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6 Bizarre Planets You Won’t Have Heard About

Space, stars, planets, constellations, etc. have always been astonishing from the day we started discovering outer space. We found neighbor planets, parent star (The sun), galaxies, clusters, and the rest of the observable universe. The more we take a step ahead in finding new things, we get amazed as well as horrified by the shocking and unbelievable possibilities in outer space. Like our jaw drops on knowing the growing phenomenon and mysteries about black holes. The biggest and the most potent black hole discovered to date is Garangutan, which is 40 billion times the sun’s mass, impressive, isn’t it?

Earth being our residential planet, made us known to its extreme possibilities and impossibilities, but if I tell you that the impossibilities here are possible in some other known planets of the universe; what can be your possible reaction, let’s find out about the 6 astoundingly bizarre planets in the universe.

The 6 Bizarre Planets You Won’t Have Heard About are:

1. Kepler-16b (Two Shadow Phenomenon)

Kepler 16b (two Shadow Phenomenon)

On Earth, humans, living & non-living things, objects in our surroundings have one shadow of their own. We are familiar with this truth, but wait; did you think that this truth is universal? If yes, just know that things can work in a pretty different way in some other corner of the universe. Kepler-16b, located about 200 light-years away from us, has different properties for its shadow phenomenon. Just like we have one parent star, the sun, which plays as a source of light and a shadow generator, Kepler-16b orbits two stars resulting in two shadows per person. Imagine being teleported there with a suit designed to survive on the planet, and you’ll see two of your shadows becoming friends.

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2. GJ1214-b (Deep Water Phenomenon)

Gj1214 B (deep Water Phenomenon)

Who says the Earth is the only planet which has water enough to help sustain life, located at almost 40 light-years away, is a planet named GJ1214-b, which has massive deep oceans you can never imagine of. Being logical and factually, we know that the Pacific Ocean on Earth accounts for up to 0.05% of its mass and covers 70% of the planet. Well, water on GJ1214-b occupies up to 10% mass of the planet, enormous, isn’t it?

On Earth, the oceans reach up to 11 kilometers towards the core; well, the ocean on “GJ1214-B” reaches up to 100s of kilometers down towards the core. Now with this much depth, you can’t imagine the pressure and horrible mysteries beneath. Here in oceans, we have giant whales, sharks, octopuses, squids, and terrible water monsters like the Giant Japanese Spider Crab, Goblin Shark, and Bigfin Squid. Imagining the size and creep of the monsters on that planet is a total nightmare. Moreover, the ocean deep down there is a thick sheet known as ‘Ice 7,’ which is not normal ice like on Earth, but it stays in a pack of solid form as a layer beneath.

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3. COROT-7b (Rock Rain Phenomenon)

Corot 7b (rock Rain Phenomenon)

What comes up to your mind when you hear or think of ‘RAIN,’ tiny droplets of water falling from beautiful black clouds, pleasant and divine weather, lightning, right? This may seem pretty beautiful down here on Earth, but it’s pretty much like hell on the mysterious planet known as ‘COROT-7B’. Located at about 1.6 million miles away from Earth, Corot-7b has a steel melting temperature of 2600 degrees Celsius (facing the parent star), and its dark side is up to 177 degrees Celsius, which is comparatively colder than the front side of the planet. Due to such scorching hot weather on the planet, solid rocks turn into vapors and form rock clouds. The clouds then shower unpredictable magma rain, which turns into rocks before hitting the ground. Spooky, isn’t it.

4. HD189773-b (Glass storm phenomenon)

Hd189773 B (glass Storm Phenomenon)

Located at about 63 light-years away from us, and having its size almost as Jupiter, this beautiful looking planet can turn out to be the worst ones known in the history of humankind. It has a glossy look from the outside, but what packs inside will fill you with extreme fear and terror. The planet’s shiny look from the outside is because of its Silicate Particle rich atmosphere. The wind storms here run at an unbelievable and jaw-dropping speed of 5,400 mph (2 km/s), which equals to 7 times more the speed of sound. The planet acquires a pretty hot temperature of up to 930 degrees Celsius. The thing that spooks in horror and fear are that it carries tiny pieces of glass all over with it at a terrorizing speed. Imagine standing in the middle of the storm and feeling every single glass piercing through your body.

As per the research done on the storms there, if the same storm hit our planet, it will make a complete revolution across the globe in around 5 hours & 33 minutes, leaving destruction and shatters of glass behind.

5. HD189733-b (Fastest & hottest wind storm phenomenon)

Hd189733 B (fastest & Hottest Wind Storm Phenomenon)

Fastest wind storms causing immense destruction on our planet are pretty much fascinating, and most of us know about it. But if a storm existed, which is beyond calculable measure and beyond your extreme imaginations, how would you react to such a thing. Planet HD189733-b, located nearly 60 light-years away, always revolves around its parent star and facing it. Its temperature on the front side reaches up to 966 degrees Celsius, while the rear side is not much different because it too measures up to 688 degrees Celsius hot. What’s the reason behind it, let’s find out. The weather condition on the portion towards the star is extremely hot which is kind of reasonable, but what makes the other side hot too is its wind storm which is as fast as 22,000 mph (10 km/s) which is equal to 29 times more than the speed of sound.

Meanwhile, the fastest wind on Earth was measured at 301 mph i.e., 484 km/h, which is equal to 73 times less than the storm on HD189733-b. If you hop on a glider and travel in between that storm with efficient safety suit from hot winds, you can actually make a complete revolution around Earth in just 1 hour & 8 minutes. Too fast, isn’t it?

6. Titan (Excessive Oil & Natural Gas Phenomenon)

Titan (excessive Oil & Natural Gas Phenomenon)

Titan, known to a few, and is the natural satellite of the planet Saturn in our milky way. Located at about 1.6 billion kilometers away from Sun, Titan is an extremely bizarre celestial body that has a thick surface that we didn’t even know what it looked like before 2005. It has rivers, lakes, clouds and it even rains there like on Earth. But the temperature is freezing cold at minus 179 degrees Celsius, yes you read it right. It’s so cold their water is as hard as a rock, and the chemical methane exists in a liquid state. With only 20 percent being discovered to date, the natural gas and oil are even 100 times more than that on the whole Earth. Believe it or not, the amount of natural gas and oil is so much that it literally rains it all the time, the crazy dream of oil tycoons ha? Guess it will become the next Re-fuelling station of several spacecraft once a full detailed discovery is made. What’s even more exciting and fabulous is that it’s proven that you can theoretically fly on Titan, sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But the fact is that The atmosphere present there is so thick and gravity so weak that if you attached a pair of wings to make a decent run and hopped up, you’ll actually start flying over Titan.

The fact is we’ll never escape from the upcoming possibilities and discoveries of outer space. What’s more, to come will be a step more to the benefit of humankind. Awesomeness and bizarreness are nothing but specific categories allotted to the kind of discovery, now either we’ll shower in amaze or get terrorized by bizarre outcomes, it will be astonishing always.

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