Op-ed4 Reasons not use Stylish Alphabets and Words in Facebook Name

4 Reasons not use Stylish Alphabets and Words in Facebook Name

Can I use stylish alphabets and words in my name on Facebook?, this question has been raised million of times over Google, Facebook, Bing and other forums out there. Most of people have asked us if they can write their name using ASCII characters in their name which consist of the stylish words and alphabets.

Well, the answer is Yes! But you should not use any special symbol or characters to write your name on Facebook. We can understand that having a stylish name on social media looks cool and specially when your friends don’t know how to do it, but everything have cons and pros — that we are going to discuss in this article.

There are four reasons behind this, these are —

1. Stylish name is not permitted on Facebook

As per Facebook’s policy you should not use fake name, or any special characters to write your name on Facebook. If Facebook finds any one violating their terms of usage or community standard it most probably block your account.

2. Your friends will miss you

Those who have used special characters or symbols to write their name on Facebook are very prone to be missed by their old friends. The reason behind this is there is difference in the general characters and those special characters that you have used to write your name on Facebook.
Example: ïŠrg and Isrg will be treated as two different names

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3. Your Friends won’t be able to tag you

When you use stylish name in your Facebook it is not only difficult to search you on Facebook, but also it will not be possible for your friends and family to tag you in photos, album and status post etc.

4. Security Risk

Those who have ever faced login issue with their Facebook account they might be aware that Facebook ask for mobile verification or email verification or uses friends photo identification system to help you to unlock your account. But in case you fails to verify any of the above mentioned methods you left with only one option to get back access to your Facebook account which is through ID card verification for which you need to send your ID card to Facebook. It can be your driving license, PAN card, Passport etc. But those who have used stylish or the ASCII alphabets and words to write up their name will lose their account forever.

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