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The Importance and the Benefits Derived by Cycling

In this era of fast-paced action, there aren’t many who would spend time commuting in a daily cycle, but this is one activity which would pay rich dividends in the long term. Cycling is not just an activity. It is a great way to tone your body and keep you in top shape.


So why should we cycle and how does it benefit us, is what we are going to see in this article, shall we go to on a ride!

Why cycle when there are other activities?

Yes, running and jogging is no lesser exercises, but cycling is the King when it comes to cardio exercises as a cyclist would need to expend more energy in a short period which would translate into more calories being burnt in a lesser interval. Moreover, cycling never tends to be monotonous as you would be able to change your intensity and keep yourself alert all the time after all who wouldn’t love to lose weight fast.

Effects on our health:

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  • Cycling improves the overall blood circulation of our body
  • Cycling increase your stamina and endurance.
  • Cycling enhances the mobility and agility of joints.
  • Cycling ameliorates the cardiovascular health of your body.
  • Cycling helps you unwind and relieves stress.

Cycling for fitness enthusiasts:

Cycling for fitness enthusiastsCycling keeps you in the right shape and provides for a well-built physique which does not compromise on agility. It tones you down to the right level where you can give any bodybuilder a run for his/ her money if you add it to your fitness regime. Cycling strengthens your core and tightens it and gives you the coveted surfboard abs. Cycling also improves your leg and thigh muscles, which go a long way in improving your overall personality. In short, being a cyclist gives helps you to exude confidence in your day to day life.

Cycling as a passion :

Cyclist, Group Cyclist

One of the emerging trends right now is to cycle as a team from one destination to another. These enthusiasts go any miles to achieve their goals and plan for long weekend trips on a cycle. By cycling as a team, you get motivated to push your limits and travel places you would never have gone had you gone on a solo trip. Moreover, it gives you added safety at low light conditions. So the first thing in pursuing cycling as a hobby is to find some local cycling club and join those folks as most of these clubs offer cycles for rent to its members.

The optimum diet for a cyclist:

Cyclist, Diet Plan, DietingIt would serve you well if you can make changes in your diet before embarking on this journey as cycling requires a great deal of stamina. To start, make sure your diet is balanced and cut off excess sugars and salts. Increase your water intake and make sure you have a good deal of proteins as they are the building blocks of your body, and they improve your muscle strength thereby reducing fatigue. Don’t cut off on carbohydrates entirely as they are the source of energy without which you would lay flat after a few minutes of cycling. Avoid all processed food and go in for more natural food items and make sure you add horse-gram in your diet as they are proven to be good for stamina.

What are the risks involved in cycling?

Cycling risksNo activity is without risk and cycling is no exception, cycling as you know is an outdoor activity and therefore is hazardous for children without supervision. In India, there are no separate lanes for cycling, and therefore it needs to be done on the main road, so it is advised to choose a road which isn’t too frequented by heavy vehicles. Never cycle in the dark without some reflectors attached to your cycle. Also, strobe lights can be used at nights. First, analyse if your body can bear the arduousness of cycling if you aren’t in the pink of the health, don’t beat yourself, try to give some time for recuperation and proceed as per your discretion.

Precautions before cycling :

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  • Make sure your cycle is properly maintained and well oiled.
  • Check the pressure and keep the puncture kit handy in case of an emergency.
  • Cycling as an exercise and as a group are two different things, so be careful not to go long distances on your initial trips or else you’ll need to pay for an auto to come back home.
  • Make yourself well acquainted with the group with whom you are cycling and keep up with them while cycling.
  • Keep yourself well hydrated and carry glucose and other drinks for instant rejuvenation.

Go Green it’s clean

green cycling, cycle on rentThe cycle is one of the most non-polluting modes of transport, when you cycle, you burn calories, not fossil fuels, which means you contribute to make this world a better place. In the future, the government plans to bring in cycle sharing system wherein you take a cycle from say point A and commute to point B, you park the cycle there, and all this happens with a single card swipe, so you better be ready for the upcoming cycle sharing program.

Wish you great success as you embark on this journey called cycling.

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