EducationFour Learning Power Tips That Can Do Wonders

Four Learning Power Tips That Can Do Wonders

Learning – the only topic which we cannot just close but disclose some practical ways to improve it. We have so much knowledge to gain that we can’t do it just by reading things multiple times or jotting it down repeatedly until our pen runs out of ink. Learning is the only way which makes an individual stand confidently in between the masses to counter rights or wrong or to apply for better things in life. Learning just simply opens the doors to better life options and makes you stand at a better and reputed position at some point of life. The origin of learning dates back to the 3rd century B.C. in ancient Rome, where the practice of education came into action with the preparation of writing. Since then, every method to continue the flow of knowledge and information has been under control with the help of learning. With the advancement and leading discoveries came ways which made learning a bit easier compared to the past learning techniques. For once in life, most of us have been through various documentaries and several blogs about raising the bar and pushing your learning ability. What they always try to do is make you work hard for it, and surprisingly it’s not guaranteed that you’ll get success in choosing that method. Thus, you can simply go for the methods that are pretty less pressurising but pretty much relaxing to your brain.

Now the thing comes up of learning effectively that our mind just doesn’t store it but also interprets it at any moment of our life; in short words – what should we do so that things stay actively permanent in our brain? Moving down the article, you’ll get acknowledged about four instantly “to put into action” tips about learning which will result positively in no time.

1. Watch related documentaries, interactive videos about the topic

Watch Related Documentaries, Interactive Videos About The Topic

Is there any person on Earth, who doesn’t like to have fun, I’m pretty sure that literally, everyone wants to have some; But what if some of such amazement was put into our learning? It would be much more fun, right? The Internet undoubtedly has made the world a better place, what comes in a pack with it is that it has also provided the roots to compelling and fun-learning educational videos, documentaries, experiments, etc. Watching such videos make the concept clear with some topping of fun; which ultimately results in a forever impact on our brain cells that if we remember that particular video or documentary, we’ll get an instant flashback of what was being conveyed in that video. That’s pretty simple, because usually our brain, apart from remembering boring things, stores funnier or exciting things for a pretty long time. So if you have an examination ahead, and some of the big topics are remaining to be covered completely, why not try this along with the further steps discussed as you move more down this article.

2. Relate with things that surround you

Relate With Things That Surround You

When things go beyond your understanding boundaries, take a step out of the four-cornered boundary that’s stopping you and packing you in. In little words, just go out and try to relate the things you’ve read with the surroundings, try to do it in a practical format under your capabilities. You’ll find out that the things you’ve been working hard to understand in a packed room are much easier to realise in an open environment. Like if you read a theory or an experiment, just try to do it with the available means, doing so will result in two things–

  • You’ll get the images of the base, purpose and the result of the practice when you’ll try to remember the things later on at any point or any stage of your life.
  • You’ll learn things in a jolly manner; you’ll understand the roots of the topic once you get it into practice in real life.

Things will seem easy to catch and express to someone else who aspires to learn the topic.

3. Complete understanding of important and base points

Complete Understanding Of Base Points

Mentioned above are the methods to improve your remembering things in an effective way, but things remain ineffective and inactive mostly until and unless you know the base roots and the meaning to each and every main word and especially key points. So what should you do to remember the big things with little efforts which will in result make major changes in your learning style; well it won’t be an issue if you started focusing on little and important roots of the topic, no matter if they are taught in a diploma or if they date back to intermediate or high school. The best way to grab the older books which you find as the origin of your current topic, irrespective of how boring it seems, after a certain repetition, you’ll observe their role. Once you get a hold of the simple yet important baselines, major topics won’t remain a challenge, they’ll turn into an easy practice, and you will store things in your brain like never before. Being in higher grades or graduation times, you have a hold on the overall knowledge, but you usually lack at the base and important points, thus reading in such a way provides nostalgia as well as the basic information. It will look like a child’s play, but after some time, you’ll realise the importance of this step.

4. Go for smart note-making and analysis

Go For Smart Note Making And Analysis

Once you are done with thorough observations, research and study; you’re all ready to test how much your brain has stored at last. All you need to do is just to close the source of information either it’s a book or any site on the Internet, just do it! And when you proceed, take a deep breath and pull out a blank sheet or notebook, a getaway to a place in your room, or simply on the terrace where you can focus; try to remember what you learn, done? Now at least writing the key points or summary of what you studied. Don’t create long paragraphs, but just create some points on the basis of your memory. Once you are finished writing, turn on the source back and tally your points to the search. You may not be 100% accurate, but you’ll see a pattern after every repetition, that pattern will be a reduction in the count of errors in your summarisation and memory power. You’ll find that you remember things easily like never before. Before any big day ahead of you, just opt this method a week before, it will be simple to cover major topics in no time.

Is Listening to Music While Studying a Good Idea?

Is Listening To Music While Studying A Good Idea

Listening to music relaxes your stressed-out brain, embarks positive vibes, and circulates a jolly flow of blood in your veins. But if you’re studying, does listening to music make an impact on your learning and concentration, well let’s find out.

If you are at a crowded place or in a library reading any novel or any literature stuff and the idea comes about having some melody in your ears, it isn’t a bad idea. But if you’re trying to do some actual theory, practices or academic stuff, doing it with music is a really bad idea. Music in the first place is a stress buster, but it can be a concentration buster because lyrics will capture all your attention or drive away from the focus to the beats.

What to do to create an unbreakable focus?

Subliminal Effect On Brain

What can be better than doing some yoga or meditation before doing any challenging work? Well, there is one thing which is not so popular, but those who tried are thankful and super happy with the results, and that thing is subliminal. “Subliminal (audio) messages are affirmations that bypass your conscious mind and go straight into your subconscious. These hidden positive affirmations are embedded in the music, just below your hearing level.”

Let’s understand how subliminal work by the example of an iceberg, the tip of the iceberg is your Conscious mind, and it’s barely 10%, but beneath the water, there is the rest 90% which is your subconscious mind. Subliminal gives you the ability to unlock it whole and boosts 100% of your mind; it brightens up the catching power and makes you full-conscious and super-fresh from inside. Why not try this next time?

There are plenty of methods else, but words will go short, everything is possible, it just needs 100% devotion. Just think if Thomas Elva Edison gave up after 1000 times for making a light bulb? We would have been known to darkness in our homes then. What if Sir Nikola Tesla never tried making wireless tech, radio, a mechanism for telephone; what if the Wright Brothers got fed up of trying long methods to make up an aeroplane? So it’s clear that things- whether big or small, don’t need you to be the extraordinary or big brain, it just needs complete hard work and devotion. So just go for it and make success shower upon you.

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