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Best 4 Do It Yourself (DIYs) for Home Decor for an Indian Home

The best and the cheapest way of decorating your home is to make your own things out of ‘nothings’. As we say and know “There’s no place like home art”. So let’s get started with 4 such ideas which might turn your home into an exotic one.


Why waste 500 bucks on a single photo frame when you have got so many wasted newspapers in your home? Take up a full length or half length newspaper and then roll it, glue the edge and form a perfect roll not too much thicker. In this similar way, make 30-40 paper rolls. Now take up a cardboard or any backing of medium thickness and stick the paper rolls in any pattern you wish to, just see that it maintains a symmetry and dose not turn messy. After this let it dry and after an hour or so cut the protruded edges accordingly.

Now make the backing of the frame and then insert your memorable picture, then showcase in your home. One can also make use of cardboard to build a photo frame. At first you need to cut a cardboard in the shape of a frame with the central part being vacated and the then wrap it with colored paper or patterned paper of your choice and then sets the backing, at last insert the picture into the frame. One can also add up a back stand to give the frame some support.


Why spend so much money on just buying fancy lamps when you can get a unique one in your home with just no expense. Here’s how to do it. Blow up a balloon, remember, the size of the balloon’s is going to determine the size of your lamp so blow accordingly. Dip a starring roll in a glue-water mix for few minutes. Now gently wrap the string around the balloon, cover the entire balloon with it, leaving the top and the bottom part vacant. After you cover the whole balloon, let it dry for 24 hours or more.

Prick a needle into the balloon, of course it would burst, but the rounded frame of the balloon still remains. Remove the balloon and you will find a round cage made of string, which has become quite hard. Now insert a bulb in any one of the ends you left vacant and hang it up from your ceiling. And that’s all you need, to do to add a touch of uniqueness into your room.


The most easy and pretty looking lamps now will be at your disposal with a bit of effort but of not much expense.  You just need some good bundles of popsticks. All you need to do is place one popstick over the other in a patterned way and build it on till it reaches some height and becomes attractive enough.

There are several shapes & patterns you can experiment with, but the easiest one will be to construct the basic frame of a square by placing one popstick over the other alternatives and then place the same frames over the other, slightly tilting it from the previous one and your lamp will be all set. All you need to do in the last step is to put in a bulb and its holder and lit your handmade lamp.


Now your worn out towels have got a way into your home decor, adding a distinct touch to your garden or room and increasing the eccentricity of the room, and also appreciating your hard work (though it takes no absolute effort). All you need to do is prepare a cement mix. Now take your old worn out towel place it on an inverted vase or pot you already have and assure that the sides of the towels make enough creases to give your pot an elegant look.

Now put the cement mix on the placed towel evenly, do not apply too much nor too less, make sure the creases at the sides are quite visible and prominent. Let the towel dry for 2-3 days. After it dries and becomes stone like hard remove the pot from below and there’s your towel pot ready for use. Try it once, I assure you will have immense fun doing this.

Debadrita Mukhopadhyay
Debadrita Mukhopadhyay
An enthusiastic girl brewing with panache to try her hands on different things and trying out new and creative ideas to mould things into life. A blooming artist as well and passionate about painting and writing. She's a first year undergraduate English (Hons) Student of Loreto College, Kolkata. She tries to blend her ideas and thoughts with the circumstances and bring out something unique in each work she does.

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