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OLD AGE HOME: A Threat To Indian Culture

Need to think about the losing Culture

‘I gave him birth, holding him inside me for nine months, experiencing the pain in the form of pleasure. I taught him how to walk holding his fingers. I motivated him to speak, helped him in learning words. I stood beside him every time he felt low or was in the problem. This is what he repaid me.’ These were the thoughts flashing in the mind of the old lady sitting on her bed alone in an old age home. Her eyes could not believe what all went before her. It was difficult for her mind to accept that she has been thrown out of her home by the one who was her lifeline.

Old aged people birthday celebration

This has been just a single example of the transformed Indian culture. There are thousands of older parents who suffer from these terrible situations. We say that India is full of culture and that’s why it is said to be the nation of cultural diversity. The system of living in a joint family is going through ages and ages. But westernization is degrading all the elements of Indian culture. The joint families have turned up into nuclear families, the Indian foods and spices are taken over by junk foods. This shows how westernization has been successful in dominating country like India.


Old aged people birthday celebration

Old age homes are the places where people of old age are provided with the basic needs like food, clothing and shelter if they are thrown out of their homes by their children. There is a culture in West of keeping older people in Old Age Homes. It’s because of their lifestyle, where everyone is working and has no time to take care of old people at home. But in India, children are given good upbringing and culture so that they learn these things about how to respect elders and take care of them. But imitating from the West, Indian people are taking it for granted and finding Old age homes as a good option. In metro cities, it is becoming a cultural and a maximum number of older people are told to live there. Parents have now become a burden for the children. The children don’t have the time to realize that the parents who struggled hard to make them achieve such positions are today neglected by them.

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If you ever look at any old age home, all that you will feel is tears in your eyes and hatred for those responsible for it. The old people with a hopeless face and pain in their eyes live there counting the days. Every corner and walls are screaming about the pain and the struggle that the people living there go through. One can easily understand what it feels to be neglected by the one whom you consider to be very special as a lifeline. The initial days are very tough to manage living away from the family but gradually they get familiar with the environment spending time and days with similar age people. They share their pain, feelings and somehow manage to bring fake happiness in their life.

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It’s a quite shameless step to send your parents to Old Age Home and running away from the duty of caring for them. Only a stone hearted person can do that. It is nothing other than going against humanity to ignore people when they are in great need. The woman of the house wants to work and earn; this is not something wrong. But this is the big question that creates the problem. If both husband and wife will work, who will take care of older parents?

Certainly, if you wish to manage and bring prosperity in the house, caretakers can be appointed. But throwing them out of the house and sending them to old age home is not at all a good option. It’s in our Indian culture that if you are blessed by the old people, you are definitely going to achieve something great. But to be the cause of their pain will certainly make you suffer.

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So, next time you get to see something happening as such around you, take the action. Help people in recalling their culture and obeying it seriously. We as Indians are respected and recognized by our culture and we should preserve it in any possible way.