Op-edHow to Edit and Add Location Manually in Instagram App?

How to Edit and Add Location Manually in Instagram App?

Instagram is widely known for sharing photos and video which is ultimately a photo and video sharing social media platform owned and maintained by Facebook Inc. The best part of Instagram is it restrict users and business houses from sharing links while letting them to upload high quality photos and videos where videos are further limited only for a certain amount of seconds.

You can upload your photos, set privacy, add location and can use hashtag to organise your contents as well as to  promote with others following the hashtag stories.

The only unintended problem that I’d discovered with Instagram is the location feature which fails most of the time and leaves an error message “no location found” even if your GPS / location is enabled. Well, possibly it looks like bug with Instagram and in this blog post I will share a tip using which you will be able to edit Instagram location manually.

To fix the Instagram location problem in Android:

  • Open “Settings” and scroll to the bottom and tap on “About Phone“.
  • In the “About Phone” quickly tap 7 times on Build number option.
  • On tapping Build number it will either pop up with a message, “you are a developer now” or “no need, you are already a developer.
  • Once you have successfully enabled “developer mode” find the “Fake GPS location” named app on the Google Play Store and install it.
  • After successfully installing the “Fake GPS location” app, go to Settings of your phone.
  • In the Settings locate “Developer options” option.
  • Under the “Developer options” tap on “Select mock location app“.
  • In the “Select mock location app” select “Fake GPS Location“.
  • Once you’ve successfully set the “Fake GPS location” in the “mock location app”
  • Simply open the Fake GPS location and set the location and tap on the play button location in the bottom of the right side in the Fake GPS location app
  • After setting preferred location, one the Instagram app and now you will be able to set the locations manually.

Let us know in the comment if this trick worked for you.

Isrg Team
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