Op-edDadiCation: How are fathers becoming Penguin Dads and Raising the Bar with...

DadiCation: How are fathers becoming Penguin Dads and Raising the Bar with their Child Care

The world of parenting is changing. Today fathers are actively participating in the upbringing of their children just as mothers and breaking the stereotypes. Earlier it was supposed to be mothers responsibility to take care of child and home and dad was supposed to maintain discipline and kind of hitler to children,  but it seems that the norms of parenting are changing in 21st century with the transformation of dads to Penguin dads (male penguins who take care of their eggs when mother penguin go to sea for fishing).

Today dads are sharing equal responsibilities at home and outdoors too. Be it from dropping the child to school, buying things and diapers for baby, combing child’s hairs, telling him stories at night or even feeding the baby with bottle. Dads enjoy the same and want to be with their child just like mothers.

I have also just heard about such dads unless I had my own baby and saw my husband doing the stuff. He use to wake up in the night when the baby cries and sing to him and make him sleep. Today Indian fathers are also eager to play equal role in their child’s upbringing and are becoming the part of their child’s daily routine.

Let us discuss how the fathers are taking care of their children and raising the bar.


Dads are delivering happiness by spending time, listening to their children, going for a ride and even sometimes cooking a favorite dish of children. Sharing love and happiness makes them perfect dads who knows their child better thereby raising the standards.

Dad telling story to children

They are becoming friends rather than hitler fathers who use to be strict and scold children on every mischief. Today fathers participate and guide their children they make them ready for school when mom makes the tiffin and help the children in home work and solving their mathematical and grammatical problems which was supposed to be moms domain earlier.


It was supposed that dads cannot take care of children as they lack patience and baby sitting is not their cup of tea. But these gender roles are also breaking up as today fathers successfully take care of children and have broken the myth. It may be because today we have nuclear families and there are no grandparents to take care of children. So, both the partners have to share the responsibility equally. So, this can also be the reason for fathers becoming penguin dads.

Baby sitting, father, child, newborn

When the mother is away father take care of babies, change their nappies even feed them with milk and change their clothes if they are dirty. All these responsibilities are shared by fathers and they really feel happy and attached to their children. This also makes them an important part of child’s life.


It is really happy to see fathers going on Parents Teacher Meet (PTM) and talking to teachers about their children accomplishment and also accepting the shortcomings. This really boost the confidence of children. They support their children in need and teach him just lime friends.

Father, appreciating, children, motivating

Today fathers actively play football with their children, take them to cinema halls for movie and teach them mathematics thereby boosting their confidence and becoming their strength.


The emergence of women in jobs have changed the parenting trends. Now fathers are seen doing unconventional things with their kids, they are seen playing with dolls to make their baby princess happy, cook them meal, changing their clothes even applying nail polish and trimming their nails too.

The importance of fathers cannot be denied. They are equally important as mothers as caregivers, protectors, supporters and models for social and emotional behaviours. They are supporters and guides in teenage and also secret sharers.


The role of fathers has changed from breadwinners to care givers. Today Indian dads give priority to their family above all. They are ready to give anything for their family. Some of the fathers are ready to even stay at home to take care of their children.

Fathers are being protective and taking care of every need of their children. They knows what a child want, they dance and sing with them, help them in their school projects and love them unconditionally.


Fathers accompany mothers to hospitals for the vaccination of children. They too remember the dates for the vaccination. I remember a penguin dad in my neighbourhood who’s wife was transferred to other city and he had to stay home quitting his job and taking care of newly born child.

On asking he said, he loves to be with his son, and seeing his son grow and reaching new milestones and doing things easily. Three cheers for such dads who are setting standards in the society and proving that child care is not only the domain of mothers but both share the equal responsibility.


Fathers are the first role models for their kids. Kids try to do what ever their dads do. My kids imitate talking on phone just in his daddy’s style. Sometimes he walks and calls me in his way.

father, child, kid, surfing

Fathers are real Heros of their children. Long ago an add of dhara shows “My daddy strongest” depicting how children expect their dads to be.

They talk to their children, do every possible thing to protect them, take care of their health and teach them do’s and don’ts. They are fathers who love to party with their children and make them feel the belongingness, make them their travel companion and even share a drink with them to celebrate their transition from childhood to adulthood.


Fathers are becoming friends and teaching children about how to select friends, treat others and to set values and priorities. They keep watch on their social activities and accompany them to places of worship thereby inculcating moral and cultural values.

Fathers teach children about life and knows what a child is going through in the world around him. They are the biggest fan, coach, tutor and everything. They are like a light in dark, a hope and a person from whom you can expect solution to every problem.

Although the importance of mothers role cannot be denied as she’s the one who brought all of us to this world, but the norms of parenting are no doubt changing with the efforts of these penguin dad who play equal role after the birth of baby.

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