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How to Deal with People Suffering from Narcissism?

Mental health is a challenging social issue; many of us suffer from covert or expressive mental and psychological disorders we are unaware of because nobody virtually wants to go to a psychiatrist to solve personal stress issues.

What is Narcissism and how we can deal with people suffering from serious problems?

A narcissist is a person who suffers from serious mental problems of the sense of superiority, and he likes to treat himself or herself superior to others. Self-esteem is a very good thing, and everyone should have self-respect and certain values to embrace in life. A healthy lifestyle requires a person to be mentally tough and sane to carry out life well. But the problem with a narcissist person is that he does have self-respect, but he uses it to get out the benefits from others. He likes to treat his followers and teammates or friends for his gain and that also in a very abusive manner. Also, read How to stay positive in life by adopting yourself into a new lifestyle?

A narcissist person is very hard to detect, but people should know the behavioural patterns of such manipulative people. They are egoist and get angry quickly; they cannot withstand pressure and often get aggressive and has a sense of superiority. So, higher self-esteem and narcissist behaviour are very different and should not be ever confused. These people are bossy and do not care for others. They are secretly jealous of the accomplishments of others and want to ruin others. BEWARE OF A NARCISSIST.

What Are The Factors Leading To A Narcissist Behavior?

1. Sense of utmost superiority


Narcissist people are generally very egoist and selfish. They are full of superiority complex and often treat others badly. They get fed up and lose interest and are self-centred too. The sense of superiority is quite well seen in the movie industry and business fields and even in general life, and it is impossible to ignore them. They can be harmful as they are often abusers.

2. Self Absorption and lack of Love


The problem with a narcissist person is that these people are emotionally not taken care of, and hence they develop a sense of detachment towards the world and build a world of their own and become so self-absorbed that they are mentally unstable. Lack of Love in a relationship or even a bad childhood can affect their mental growth, and they get triggered at small issues. A Narcissist can be self-destructive too. How complicated is a teenager’s life in India?

3. Unfulfilled Dreams, Frustration, Mental Illness

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Frustration and failures could be reasons for his or her abnormal behaviour as well as loneliness can be a reason too. All of our dreams are not fulfilled; sometimes, failures make a person weak from inside. The person may appear bold and normal from outward, but he or she is mentally devastated. Jealousy can be one serious cause of narcissist behaviour as they cannot stand other people doing well or get name or fame. Even the richest man on this earth can suffer from Narcissism if he or she is incapable of handling his or her hidden desires and dreams.

4. Bullying and Manipulative Tendencies

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These Psyco people are manipulative and bullying in nature. The psychology of this type of insane behaviour is a deep area of research for the neuropsychiatrists as they can possess high destructive thoughts and abilities to enter into another’s mind and insert suicidal tendencies too. These type of people look for depressed and sad people and target their victims in several manners until their benefits are taken. Let me tell you all that even a neighbour or a family member can be of this type as they will tend to make you negative and want to take away happiness from you. These imposters can be fake friends too. It is very hard to determine who is sane and who is an enemy.

5. Money Minded and Lack of Moral Values


One thing that should be understood about the narcissist people is that they are the people in power and can traumatize the victim and so many suffer without voicing it. Few people also tend to open their problems at work or life are shut, and many self-esteemed people have no choice but to either fell into their traps or obey such negative forces or either end up their lives. Yes, the narcissists are money minded flock of people who has no value for themselves or society. They are masked people and highly abusive. Well, It’s your life, mental toughness and opening up are very important. A common man can also have serious tough narcissist tendencies. Domestic violence is an example of it.

How To Deal With A Narcissist Person?

The first and foremost thing is that try to avoid such type of emotional draining people. Yeah, the more you give in, the more impulsive and abusive they will become. But the thing is if we have to face such mentally challenged and insane people, we should take the help of people and law. If the narcissist is someone very close, then we should have empathy and kindness towards such a person. Love is the answer to many questions. Being kind and courteous and friendly can help them, but if serious problems arise, it is advisable to seek medical help.

Depression, Aloofness, self-absorption with no signs of emotional enrichment can be earlier signs of a growing narcissist. Being good parents and inculcating moral values to your children is the first step towards building a better person. There is no harm in self-love or self-care, but self-love full of jealousy is wrong. Jealousy is a big culprit that needs to tackle with understanding. It’s okay to be different but do not harm others since all are equal. Psychological problems seem of not so important, but the kind of human being one will grow into depends a lot due to psychology. LIVE AND LET OTHERS LIVE.

Remember if one door is closed, that’s not the end of life.

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