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Best Top 20 Places in Alwar to visit for Students, Couple and family


Rajasthan is famous for various historical places where one can witness the cultural heritage. Alwar, one of the cities of Rajasthan, famous for its mysterious and beautiful places. Let’s have a look at it.

The Top 20 Places in Alwar, Rajasthan that worth visiting are:

1. The Bhangarh Fort

The Bhangarh Fort

It is one of the most famous and mysterious places in the city. Statistics showed that hundreds of people visit this fort throughout the year. It is a 16th-century fort, built by Bhagwant Das. This fort includes the reminiscences of different temples, palaces, and Havelis, with four varying entry points. This fort has a picturesque environment. The mysteriousness of this fort has multiple horror stories lining up the haunting soul of the Bhangarh Fort.

If One Is Looking for Some Thrills, This Is the Best Place to Visit!!

2. Bala Quila (Alwar fort)

Bala Quila

Bala Quila, better known Alwar Fort, in the Indian city of Rajasthan state, situated in the Aravalli range that stretches to Rajasthan from Delhi. Hasan Khan Mewati built this fort in 1550. This fort is mesmerizing and known for beautiful spots for photography and other attractions for boyfriend and girlfriend, majorly. This fort includes 15 large and 51 small towns on the ridgetop. It consists of 446 openings for musketry along with eight large bastions.

If one has to experience something very different and amazing place, then one should visit this Alwar fort!! Planning Tours to Jaipur? Don’t Miss out these Best Places to Hangout at Night in Jaipur.

3. Alwar Government Museum

Alwar Government Museum

This museum is very famous and a chief resource for all the historical-cultural heritage of the City ALWAR. It exhibits a colourful and resourceful heritage of the city. This museum attracts many tourists and visitors around the world. It has valuable collections consisting of old artefacts consisting of scriptures, coins, crafts, and much more, which lines up the historical and cultural heritage of the state Rajasthan. It is one of the picnic spots for students and also one of the best places in Alwar to visit with family.

If one wants to experience the city’s cultural heritage, then one should not miss this place!!

4. City Palace

City Palace, Alwar

Near to Bala Quila, City palace is a perfect and beautiful blend of Mughal and Rajput Architecture, built-in the 18th century and a famous place in Alwar for visits for girlfriend and boyfriend. A beautiful elevated door-shaped pavilion stands within the structure, which depicts the pride and honour of the Rajput empire. It has an artificial lake built inside this palace. A famous Maharaja modelled it in 1815. Now, it provides visitors with a great heritage as a museum.

If one wants to witness the amazing features of architecture at Rajputs and Mughals’ times, then one should not miss this!!

5. Siliserh Lake

Siliserh Lake

One of the famous and beautiful places in Alwar that attracts visits from girlfriend and boyfriend, majorly and also the best place to visit for family and students for a picnic spot as provides a wholesome experience, to get lots of photographs with a magical view of lake and mountains. It is sprawling over 7 kmbuilt by Maharaja Vinay Khan in 1845. Siliserh lake palace lies near the lake erected by different kingdoms to preserve the country’s cultural heritage.

If one has to experience the lake’s amazing view and mountains, then one should not miss it!! Don’t miss the 10 Great Destinations and Places to Visit in Winters near Delhi.

6. Sariska Tiger Reserve

Sariska Tiger Reserve

Sariska Wildlife and Tiger Reserve attract thousands of people worldwide as it preserves the country’s cultural heritage. This reserve sprawls over 800 square kilometres and, it is a home for various flora and fauna, majorly tigers as it is also known as SARISKA TIGER RESERVE. It offers a very safe place for the majestic Bengal Tigers of Alwar.

If one is in love with the beauty of flora and fauna, then it is a must-visit!!

7. The Hill Fort of Kesroli

The Hill Fort Of Kesroli

The Rajputs initially built it as an ancient site because of the beauty of the architecture, the officials constructed a heritage hotel out of it. It is very magnificent and one of the best places to visit in Alwar for a girlfriend and boyfriend. It is known for its verandahs, turrets, and ramparts, and, built in the 14th century as a fort, now converted to a hotel where one can spend a vacation and experience the proper culture and heritage of the city.

If one wants to witness the city’s hustle, along with cultural heritage, then this is a place to be!!

8. Moti Dungri

Moti Dungri

It is one of the famous spots for tourists from the world as it provides a space for all religions to come together to pray, appraised as one of the best places to visit for family and students. It is a unique holy shrine. Here People from every religion come together and pray and, qawwali, bhajans, are played here daily. People are in awe of this place as it has some magical aura that attracts hundreds of people. A Maharaja built Moti Dungri in the year 1882 as a residence for a family in Alwar.

If anyone wants to experience a religious aura in this bustling state, then one should not miss this!!

9. The Sariska Palace

The Sariska Palace

It is a vast palace receiving a lot of visitors to experience the truly historical and cultural heritage, services, food, and ambience. Built by Maharaja Jai Singh in 1892, spread over 120 acres of lush green landscapes and, the architecture is compelling the visitors to fall in love with this place. Here, one experiences decent luxury, wild views, and scenery and, it is near to Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary and Haunted Fort, thereby offering its guests some great attractions.

If one wants to experience the cultural and historical living, luxury and ambience, then this is the place!!

10. Company Garden, Alwar

Company Garden, Alwar

Company Garden, better known Company Bagh and Purjan Vihar, serves as a beautiful garden in the city. It is one of the picnic spots for students and family as it is a very aesthetic and beautiful garden lying in the heart of the town. Built by a Maharaja in 1868 to preserve the beautiful heritage. It has a classic architecture with Bengali chhatris and roofs built by different empires. It also has a structure known as SHIMLA or SUMMER HOUSE.

If one wants to experience a different and amazing world and picturesque environment, then this is the place!!

11. Natni Ka Bara

Natni Ka Bara

It is very beautiful as it is smeared in water, majorly on rainy days. Natni, a girl, crossed the distance between two mountains on a rope, after which, the place became famous and after her death, called Natni Ka Bara. It has a bridge in between, where people can witness the water and mountains surrounding the bridge and different magical sounds by water.

If one wants to witness the smearing of water everywhere, then one should not miss it!!

12. Pandupol


It is a tourist attraction and, it lies in the Sariska Tiger Reserve. This place also has an ancient mythological history attached to it as here Bhima vanished the giant demon. Pandupole is also famous for its religious atmosphere as it has Pandupole hanuman temple. It is one of the best picturesque spots and has a 35ft waterfall that enhances its magical aura. It has an astounding variety of flora and fauna.

If one wants to witness the mystical and historical culture, then this is the place!!

13. Garwaji Waterfall

Garwaji Waterfall

It is one of the beautiful spots one can come across on the route of Siliserh Lake. It provides picturesque scenery. It is one of the few waterfalls in the desert state of Rajasthan that also enhances its beauty. A staircase leads to the waterfalls, and the view compelled the viewer to fall in love with the place. Due to the high cliff and rocky terrain, the Indian army uses it for altitude training.

If one wants to experience a peaceful day in a bustling city, then this is the place to be!!

14. Churi Market (Bangles market)

Churi Market, Alwar

It is a vibrant place to grab some traditional Rajasthan accessories. It has a Beautiful collection of Rajasthani dresses, accessories, provides a royal look, and lines up the cultural heritage of the Town. Colourful bangles with pocket-friendly prices attract a lot of visitors and buyers to enjoy their shopping spree. This market has everything ranging from sandals, carpets, ornaments, accessories, bags, jewellery, and many more.

If one wants to get a lot of ancient Rajasthani bangles and clothes, this is the place!!

15. Bharthari Temple

Bharthari Temple

Bharthari Temple, better known Yogi Bharthari Nath Temple; it is one of the best places to visit for family, picnic spots for students as it provides information about ancient history as here a Ruler from Ujjain took Samadhi. This temple is a thousand years old and is a beautiful locale in the hills along with some astounding waterfalls that gave a mystical aura to this place and attracts many visitors from around the world. It is one of the sacred spots in the Town, built in a classic Rajasthani style.

If one wants to witness a religious and sacred spot, then this is the place to be!!

16. Fateh Jang Gumbad

Fateh Jang Gumbad

Fateh Jung Gumbad, also known as Tomb off Fateh Jung. It is a five-storeyed monument constructed in 1647 as a Tomb of Fateh Jung. It is an imposing structure as it is visible from Alwar and dedicated to Fateh Jung, minister of Shah Jahan. This tomb has a classic arrangement, a blend of Mughal and Rajput architecture. This place attracts many visitors due to its historical style, carvings, domes, marnets, and colours of rich sandstones.

If one wants to witness the heritage of the city, this is the place!!

17. Ajabgarh Fort

Ajabgarh Fort

It is a very famous historical place and, till now, preserved elegantly. It attracts visitors from all around the world. Built by Ajab Singh in 1589. Fort also has a museum that provides information about the historical and cultural heritage of the city. Initially, this place was considered haunted, but ISI denied it.

If one wants to witness the amazing architecture of the city, visit it!!

18. Neelkanth Mahadev Temple

Neelkanth Mahadev Temple

It is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and one of the best spots in Alwar to visit for the family. It provides a great heritage and religious history of the city, situated at the height of 1330 meters near Rishikesh. The structure of the temple is beautiful and famous and very much influenced by Dravidian architecture.

If one wants to see a sacred spot, this is the place!!

19. Biodiversity Park

Biodiversity Park, Alwar

It is one of the best places for a picnic spot for students and family. Here, one can experience the surreal of nature, and this destination will please you. Mountains and grasses surround the park that makes it the best spot for leisure vacations. It is one of the best picturesque places.

If one wants to experience lush green cover and expanse of nature, this is the place to be!!

20. Naldeshwar Shrine

Naldeshwar Shrine

It is a small cave dedicated to Lord Shiva that features a small Shiva-linga built in the 18th century. Due to its small cave and mysteriousness, it attracts visitors from around the world, built to protect the linga and it is one of the most renowned places on the earth which one should not miss at all. The speciality of this place is that two ponds are connected that adds grace to the site.

If one wants to experience a different world, then this is the place to be!!

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