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Indian Aspiring Caravan Living: Guide to set up your own caravan

Let me tell you, If you are a crazy wanderer then this is going to be your next dream. Who doesn’t love to travel and obviously who will not love to own a house? If you ever had a question like moving your house to the place you like, is it possible or not? Yes, caravan living is a concept of building a tiny home, which you can take to the beautiful mountains, beaches or deserts in India. It is all about making your house on wheels! Planning a caravan that means it requires a lot of proper planning, picking out the right thing, hiring welders, carpenters to build your caravan house for real!

In India, currently, not many people have come across this idea of “Caravan Living.” So if you were planning for something crazy, then make this happen and grow this gipsy idea of travelling and enjoying. Considering youth, there are many youngsters from the crowd who want to make the dream of Caravan living real and not reel in India. Each of the individuals has a dream of driving down the home to their favourite spot may it be a mountain in Manali or a beach in Pondicherry. If you are biting your nails thinking- What it feels like living in a caravan, leaving your home? Believe it or not, but it is a turn to make your life more energetic and meaningful. It is a curation of living space in a van which will give you the mobility to travel and stay at places you want to. You know it will be surely a bunch of happiness decorating your home, not in a 1-2 Bhk or a bungalow but a van. If you ever dreamt of it, read the article till the end, make it happen and be a part of gipsy soul, migrate from place to place in your home, to a home that will make you feel happy and relaxed.

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Alright, it is understood, this gives butterflies thinking about the long drives, crossing long roads, and then ending up the day staying at a place with a view. Every day you can have a new! People from Countries like Europe, North America, New Zealand takes the experience of full time living in a caravan. Talking about India, the concept is still new. There are many beautiful places in India, So why not plan a caravan living here? Why spending money on hotels for a few days leisure where one can have a home at a favourite spot for as long as one wants too. Surely, To take up this big idea of Caravan Living, it will require appropriate planning and taking care of every little thing. Starting from picking up a right van, setting up an infrastructure, deciding routes, to the installation of things, you have a lot much to do before the start of this journey.

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Here are the tips which will help you to set up your Caravan:


  • Pick up the right Caravan or a van. See if the inside space will be sufficient for you, don’t forget it will not be just a van but your home. Space and functions are essential, so know all about it then make a choice. There are few vehicles in India you can pick for caravans like Mitsubishi outlander, Tata Winger and few more.
  • If you are going to self-drive, see that you are a good driver. If you are going to have a driver, then make sure you plan things accordingly. Becoming overlander is fun, but one should know when and how to start the engine of home wheels.
  • Utilization of space to set up your home! Proper planning is required. See you make use of every corner without creating a fuss. Consider the inside space you have, the things you need to install for your home and also see if it has the freedom to move inside.
  • Installation Process, for this, you will have to connect with carpenters and welders. Install everything you will require in your caravan home. The comfy corner is a must!
  • Setting up the infrastructure should be the next step after picking the Caravan. Set up a little kitchen space, a bed, chill corner, and everything you love in your home. For sure, you have to work out in using the area. Convertible items are an excellent suggestion to utilize space properly. You will require a little storage for essentials like clothing gears, extra bed sheets, linens.
  • Plan all the sources- Plan for an electricity source, water source! Most of them opt for solar panels in their mobile home.
  • Store the food and drink so that you don’t have to stay hungry when you don’t feel like cooking. Don’t store the food items or drinks that don’t tend to last more. As rather than wasting, save what you will need. Store the necessary cooking products.
  • For the cooking purpose, one can carry a stove, a small LPG cylinder, and the necessary utensils. Don’t stock up with so much extra.
  • In case of emergency toilet scenario, you can keep a porta poop. Otherwise one can make a stop at the public washroom.
  • You may not have the luxury to have a great bath, most of them tend to use public bathrooms, or they take a shower when they have a stay at a hotel or any such places. It is okay to give up something when you get more beautiful things, isn’t it? One doesn’t have to stay ungroomed or unclean, make sure you take a bath whenever you get a chance, carry wipes, towels along with you. It is fantastic to know that nowadays people are DIY-ing bathroom space for their caravans.
  • Having an air conditioner or television installed in a van is no big deal as we do get them installed in our cars too. So that will not be a worrying concern but choosing a space to fit is a task. See that you want the right spot for placement of these. Make sure you have a satellite antenna.
  • Prepare a file for all the vehicle-related documents also include the driver’s Id proof. You will surely require them.
  • Pack your clothing items, toiletries, and all the essentials.
  • After all the hard work plan a route, keep a map with you. Choose a parking spot or stay spot in prior.
  • Experiences do give challenges, and you may face issues related to caravan parking for a stay, thus see you do a prior talk with the required person. Avoid staying in overcrowded places.
  • Privacy in a home is must, Thus make your caravan privacy equipped, and one can choose to have blinds for windows, you can opt for thermal blinds too.
  • Avoid giving details to unknown.
  • For a start you can begin a trip from South of India, there you may find places with Caravan parking spaces, Public area for caravan parking is still a struggle in India.

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