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Know when and where the flights are going to resume after the lockdown?

As we know that the fifth phase of lockdown is going on in the country, although some flights have started on May 25, people still have a dilemma as to when and where the flight has been started. Flights across the country were stopped due to COVID 19, but now the flight is being resumed, along with some guidelines that have been issued for those travelling by flight. The thermal screening will be done before boarding the flight, as well as after landing, and guidelines have been issued for different states. Many airlines have started their service from 25 May.

A provisional list has also been released by DGCA which has an approved list of all flights. You can get flight details from the list issued by DGCA.

Flight Route 
Air Asia
  • Agartala-Kolkata
  • Ahmedabad-Delhi/Mumbai
  • Aizawal-Kolkata
  • Amritsar-Delhi
  • Bangalore-Delhi/Kolkata/Hyderabad etc.
  • Bhopal-Delhi/Mumbai
Air India
  • Agartala-Kolkata
  • Ahmedabad-Delhi/Mumbai
  • Aizawal-Kolkata
  • Amritsar-Delhi
  • Bangalore-Delhi/Kolkata/Hyderabad etc
  • Bhopal-Delhi/Mumbai
Go Air
  • Bangalore-Mumbai/Delhi/Patna
  • Delhi-Mumbai-Bangalore/Patna/Srinagar
  • Ahmedabad-Bangalore/Mumbai/Lucknow/Nagpur
  • Delhi-Patna
  • Chandigarh-Bangalore/Mumbai/Delhi
  • Chennai-Hyderabad/Mumbai/Guwahati
  • Coimbatore-Delhi/Hyderabad/Mumbai/Bangalore Chennai
  • Dehradun-Delhi
  • Adampur-Delhi/Jaipur
  • Durgapur-Mumbai/Chennai
  • Gorakhpur-Mumbai/Delhi
  • Jammu-Delhi
  • Delhi-Kolkata
  • Patna-Delhi
  • Chandigarh-Delhi
  • Leh-Delhi
  • Goa-Delhi/Mumbai
  • Chennai-Delhi/Mumbai

You can see the entire list by going to the DGCA website, in which all the lists running from 25th May to 30th June have been mentioned. Following is the status of some of the flight fares effective from June 1.


*flights fare may vary with time and location

There are some rules you need to keep in mind when Travelling from flights.

  • Only those with web check-in will be allowed to enter.
  • You will not be allowed to carry cabin luggage with you.
  • It will be mandatory to download the “Arogya Setu” App on your phone.
  • It is mandatory to apply gloves and masks.
  • It is necessary to maintain a distance of 4 feet from each other.
  • You can also travel with you by taking a hand sanitizer, but the hand sanitizer should be 350 ml.
  • The boarding gate will be closed before 20 minutes of departure.
  • Passengers will not be provided with any food or drink during the flight.

If you are travelling by flight, then you should follow the guidelines given by the states which are given below.

Telangana-If symptoms of corona are found in any passengers, and they will be sent immediately to the hospital or quarantined at home.

Goa-It is the rule of Goa that those who do not have a Corona Negative Certificate will have to get a certificate on the same, whose test may cost around two thousand and will have to remain in home isolation till the test report comes. If the test comes positive, then they will be in Corona Hospital Will be admitted, and all members of their family can be kept at the institutional centre.

Karnataka-After landing in Karnataka, you can go to the Institutional Quarantine for seven days, and along with it, you will have to follow some other conditions. Travellers who come from the cities of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh will have to go to the 14-day home quarantine after seven days of institutional quarantine. However, children under 10 years of age, pregnant women, and senior citizens will not be placed in the institutional quarantine, and they will be asked for home quarantine.

Andhra Pradesh-Must goes to the government given centre or home quarantine for 14 days.

Madhya Pradesh-To is sent to the Institutional Quarantine Center in Madhya Pradesh for 14 days with no symptoms of the corona.

Chattisgarh-Have to keep yourself in isolation for 14 days whether it is a hotel house or an institutional centre.

Kerala-In Kerala you have to go to the home quarantine for 14 days.

Tamilnadu-Those who do not have arrangements to isolate themselves at home will have to go to an institutional quarantine centre for 14 days.

Odisha-Government employees businessmen and professionals in Odisha will be exempt if they are retiring within 72 hours, and others will have to stay in home isolation for 14 days.

Bihar-In Bihar, you will not have to go to any quarantine centre if you do not have any corona symptoms.

Jharkhand-All the passengers who come from outside will have to go to home isolation for 14 days.

Assam-Isolation in Assam is divided into two parts. Any traveller who comes from outside will have to go to 7 days institutional quarantine centre and 7 days home quarantine. Those travelling on the same day will be exempted.

Mizoram-Passes issued by the Home Department of the states will be valid, no passengers will be allowed to enter, who will not have the pass issued by the state.

Jammu-Kashmir– Have to go to an Institutional quarantine centre for four days.

West Bengal-Passengers will be sent to the home quarantine if there are no symptoms of the corona.

Punjab-Must goes to home quarantine for 14 days.

Himachal Pradesh-Institutional quarantine for 14 days.

Chandigarh-There is no quarantine in Chandigarh if there are no symptoms of the corona.

Hariyana– You will be asked to go to home quarantine for 14 days in Haryana.

Maharashtra-The first you land to Mumbai airport, you will be thermally screened. If there are no corona symptoms, then you will be sent to the home quarantine for 14 days.

Rajashthan-If you are thinking of going to Rajasthan then you have to go to institutional quarantine for 14 days.

Gujarat-In Gujarat, you will have the option where you want to isolate yourself at home or the institutional quarantine centre.

Uttar Pradesh- The 14-day home quarantined and the businessman will be exempted, but you will have to fill all your details.

Through the “Vande Bharat” Mission, Indians living in other countries are also being brought back to their country. The news is coming that flights are being started from UAE to Mumbai beginning from June 19. Of the flights that run from 9th June to 19th June, 14 flights will depart from Abu Dhabi and 11flights from Dubai to various destinations in India. Already many Indians have been taken back to India through the “Vande Bharat” India Mission and are more being brought.

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