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How Women can build their Career in Photography?

Are you a fantastic photographer? Or Do you love photography? Or Are you still in doubt whether girls can pursue photography or not?

Dear women, go ahead and live your dreams. Be a photographer and bring the change you wish to see.

In this digital world, where everything is running under the influence of the internet and search engines, photography has bagged a distinguished position among all of these options. It has become an easy source of income, but few doubts which keep stalking our minds are – whether photography is a safe option for women or is it dangerous?

Read below to know more about whether females can choose photography as a career option or not, and if they can they how?

The Benefits of choosing photography as a profession are:

1. Boosting your spirit

Photography can be learned by all but possessed by few! It is a rare talent; it merely raises your spirit and acts as a mood booster.

2. Outlet to your imagination

Everyone has imaginations!

Only the truly blessed ones are able to reveal it with the course of time! Photography is an art that helps you vent out your feelings and imaginations.

3. A great choice for part-time

If you are a student and you need some side income, but you do not wish to start a side hustle, you can consider photography as a part-time job, and you can earn really well if you got some true photographic skills.

4. Chance of starting your own business

If you have adequate experience in the field of photography, starting your own business will be an amazing option for you.

5. Closeness with nature

Generally, photographers prefer taking pictures of still nature (which is beautiful), but on an honest note, each time you click a photo of nature in its true form, you can find yourself getting a step closer to nature.

6. Storehouse of memories

Photographs are the best way to store your memories forever. Choosing photography as your career shall not only help in making a profit, but you can store many photos and preserve them as the golden memories of your past.

7. Discover new areas

Photography needs a lot of patience and talent. Once you choose photography as your career, you can discover many options and niches. You can continue exploring different areas in photography and post your clicks over the social media that can help you gain recognition.

8. Enter the world of travelling

The best perk of choosing photography is that – you can travel all over the world and click pictures. Travelling is a blessing in disguise that helps you explore different corners and cultures on earth.

Why should women build their careers in photography?

Whether you hail from India or Pakistan or London, if you are a female and you wish to pursue your career in photography – here are few handpicked facts that you ought to know before starting your journey:

1. Increased access to restricted places

Let us say you are a woman and you wish to click photographs of restricted areas, for example – the breeding place of extinct species. You can easily gain access to all these places along with proper protection.

2. A fixed source of income

Once you are a renowned photographer, you can easily find clients both in India or outside India. They will simply verify your portfolio and assign you a project, and then you can start working on it as soon as possible.

3. Shutter stock- a great platform

If you are a fresher or a college-going female, you can consider clicking images and putting them across Shutterstock. It is a renowned platform for making a profit using your photography skills. People can easily purchase your pictures and pay you for it. If you are lucky, you might receive a tip for the same.

4. A great family time

Let us say you are a married woman, but you have brilliant skills in photography. Being a freelance photographer can help you devote time to your family and balance your work life at the same time.

These days a lot of women from India and Pakistan prefer these freelancing jobs to avoid traditional corporate commitments.

5. Easily trustworthy

One of the best advantages you have, when you are a female photographer, is – it becomes easier for you to undertake projects because clients would find it interesting to trust you rather than men.

So there you go! You can have the upper hand on the same platform.

Here are Some of the ways how women might represent their photography skills:

1. Become a Social media influencer

The internet can play a major role in your photography career. If you use social media to promote your photographs, you can automatically be an influencer in your own niche.

2. Start your own business

These days the government is supporting women entrepreneurs to launch their startup. You can start your own photography studio and register it as a start-up company. After earning a good amount of profit, you can choose to extend its branches all over the country and beyond the national borders.

3. Promote women empowerment through your photos

In some rural areas of India and Pakistan, where women are not allowed to work or do anything they wish to do, you could bring the change through your photography skills. You can simply begin a start-up by availing government schemes and funds, hire talented female photographers at your studio and give them a chance to prove themselves. This can promote feminism in a positive way and bring a change in the minds set of people.

4. Build a positive mindset

Photography can help you build a positive thought about your career growth. It can boost your self-confidence and make you believe that you deserve to be happy. Being an entrepreneur can open many photographic opportunities for you.

5. Bring out the best version of yourself

Choosing photography as a career can be a big challenge! Every time you take up a challenging project, you can discover the new side of yours and see the change. Photography can make you competitive and help you be the best version of yourself.

6. Build your fashion sense

Whether you admit it or not, whether you are a travel photographer or a nature photographer or you have a start-up, your sense of fashion changes automatically when you pick photography as a career option. Also, read the best Startups Ideas in India to work on and start a company.


Building a career in photography is a tough game for women! Thanks to social media and open internet platforms like Shutterstock, many women have successfully built their career in photography.

Sonia Rathore
Sonia Rathore
Sonia Rathore is a reformative writer since childhood! She is a founder, healthcare professional, and coach by profession. She strongly believes in bringing a change in the mindsets of people through her writing and empowering women as well. "We might not change the world, but we can certainly modify it step by step"- Words by Sonia

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