light and dark, in contrast with each other. In addition to the mirror work, machine embroidery, a lace, zari, and lace brought to it for an appealing look.

Expected Initial Price – Rs. 1,500

5. Golden Bronze Drape Saree

Golden Bronze Drape Saree

Do you wish to have a royal look at weddings and high society parties! Here is a Golden Bronze Drape Saree for you which would make you sparkle among many. Bronze and golden shade mix saree offer a glittering effect with the shiny laces stitched in it. The saree gives a royal look and is also favourable for night parties to show it’s real glamour.

Expected Initial Price – Rs. 1,100

6. Draped Cocktail Gown Saree

Draped Cocktail Gown Saree

The main thing about gown style saree draping is that they’re a modern tuning to traditional dress or costume. Since it is that having it in modern shades should make it even more pleasant and charming. This Draped Cocktail Gown Saree would suit for any morning function like Mehndi. This dress doesn’t need to be highly accessorized, in case you do want, wear some small and light earrings with it and get your hair up in a messy bun.

Expected Initial Price – Rs. 2000

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7. Ruffle Saree

Ruffle Saree

Ruffle Saree is a totally saree style to put on. Not only this but, you may say, it has both combinations, modern and traditional, so why not have fun mixing this stylish drape with your very gorgeous colours. This fashionable and fabulous saree draping with ruffles might be the ideal saree for either morning events or any small party since it is beautiful and not very complicated with its work. You could wear topaz jewellery with it and go away your hair free with this dress would deliver for a dazzling and wondrous appearance.

Expected Initial Price – Rs. 2000

8. Chanderi Saree Design

Chanderi Saree Design

Like the Banarasi saree, Chanderi saree of Madhya Pradesh also has a special place in the fashion world. Chanderi sarees are usually made by hand. In this, silk, brocade, and cotton are woven with the help of light tools with even a feather. Which gives it a royal glow. Gold and silver threads are also used in this. Due to which it is counted among the most precious and expensive sarees of the country. It is also very light to wear due to being made of light threads.

Expected Initial Price – Rs. 900

9. Phulkari Saree Design

Phulkari Saree Design

Phulkari literally means ‘work of flowers’. Phulkari embroidery and work is generally preferred in Punjab. If you like to experiment in your clothes, then you can carry a floral design saree made of cotton thread. In Phulkari work, beautiful flowers and embroidery are printed on the clothes with colourful threads of cotton. The earliest use of Phulkari work is found in the story of Heer-Ranjha. But you can give it your loved colour and make it a modern dress to wear anytime.

Expected Initial Price – 1,500

10. Cult Kalamkari Saree

Cult Kalamkari Saree

The saree which has printed cultural events such as couple dances, musical instruments and bands, festive or household works, and other historical significance is called ‘Cult’ Kalamkari saree. You can pair feminine Kolhapur chappals, silver bracelets, earrings, and silver necklines with Kalamkari saree to create an appealing look. 101% you will look gorgeous in Cult Kalamkari saree.

Expected Initial Price – Rs. 600

11. Dhoti Saree

Dhoti Saree

After dhoti skirts and dhoti pants, now this pattern has also got its way in saree design. This trend has a superhit entry among Bollywood actresses. Every actress from Sonam Kapoor to Kareena Kapoor has tried this look. If you too want to wear something trendy at your friend’s wedding, then you can try this design. This style immediately uplifts any look. And it does not even take much trouble to don one.

Expected Initial Price – Rs. 1,800

12. Saree With Denim or Leggings

Saree With Denim Or Leggings

With sarees getting stronger experimented within modern times and also if you want to wear a saree but you have to take care of comfort, then wearing a saree with denim of your choice or leggings that match the saree has also become the latest trend of the day. From the ramp show to the red carpet, this fashion has flowed everywhere. Designer Nida Mehmood has started this design. Last year Malaika Arora Khan was seen in this style in her home function.

13. Jacket Style Saree Look

Jacket Style Saree Look

To enhance the look of the saree, the design of its blouse has often been experimented with, and a trendy style is the jacket blouse or a different one-ton jacket for a simple blouse. Contrast the colour of the blouse with a saree. Recently, Kareena Kapoor Khan was seen in this look during an event.

Wearing the saree over a jacket can be very dramatic, not only because it lends all that wonder to your look, but also it tends to put on a lot of volume on you.

14. Double Pallu Style Saree

Double Pallu Style Saree

Recently Sonam Kapoor was seen wearing such a double pallu saree, and since then this design has become the trend of saree fashion. To wear a double pallu Saree, a scarf, similar to the Saree, has to be carried in a stylish manner and letting the pallu flow freely. If you want, you can also take the advice of a fashion stylist for this look. Casual sensuous has never been a word, but you can certainly be a naturally sensual woman with this look.

15. Chiffon Saree

Chiffon Saree

When we think of a chiffon saree, the picture that first comes to our mind is the beautiful film heroine draped in this gorgeous cloth, who tries to seduce her hero. Yes, chiffon sarees have made their presence in many Bollywood films for many years and have been extremely popular among many generations of women, due to the influence of cinema on fashion. One of the reasons for the popularity of chiffon sarees is that they are beautiful and give feminine beauty to the wearer. Chiffon dresses are light, translucent and shiny. When even an ordinary and simple woman wears a beautiful chiffon saree, she looks very beautiful and attractive.

Expected Initial Price – Rs. 1,000

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