Op-edTaking a Career Break, Is it a Good Idea?

Taking a Career Break, Is it a Good Idea?

Fed up of long working hours, hectic shifts, we all feel a need for a break. A career break is totally a personal choice. It’s a great way to boost up motivation, to get inspired and to provide oneself mental peace. People have many questions before deciding a career break. They doubt, Is it going to be a safe option? What will be its impact? Let me tell you, and It’s no time to take a final step because a break is undoubtedly going to lead you to a new path.

One has to believe, “Taking a break from a career or setting oneself off from career is not an end. Instead, it’s a restart to do more.” A break will recharge you and will turn you into a positive personality. At first, the question of taking a career break seems scary, but surely you are not going to regret it. Here is the time to trash out work stress, worries and negativity out of your head. If you are in chaos then think about it, you have worked for long hours, for many days, months or year, you did earn for whatever you want to but are you HAPPY with what you have now? If your answer to this question is not satisfying then pack your work desk, say bye-bye to your work as you do need a break to restart your career with a Bang.

These days career break has turned into a new concept. Typically many people take leave from work to take out time for mental peace and relaxation. The ones who are struggling in their workspaces, here it is, approach a break from your career to build it better. However, one should have a clear picture before deciding a career break for oneself. Decide beforehand, Ask yourself a question- Do you need a break from a particular work you do? Do you need a new job? Plan your break accordingly.

Questions you might be having before taking a career break. You will find the answers to them here:

When should I take a career break?

See break is a good go but one should not decide it in a hurry or excitement. It needs mature planning, and a good plan always reaches a goal. Hence, plan it only if you have good savings if you can take all the responsibilities no matter what!

If you are planning a break to put your startup, then you have to be assured you have suitable finance for the startup and the contemporary living.

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What will I do after taking a career break?

Here, “Nothing is what you are not going to do!” It is a great time to enhance your existing skills, to learn more and try more of it. You have to look at it is the only time you have to clear and work your goals out and expand your vision. Join learning centres, activity clubs. Take out time to learn your passion and hobby.

You never know you might have a bright future in that. Seek what you always wanted in life. How you ever wanted to work. You can choose to apply for news jobs of your interest in the ongoing break.

What if I want to join a new workplace after a break?

If this is the thing, then the motto of taking a career break is achieved as many of us tend to work to have a secure financial status, to make money for living. But if you are unhappy and earning, these don’t make any sense. Winning happily, working with interest is going to be satisfying. Have faith in yourself. You may come across a question regarding career break or gap! It is all on you, and you have to present the purpose of taking a break, explain how it helped you, how it helped in building your career well. No worries after all break are not going to turn you into a lazy bear, you will inevitably learn new things, you will live your passion, and you are going to come up with something new and significant. Don’t forget to put your add on break learning in your resume.

Make sure you put it clear, Why you wanted a break from the career? Also, express how it turned you into a better individual.

What if a break from career turns out as a mistake?

You have to get this fact, and it will be a mistake only when it will be unplanned or wrongly planned. You have to have clarity in your mind. Otherwise, it will be a boomerang for you. Lack of planning might lead you to a lousy loss instead of a good start. It is accurate, and if you are planned for a career break, you will not find any reason for not taking one! One can make a jump easily.

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What is a good time to take a career break?

As said, if you have a secured financial status and you are pre-planned, then you are ready to move ahead. If you are depressed with your work, then surely you should opt for a break may it be little.

We often think about what if we won’t be able to restart successfully. Exhale the negative thoughts. One should not be worried but be focused on exceptional opportunities you are going to bring to the table after a restart. Career break doesn’t have to be like living without any sort of employment. It is again, your choice and if you are not sure or in doubt with a broken thing. You can do freelance work or work from home. Best is to work following your passion, and it will be refreshing. Like if you are an art lover, you can take art lessons for kids. In the end, you will live your passion with a chance.

Guideline to utilize career break time:

Explore More: Your work might have led you no chance to explore. Go and see what the world has to offer you. See where can you use your specialized skills. Choose to start by travelling, may it be for a day or a month. Look back to the time when you wanted to attend some fest or event but you couldn’t because of your work schedule. It’s time to explore and learn something new. Go to the places that inspire you, join a hobby class, master your hobby/passion.

Join Some Course: This is undoubtedly going to be a good learning experience. Studying new courses will enhance your knowledge, will provide you with theoretical and practical exposure. It will be an upgrade to your current resume.

Follow your dreams & goals: Remember, Every idea you had, may it be of being a swimmer, instructor, or a cook. This is it. Now is the time to achieve your dreams and fulfil your goals. There won’t be any hurdle in the process if you are a good planner.

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