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Changes that we can expect after the COVID situation ends

Changes after COVID ends

Corona Virus Outbreak is something very astonishing and confusing we all are going through today. This has made life miserable for almost every person on Earth. Everyone today is very eager to see how and when this outbreak will stop. Everyone we see is talking about plans which have already been made after the COVID situation ends. All these plans will definitely come true for everyone as sooner or later, this pandemic will come to an end, and our lives will be as good as they were before.

After-effects of COVID

Since it has been a long time (and still going), most countries are still under a lockdown, or most people are quarantined at homes, this has created large scale impacts on every industry and people individually. Talking individually, people, especially youngsters, have spent a lot of time watching movies, series, or have spent a lot of time on their computer screens. Their social communication skills have been degraded due to lack of contact. Apart from this, there are financial losses, degrading mental health and many more, creating a lot of problems. COVID will end, but it will definitely leave a huge impact and change in the people’s lifestyle.

Things after COVID in India

Increase in Population

The image is to describe the increase in population
An increase in population will be seen in the near future.

Overpopulation is already a very big problem across the world and especially in countries like India and China. The world and specifically both these countries are expected to gain a sudden hype in the population just because of the lockdown. Due to the lockdown, people had to remain at home, and they got a lot of quality time to spend together. This is eventually going to deplete valuable resources and unemployment.

Separation of couples

A couple is shown in this image just to show couples are getting separated and filing for divorces
A couple getting separated.

Couples are getting divorced or breaking up because they are living together at home with each other constantly all the time. This too was a problem before, but today in this situation, it has grown to have become a bigger problem. Couples are fighting with each other. Earlier they hardly had to spend 14-16 hours a day together including the sleeping time and had other work to do. Now, due to lockdown. They have to stay together in the same room for 24 hours a day, which was never expected by anyone.


The image shows a beautiful environment purely
The environment is healing, but it will take no time to get it back in the same position after the pandemic ends.

The environment is definitely healing in this COVID situation. Due to very fewer vehicles on roads, very few industries working, and humans remaining in their habitats and not disturbing the biodiversity, the environment did heal a lot. This situation has made people aware of the importance of the environment and how we can actually make it better. People can actually see clean rivers and aquatic life coming back and many more things. This creates a belief amongst humans that this environment can be made better if we try our best. But what we see today is going to go away in a matter of days just as the situation ends, which is very bad for the environment. This means whatever we have recovered in the past year is going to vanish in just a matter of days. This is because, ‘it is a matter of seconds to break your arms, but it takes time to heal’.

Mental Health

The image just says mental health.
Degrading mental health due to loneliness, lack of communication, and physical human touch

Staying in the same room or home, and not moving out of it creates a bad impact on the brain. We often do not realize it much, but physical contacts of the same or the opposite gender are important to people as they help to release hormones that make us happy. Without these happy hormones, humans get stressed and angry easily. All these contribute to degrading mental health, and the same is happening to everybody. Since people are stressed, not only couples but almost all sorts of relations are separating slowly. This may include the relationship between siblings, children to parents, teachers to students, and many more.


The image just says economy.
The economy of every country will go down in a matter of a year, and it will take almost a decade of time to get back to normal.

Almost every country is suffering from a drop in Economy due to the COVID situation. Since people cannot go to work, a lot of businesses failed, which eventually contributed to unemployment. The economy is the backbone of any country. This forms basically by the exchange of money. Larger trades are already on hold, or some of them have also been cancelled. Apart from that, since many people do not have the required money, they are spending way too less than they were spending before. This is creating a lot of problems amongst the countries. Also, no countries economy can take a leap back in just a matter of days. It will take years for most countries to recover from these losses even after the pandemic ends.

All these are merely some of the problems which we are definitely going to see in the near future, and we have to try to avoid these as much as possible in the near future.

Niket Jain
Niket Jain
A student interested in writing.

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