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5 Important Life Lessons I Learned This Year That Can Improve Your Life

2017 is coming to end and it just feels like it had just started. Time definitely passes by really fast. You would probably think why am I writing about my experiences on a website which isn’t my own blog. Well, these are little things I have learned in 2017. Many of you would have experienced these situations before and for those who haven’t, you will soon. I am writing this article in a hope that I would be able to help some of you realize these aspects of life which happen throughout everyone’s life. Realizing these things can change our perspective on life forever.

1. Brilliance is Confidence

I learned this lesson by observing one of my classmates. He just creates this impression of brilliance. His body language radiates confidence and it speaks to everyone, even before he talks. This is what confidence does to you. Confidence is the way to create an impression of a leader. Whenever you talk about something or do anything, do it with confidence. It shows people what you know what you are doing and have got it figured. So, the next time you meet new friends or start a new year in school, create your first impression with confidence.

2. Never apologize for what you believe in

This is pretty much self-explanatory — “I’m sorry, but I don’t think what you’re doing is right.”, “I’m sorry but I don’t want to do it. ” These are sentences we often use. We tend to use apologize to convey our views (which might be too bold for someone) to seem more polite. But, this is actually less convincing and might show a weaker impression of yourself. If you are confident about your views and if you want it to matter, just say it out regardless of what others might feel. Suppose, you want to say no to something. Don’t apologize for not accepting anything. This shows people that you really mean it. Or else, people might try to persuade you. Convey your opinions with confidence.

3. Let go

You might have heard about this trend of “minimalism”. Well, I think it’s a great concept which works with physical objects as well as people. It is the method of organizing life and decluttering to allow more room for realization. If you have things in your life, which you do not use quite often or provides no use to you, get rid of it. It creates such a better environment for you. The same applies to people. Recognize toxic people, remove them out of your lives. Keep your circle small. It takes away so much weight off your shoulders and reduces stress. We often hoard things thinking we might need it, or ‘think’ you would feel better with them in your life. Well, it detoxifies your life. After all, simplicity is key.

4. Find your super-time

Your super-time is the duration of time you feel your brain works the best. My mother often told me that our brains work the best early in the morning. I try very hard to wake up really early in the morning and try to concentrate as hard as possible. But, it just doesn’t work. I often feel really stressed out and distracted in the morning. That’s because I have realized that, it is not MY super-time. Try working at night if you are not a morning person. Very recently I had inculcated this habit and it works wonders. Try experimenting with both the times. Understand which works for you the best and use your time very wisely and up to its full potential. You can use this time to study, write, exercise or just learn something new.

5. Be yourself and love yourself

This is a phrase you often hear people saying but this is very important. Self-love is something everyone should inculcate. It is really important to understand your worth because it is always you who would support you at all times. Keep yourself as your first priority and do anything that’s good for your body and soul. Lastly, never apologizes for being yourself. It’s always better to be yourself that pretend to be someone else to just get people to admire you. Once you transition into someone who you aspire to be like, it is often very difficult to discover your true self. You might attract a lot of new friends. But, only your true personality can recognize your true friends. Work for you, impress yourself every day. These are the mantras to success.

Pryadharshne D
Pryadharshne D
I’m Pryadarshne, a High Schooler from Bangalore. I am constantly finding ways to improve my creative trait. I am a very passionate public speaker and I love attending school debates and Model United Nations (MUN) Conferences. My hobbies include painting, sketching and basically anything that would showcase my creativity. I have recently started trying my hand out at writing. Writing has really given me a platform to showcase my thoughts and opinions in the most artistic way possible. I aspire to one day be able to make a difference in the society.

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