Op-edMohammed Ali Jinnah: a "HUMDINGER" of Peace, a "TYRANNY" or a "MUSICAL...

Mohammed Ali Jinnah: a “HUMDINGER” of Peace, a “TYRANNY” or a “MUSICAL WHISPERING DEATH”, but also an “ENIGMA”

Mohammed Ali Jinnah: Thy name spells? mystery There are some men and women who are born to simply cast a spell on a consecutive basis to create flutters . These flutters could be anything that could make you to feel that the death had whispered in the ears to send the shiver down the spine , and or it could be that the life has been recasted and recreated again to feel what the death could be alike that awaits to greet us to embrace us for ever

The “ Enigma “ of Jinnah “ Self Created Hype

Mohammed Ali Jinnah could be bracketed in the category of explanation that I have endorsed my view upon and explained above. He was a man who was full of brain and he always believed in using the brawn He was a man who never wanted anything new but he went in for the new He was the man who knew that controlling is not his cup of tea and that he was very poor into it but he went to control the things only to make a helluva mess of the same He was the man who knew that weak cannot stand against the strong but he made the weak to stand against the strong only to see to it that the strong crumbled In a way he was a man who could be easily read and his course of action could have been easily predicted  and  he made himself a enigma The only man who read him accurately by 100 percent was Netaji Subash Chandra Bose Since he did that Mr Jinnah only respected Mr Bose for everything and hated the other Indian leaders for everything yet he made the Indian leaders whom he hated to believe that  he really was respecting them which in truth was a fallacy That is what is and was Mr Jinnah’s legacy.

What did he leave as his legacy is not known to anybody but what did he leave as a legacy of polity is that “ he inflicted so many a wounds on the Indians that the Indians would never consider him to be a human being at all – yet there is a “ nymcophoon” of a party we call it a CONGRESS which considers him as something above “ Allah “ which a true Muslim cannot believe and would not believe  .  Congress in terms of a national polity as a party cannot be “ true “ and and had never be the truth by one hundred percent ,  so would Jinnah be bracketed in the same category,   yet Congress has over the years “ fooled “ the people making them to believe that they are second to “ Lord Shiva “ and have made the people of India to believe that Mohammed Ali Jinnah is above “ Allah “ which nobody would believe

His Birth Date – :: Pious in “ midas “ touch

Just imagine There have been three beings born on December 25th The first one is Lord Jesus , the second one is Mr Mohammed Ali Jinnah and the third one is Mr Atal Behari Vajapayee I would also include the name of Mohammed Rafi who was a Muslim but a world famous singer Compare each and compare their contribution to the “ humanity “ You will get to see the results but let me come back to Mr Jinnah who was born on December 25th 1876 and who expired on September 11th 1948 at Karachi.

His Birth-:: Theories full of fallacies and hypothesis

This man one would NOT believe it was born in a family as a being from a very very backward “ Hindu “ caste .This is one theory No one in actuality knows where was his real birth place Some say that he was born near the shore of the Persian Gulf in a Parsi family somewhere at Iran and the family along with many a Parsee’s had migrated to India There are theories of many who believe that he was born a Hindu in a most backward community and the family later converted themselves as a “ Khoja Muslims “ and he had embraced Muslim His daughter was a Parsee whose name was Dina Wadia and his wife was Madam Rattanbai Petit who was a mixture of French and Parsee from Iran Such is the complexity of the origin of this man

Some of the historian in India have gone to the extent of writing that Jinnah and his family were from the extreme backward class and utmost backward community from the Aligarh area of undivided India The family had owned a huge acres of land and agriculture as well as farming was their occupation.

The family since they were not allowed to mix with the upper caste Hindu’s and were not allowed to draw water from the well from where the Hindus would draw the water for drinking ,  this family was subjected to many such harassment lest they thought of changing their religion Finding it hard to sustain themselves in those atmosphere his family converted themselves into Muslims and he thus was born a Muslim Basically he was a Hindu who was born as a Muslim as the family has embraced Muslim There again is the conjecture about his family background.

Since the family had land enough to plough it for agriculture and farming and since this boy was a brilliant student right from his childhood the family send him to pursue his studies in Law and he turned out to be a brilliant Bar-at-Law passing his exams in flying colours He practiced law at England from where he obtained his Bar-at-law, and for many a years before he came to India after obtaining his Law Degree , taught and educated the students in Law ( Honourable Society Of Lincoln Law University ) He was very meticulous in presenting the cases in the class while teaching and cornering the opponents against whom he fought for the cases at England His fees those days were exorbitant at Rs 10,000=00 per hearing according to the Indian money.

Some TRUE Fact-:: Muslim League – The sapling of a discorded mindset of Jinnah

Mohammed Ali Jinnah was the first President of “ Muslim League “ This was formed at Dhaka in 1906 however there are many who believe that this was formed immediately after the round table conference which was held at London in 1919 A East Pakistani , now Bangladesh , was the one who formed that and Mr Jinnah was the first one to preside it He took it over to run the Muslim League.

The Muslim League in India then got all the necessary help from Bihar , Uttar Pradesh and some part of the country like Hyderabad to name a few Even in Bengal they had a good base That is where the Muslim League got his strength from.

Jinnah :: Always aloof even when in the parables of Independence struggle-::

After ther formation of the Muslim League which was either formed in 1906 or in 1920 Mr Mohammed Ali Jinnah never was in the schemes of the Indian struggle for Independence though he was seen at the meetings to discuss about all the national movement.

As said earlier he was never in the schemes of the things in the “ Dandi march “, he was nowhere to be seen at the “ Namak Satyagraha Movement “ , he was never to be seen in the “ Round table Conference “, he was never to be seen in the “ Simon Go Back campaign”, he was never to be seen in the “ Champaran Anti-Tax movement “ and in the “ Announcement of the complete Independence “ a voice and a war raised on August 15th 1930 at Lahore, and above all “ he was never jailed “ by the Britishers.

As he would not bodily and actively participate in these kind of national movement and was never to be seen in these kind of movements the Britishers did not sent him to jail For a record Mr Mohammed Ali Jinnah was never been at the Indian jails, jailed by the Britishers for his anti-British movement then Jinnah was completely against the principles of the Congress that was laid out by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the Father of our nation and Mr Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Once it is said that he went to the extent of calling Nehru a “ ASS “ in a public meeting at Hyderabad That was his hatred for Nehru . He however respected and obeyed Netaji Subash who himself was a brilliant lawyer and had passed the British India Administrative exams Jinnah believed that India and the Muslims would be at their best if Netaji Subash was the Prime Minister of India after Independence , but when Mr Bose left India for good , he always prompted Mr Gandhi that the Congress would get the full support and the majority of ther All India Muslim League if Sardar Patel could have been the best one to lead India after Netaji left India for good and his views were not accepted by Gandhiji Thus his idea to bisect this nation and the saplings were sown in his mind immediately after Netaji left the shores of this country.


Jinnah could not “ digest “ Pandit Nehru even for a fraction of a second This took him away from Gandhi, from the Congress and from India He after becoming the President of Muslim League continued waging his fight against the Britishers for an Independent India but he always had the Muslims , their future and their benefits here at India in his mind As the days started passing by his intentions for the benefit of the Muslims and their future here in India became his sole objective, and in the eye of the people he was , in fact he made the people to believe that he was fighting the Indian war of Independence but within the heart he was fighting for the Muslims for their share and benefits if at all they wish to be with India after the Independence This was Jinnah was killing two birds with a single stone.

He had that in his mind from the very first word “go” He had decided that after the Independence he would have a few points and claims that he would put it before Mahatma Gandhi If those points were to be met with, he would accept to be a part of India If not he would part his way Thus Jinnah had planned  much before about his ideas and his plans for an divided India He could not digest many of the plans that were put by Mohandas Gandhiji which had the stamp and the approval of Nehru and this was the reason that he and Mahatma Gandhi started chiming and increasing the difference of the opinions in terms of the chasms Ultimately he started disobeying Mahatma Gandhi for everything that Nehru would pass it on to Gandhi as opinions

SEPERATE & BERSECK INDIA AND THE INDIAN MIND:: 1930 :: The seeds of discord sown

It was August 15th 1930 The congregation that was held at Lahore where the entire world of the Indian National Congress had assembled for a national meet , Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru on behalf of the Indians, took an oath and a vow that the full scale war of Independence against the British is being taken now, and the nation will plunge to fight the British Empire for obtaining the Independence of India from the clutches of the British.
Every Indian and the national leaders who were into politics then to fight the Britishers took part in this meeting held at Lahore except Mr Jinnah He was somewhere at Britain talking about the possible formation of Pakistan
A learned  Pakistani scholar then had met Jinnah at Britain They were discussing the formulae of making Pakistan on the principles of (P): Punjab , (A):Afghanistan,:(K)Kashmir, (I): Indian part of Punjab and STAN which means the place In other words he was already into a mental make up of making Pakistan with Punjab,ie the entire Punjabi area of Pakistan,  Afghanistan, Kashmir, a part of the Punjab of India That was it his idea and the idea of Mr Nehru were almost similar Both wanted the waves of enjoyment to encircle their life with the power vested upon them Nehru drove away almost all the topmost Indian leaders from the Congress courtesy Mahatma Gandhi to squash all his future opponent that might arise later which would help him to lead India and Jinnah too did the same for many who were the leaders of Muslim in the Muslim League


After Independence Jinnah took a note of the entire population of India and Muslims He found out that the entire population of India was about 41 crores and the Muslims then were at about three crores He put it straight to Mr Gandhi- if there is a Hindu Prime Minister then the President ought to be a Muslim and vice-versa This was not accepted by the Indian leaders especial Mr Nehru at all. Secondly he wanted Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel to be the    Prime Minister of India which again was not accepted not at all by Mr Gandhi He felt that the Prime Minister ought to be chosen by the representative of the Congress This was not accepted in too by the entire leaders of the Muslim League The Muslim league leaders wanted either Mr Subash Chandra Bose to lead India or in case if he was not available as he had left the shore of the nation and his whereabouts were not known to anybody they wanted Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel to be the Prime Minister of India In any case Mr Jinnah was not ready to accept Mr Nehru as the  Prime Minister.

The chord of the negativeness started pouring out many a discontented notes and ultimately it was decided  that the creation of the two   nation India and Pakistan would be the only solution Basically it was Nehru who forced Mr Gandhi to part his way with Jinnah and Mr Gandhi exactly did that This is how the two leaders parted the ways differently and the two nations came into existence.


This man Mohammed Ali Jinnah who proclaimed himself as a Muslim always ate PORK. A PURE Mohammedan does not even thinks of harming a pig let apart eating porks.

Mohammed Ali Jinnah always drank wine A “ PURE “ Muslim never TOUCHES wine


A PURE Muslim reads the Holy Quran five times a day, this man Mohammed Ali Jinnah did not know even how to read Quran. Jinnah did not either go to any mosque till he was alive to read the holy Quran Till the time his daughter was alive here at India she was the one who had proclaimed that she did not see her dad reading the Holy Quran Jinnah did not believe of the existence of the God at all In this manner and in this way he really was a man pf “ miracle “

True or untrue, as said and described earlier his man it is said that he was a LOW CASTE HINDU Whether it is true or false I would not like to say anything on that and it is said that he had converted himself into a Muslim The story is his ancestors and the family members were very low caste Hindus The village where they would reside was such that this family and many of those families who were down trodden and lowly placed in terms of the caste were denied to use the well from where the higher caste people would drink water Finding it hard to sustain themselves in those atmosphere his family converted themselves into Muslims and he thus was born a Muslim He thus had an impact on his mind about the differences that existed in the caste systems at India , and from an early childhood Jinnah did not believe in the unification of human being and about the existence of ant spiritual manner He never forced anybody on believing anything as such but he never believed in the existence of God

Jinnah took part in the freedom struggle in a manner that he felt that it would be good for the Muslims and the Muslim League, OK, that was good but immediately after the partition he launched a full scale war against India to snatch Kashmir from India and was able to snatch a part of it which they call it AZAD KASHMIR The death he caused , the pain’s he gave by bombarding the area of Kashmir and mercilessly killing so many  Indians at Kashmir of all the creeds and  of all the cases and the beast he made of taking away the PoK which was a part of India and declaring that he created Pakistan only to teach a lesson to the Indians , well this will really be judged by one and Sunday especially the Indian in the future to really believe that this man could be ver termed as a Father of that nation

Jinaah was responsible for spewing violence and hatred immediately after the partition which saw about 200,000 Indian especially the Hindus from East Pakistan and West Punjab totally butchered at the border while crossing the border He was totally responsible along with Mr Jawaharlal Nehru  for this DASTARDLY act and he  proudly proclaimed that was very happy about it

In nutshell this man is a KILLER of the Indians and especially of  the Hindus as well as the Punjabis and Punjabi Hindus and as such his portrait should not be placed in any part of India be it the institution or be it anything

He was a “ WHISPERING “ death and a man on whom the death would ride like the warriors riding on the horse He in his final last days was left alone, all alone in a company of pain, agony and there was nobody to look at him So fierce was his reaction to his family members that except him none of his family members were in touch with him

He died a painful death with full of agony and without any remorse.

Just compare him with the likes of Lord Jesus, Mr Atal Behari Vajapyee, and Mr Mohammed Rafi – everybody born on December 25th Find out their deeds with the deeds of Jinnah  to compare , and guage the result  for yourself

Bhattacharjee Shyamal
Bhattacharjee Shyamal
Shyamal Bhattacharjee has been a SPORTS SCRIBE to start with, a MARKETING PROFESSIONAL for 35 years and author of SIX International standard books . Now he spends his entire time in SOCIAL DEVLOPEMENT and WRITING.

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