EducationDU is a Myth Must Read Before You Take Admission

DU is a Myth Must Read Before You Take Admission

Beta 9th tak masti karli ab 10th hai BOARD hai padhle. Beta 11 new class hai ab tak jo padha wo bhul jao aur naya padh. 12 ke boards future banate hai sab choro padho warna DU NHI MILEGA. NO CAREER. NO FUTURE.” — All these statements by our elders are true. Accepted and justified.

Now talk about our government.

Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” — True. Accepted and justified.

Let’s start with a story of 5 friends — Friend A, B , C , D and Friend E.

A was an average student till 11 with 65-70%, but scored 89 in 12 (Pretty good) was very happy. B was a topper till 11 and scored 97 in 12 — For her, it was a normal thing.

C was an interesting one. She knew how to balance life and LIVE LIFE and Scored 85 in 12 and was happy too. D was a rich spoiled child — She knew her admission to her dream college was possible even if she gets 50%.
Obviously scored 55% and E scored 65%. She knew OBC KA QUOTA ZINDABAD.

When it comes to colleges —  B got her dream college because of her intelligence, D got her dream college because of her dad’s money, E got a good college because of her OBC QUOTA and all colleges were under University of Delhi.

Now the so called “MIDDLE-CLASS” girls were sad due to 0.25 or 1%, she was not getting their desired SUBJECTS (Dream college toh Dur Ki Baat).

Went to different colleges still regrets. One thing that made her sad was GETTING “89%” was of no use. While who got 55 got her college. Anyhow she got a different subject which she didn’t even study till 12 ( No use for future).

C knew what she wants — She wanted to XYZ  tried for DU, but wasn’t eligible. Happily tried somewhere else and got what she wanted to do.

Now, basically my idea of writing this was to tell you people that guys please wake up — “DU, DU, DU…”. PLEASE JUST DON’T RUN AFTER DU JUST BECAUSE IT IS A MYTH THAT DU IS THE BEST.

Do what your interest is! Do what you’re good at. Do what you feel like — Don’t do anything just for the sake of a “DEGREE”. Your TALENT IS THE KEY TO YOUR SUCCESS — NOT YOUR DEGREE.

C knew her talent and target. She did not change her way even if the road was proving to be difficult. Whereas A changed her target because of DU and sacrificed her goals.

I’m not telling that DU is not good — it is the best, but what I want to tell you is BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND YOUR TALENT.


Don’t just set academic goals. Enjoy life as it comes. There is no fun in driving a car if your back hurts. Think about it.

Prarthna Grover
Prarthna Grover
An ebullient girl born and brought up in Delhi. A journalism student who works to make things simple, but significant. Pursuing journalism and mass communication from JIMS. I have an extrovert and interactive character. I love to write, read, travel and socialize. My desire to write grows with my writing. I believe one is supposed to be odd to be number one. I am a spirited mind which writes something worth reading or do something worth writing. .A crazy dog lover. Also, providing classes to the poor children.

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