Op-edIs Love Desperation Or Satisfaction for Indians?

Is Love Desperation Or Satisfaction for Indians?

From the mustard fields to the fresh flowing water from the mountains, everywhere is love. It can be seen in the blossoming colorful flowers, in the sparkling eyes of birds chirping in the forest and in the purest aromatic winds blowing over the oceans. To miss someone deeply is called love, to fight for useless issues is love and to feel someone’s voice in your ears although the person is far away is also love. There is no such machine that can measure the intensity of love. For some it is strength and for some weakness. But the real courage and wisdom is to make it one’s strength. The one who has been in love, actually true love can only understand its essence. Love makes a person feel the butterflies in the stomach as well as the hardships. It’s a feeling that gives rise to a mixture of feeling, often happiness and sadness too. Along with the smile it brings tears also.

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Neither an object, nor a demand, but it is a powerful emotion, an innocent feeling, a bond to cherish and a wish to sacrifice. It has no definition, no adjective, nothing but it is so powerful that can manipulate anyone easily. It can turn a selfish person to be selfless, a stubborn to humble, a hot head to calm and an extremely negative to be positive. Love is that soft feeling that can either give life back to someone and at the same time can also snatch it from the other. It’s a pure emotion which every person should experience once in life to feel its strength and know about its purity. Can they (one who is against love) answer the question that: If loving someone is a crime or sin, then why do people worship gods as Radha and Krishna? Be it the ancient time or the modern era, everywhere and in every age love was respected and valued and still it is done.

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There was a time when people in love proved to be the paradigm. Be it Romeo and Juliet or Heer and Ranjha, all these have set examples for true love. For them love was pious and eternal. They not only believed in sacrificing but also gave it the highest position among feelings showing their dedication for it. But the precious love and the respect towards it which existed in the past is now no more alive. Nowadays, love has become the way to earn money, to fulfil all the needs through cheating and deceiving someone. The media and the craze of Bollywood, its influence on the young generation have totally transformed the meaning of love. Today, love generates through watching Bollywood movies. Youth imitate the way it is shown in movies and they treat the virtual world as real creating a false impression of love in their mind. They don’t have the idea of good or bad they do. As a result, they kill one another, harm the modesty of a person, question their character and go on ill treating one another. Who can make them understand that love is not always about achieving but it is all about giving. It’s all because of the wrong interpretation of the media and the way it is portraying these things in the minds of youth.

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Love is not only about care and share. It’s about how two people accept each other wholly with all the virtues and flaws of a person. It’s about mutual compatibility and understanding of two people in a relationship. Having complaints and demands all the time makes a relation worse instead it should be covered with adjustments, sacrifices and mutual understanding. Sometimes love can be satisfactory for the two souls making them one and bringing them together. But it can sometimes prove to be desperation creating grudges between two people and destroying both lives. That completely depends on the person’s depth and devotion in love. Still confused whether love is a satisfaction or desperation? Go and have an experience, only then you can understand what it is to be in love.

“Love is the air…”

Medha Shukla
Medha Shukla
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