Education5 Rules and 5 Routines Applicable for Virtual Classrooms

5 Rules and 5 Routines Applicable for Virtual Classrooms

Online classes across the globe are being conducted by many educational institutions, including corporate not just for the past few months and due to the Coronavirus pandemic but for a longer period of time. Indian corporates like Unacademy, ByJu’s and WhiteHatJr are offering online classes for many years, and now due to COVID-19 guidelines, most of the colleges and schools are also conducting classes and even exams online, which has not only brought new headache to the teachers but also for the students.

In this article, we have covered 5 rules and 5 routines that one should follow whether he or she is a teacher or student to utilise the productivity of the online classes to the fullest.

The 5 rules applicable for the online classes are:

Know The Rules, Rules, Guidelines, Instructions

Rules that are set as the boundaries for responses and equally introduces expected conduct while working in a professional setup, be it office or school. These five rules help to maintain efficiency within the individuals.


It is important to maintain a sense of continuity and comfort within the students and professionals that will allow them to lean into a familiar routine. Students and professionals both need to respect their fellow mates in the virtual mates. It becomes easier to study when things are told or conveyed respectfully. Students should feel respect for the teacher and the classmates to ensure they are attentive in the class and respond to the teacher. Similarly, the professionals should have respect for their respective leaders or boss that will help them to achieve the pre-determined goals of the organisation.


The students and professionals should be made to focus on learning rather than focusing on grades and copying other’s ideas or answers. The situation in the Covid times made it difficult for the teachers and leaders to ensure non-biased exams or presentations. The requirements of a job and the syllabus for the students may change, but the need for learning won’t change because, in the end, knowledge is all that matters.


A positive approach of relationship between students & teachers and employees & the boss is important for the learning through online mode. Good online learning happens only when the technology, along with the mentor, can convey their message properly and in the right way to their students or employees. For example, a teacher assigning a worksheet to their student might be fruitful but a teacher demonstrating some problems and them ensuring that every student present in the class understood the worksheet increases the efficiency; similarly, a good leader might ask for feedback from the employees but a great leader will not only take that into account but also work on it to improve the efficiency.


The lockdown period and post lockdown period as well, it is important not to overburden your students and employees with a lot of expectations. It is important for teachers and leaders to understand that they have similar anxieties and fear, and treating them differently might not make them accomplish what they want to. The state of mind of employees and students plays an important role while focusing on studies or working in an organisation.


Students and professionals never adopt something that seems complex and looks disinteresting to them. Therefore, it is important to make the rules of discipline easier to understand and adapt.

The 5 routines applicable for the online classes are:

routines for online classes

Routines are actions that are a part of our everyday lifestyle, only to help us build a base to achieve our professional and social objectives. These five routines can help us make good use of the online platform during the lockdown and post the lockdown.


The introduction of the online platform has made students very lazy and carefree at the same point. The students do not feel the need to complete their work before joining the class, and the employees are not taking the deadlines seriously because they have an option to switch off their cameras and mute themselves and give an excuse for network problems.


The students and employees need to maintain a good communication flow with the teachers and the company associates. The communication ensures a good expression and flow of ideas within the class and the organization. It is advised that they shouldn’t get too much involved in the work that they start avoiding the communication or stop having a conversation within employees.


It should be made mandatory for students and employees to attend the classes and business presentation meetings without any excuse. The teachers and leaders should issue a code for themselves, which will bring out the maximum efficiency for the class and organisation. Students and employees should be made to sit somewhere where they can focus on studies and their respective jobs, and many other virtual platform codes.


Virtual mode needs the co-operation between the students and teachers & employees and leaders. The leaders and teachers need to keep praising their employees and students for increasing their efficiency and motivating them for studying and contributing to the company. 


There is a need to set expectations for synchronous and asynchronous participation in the class and business presentation meetings. Participation in the class has reduced with these Covid-19 lockdowns and made students resistant to participate in online events.

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