EducationHow to Drop Backlog Paper in GGS Indraprastha University?

How to Drop Backlog Paper in GGS Indraprastha University?

Whether you are a brilliant student or the backbenchers, you cannot predict results of Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (GGSIPU) as the results may surprise with backlog even in the last semester or after several attempts. In this article, we’ve discussed how to drop or request an exception in the backlog paper? When can you apply for the backlog exception or dropping the paper? What are the processes and the charges for filing a drop case for the backlog at IP University?

When can you file for a backlog drop application in GGSIPU?

Once the final results of the last semester of the course get declared on the official website, you can file the backlog drop application to the Controller of the Examination, GGSIPU main campus, Sector-16, Dwarka, New Delhi within 15-25 days from the date of the final result deceleration.

What are the documents required for filing backlog drop application?

  1. Original drop application form attested and stamped by the dean/principal/director of the college.
  2. Self-attested photocopy of all the marksheets.
  3. If in case, the original marksheet isn’t available you can download the result from the official website of the university and attach the photocopy/printout after getting it self-attested and verified by the dean/principal/director of the college/institute with his/her stamp and signature on it (do not forget to highlight or encircle your result with a pen).
  4. Download and fill the Application of drop case for issuance of consolidated marksheet & provisional certificate/original degree.
  5. The application fee should be paid in cash while submitting the form (drop fee is currently exempted, but still you should carry cash to avoid the hassle).
  6. Do not forget to carry an additional photocopy of the drop application after the dean/principal/director attest it as it will be required for receiving purpose.

How many subjects can you drop?

IP University grants credit on passing every paper and depending upon the paper, and the credit may range from 2-4 per paper. Every student has to earn the minimum required credits to become eligible for the award of the degree.

For example, most of the 3 years undergraduate courses (like BBA, BCA, B.Com, B.Voc, and BA) you need to earn 150 credits out of 160 for the award of the degree which means you can drop 2 subjects with 4 credits each and 2 practicals with 2 credits each.

Pros and Cons of dropping the subject:


  • On dropping the subject(s), the percentage will be affected as the percentage will be computed on the basis of all the subjects, but the marks of the dropped the subject (s) will not be included.
  • Exempted will be written instead of the drop or 0 in the consolidated marksheet.


  • You can take admission or job in any firm as it won’t affect your degree/marksheet.
  • You can save your time instead of rewriting the paper again and again.

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