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Online Gaming in Disguise is Actually Online Gambling

Gambling has been popular for centuries. Even in the past, it had a high profile. The craze for gambling is such that people are always ready to give up everything. They are always willing to take the risk, even if it is the least that they own in reality. Gambling is an activity where luck plays an important role. Gaming, on the other hand, is an activity in which you compete based on your skills and which does not display any negative aspects, such as gambling. However, at present, the distinction between the two is no longer apparent. This is due to the advancement of modern technology, which has resulted in the popularity of online gaming. Scammers take advantage of this fact by introducing online frauds for their selfish motives.

  • Online gaming is a trap for innocent people

Online gaming and online gambling may seem different, but the fact is that they are like two sides of the same coin. These online gaming platforms lay the net and trap innocent people, which ultimately leads to fraud. To cover up the losses, they indulge themselves more in such games and are drawn to gambling, which eventually becomes their habit. In reality, the attraction for players is not the game itself, but rather the money. As they are hoping to win money rather than the game through these virtual platforms, it is considered illegal. At the same time, it loses the tag of “online gaming” because it has now taken on the form of online gambling. As the player faces defeat after defeat, he depletes all of his savings and goes into debt. To repay his debts, he may commit crimes.

  • Greed for money is a human tendency

Greed for money is natural in humans, and such gaming platforms provide the fuel to fuel that desire. People want to become rich quickly. They are so lazy that they don’t want to work hard, and instead, they choose platforms where they can sit comfortably within the walls of their house and just earn by playing games. They are blindfolded by the hope that maybe their luck will also shine like the others’. But they all end up being fooled and falling prey to scammers. They forget that there is no such word as “luck” in the virtual world. But, still, they are attracted to those fake prizes shown there. For the first time, they will try it for so-called fun or exploration. However, as they lose their chance to win, they refuse to admit defeat and continue to make the same mistake, eventually losing everything.

  • Are online casino games rigged?

Now the question comes up: Is it true that online casino games are rigged? The answer is controversial. Because some websites are there, they claim that they ensure fair play to their customers because the company is bound by some strict rules and regulations. However, there are high chances that they are rigged. There have been reports from players complaining that no matter how hard they tried or how many times they tried, they never won any cash prizes and instead ended up losing everything. They complain that the results may have been predetermined or manipulated. In such cases, the software is designed in such a way that it will always benefit the creator and consume all the cash that the player will use to win the game. They are just betting against the programmed software, even when they know that their chances of winning money in online gambling are near to impossible.

  • Unemployment is the major cause of gambling

Unemployment is also one of the major reasons why people start gambling online. There is pressure from family members as well, and they are so stressed out that they don’t have enough money for their basic needs. At the same time, they are jobless, so for them, generating wealth becomes difficult. They are mostly free, so it bothers their devil’s mind to engage them in such activities. The other cause is socio-economic status. They feel that everyone around them is doing well in terms of money, so they need to reach at least that level or even more. The guilt of having less than others, as well as the belief that respect comes only with money, both contribute to gambling.

Gambling has been practised on a physical plot for ages, but technological advancements and the development of online games have allowed it to make its way into the virtual world as well. There are attractive ads all over social media that are fake but appear to be more appealing to the viewer. Some ads are presented by celebrities, who may or may not be fake. But the viewer thinks that the ad must be genuine because it is represented by a renowned person. The journey again resumes, which is the fight between luck and reality. These ads are constantly being generated all over the websites that the viewer frequently visits. And when they are in a financial crisis, they do consider trying them at least once. Such websites may also be suggested by friends and family because they too have seen the ads and believe that the website is real and trustworthy. Even in some genuine games, you must be skilled, and this is the factor that will determine your success.

  • Despite the risks, gaming platforms are widely used

Gaming websites are used in mass by youngsters. These websites ask the player to pay for their purchases, which will help them progress in the game. And, as these are so popular among their peers, they want to look cooler so that they can boast around. They eventually empty their parents’ bank accounts because they do not have such a large amount of money as will be required at every level. In some cases, the competitive spirit is so strong that the player cannot bear witnessing the other player’s victory. And just because he does not have a specific weapon, which may lead to his failure, he doesn’t mind spending a few bucks. In all cases, the creator is the sole beneficiary. People are wasting money on virtual purchases that will never last, depleting savings that could have been used for something more worthwhile.

The difficulties that people may face shortly as a result of their activities are well known to them. Still, they are ready to dive headfirst into the world of con artists. There are always companies running in the background. They cunningly find new ways to increase their revenue and use tactics for the owner’s profitto them. Still, they are ready to dive headfirst into the world of con artists. There are always companies running in the background. They cunningly find new ways to increase their revenue and use tactics for the owner’s profit. There is constant back-room dealing going on. Various games have loot boxes that generate in-game items. These items are later sold to customers and can be used for betting or exchanged for real-world monetary value through online gaming platforms. As the player purchases the merchandise, he feels relieved and satisfied, along with the desire that drives him to advance in the game. Since the gamer doesn’t spend his money on real things but rather on virtual ones out of addiction, there is no gain for him.

  • Malware and viruses spread through online gaming sites

Computers, like humans, are susceptible to viruses. Sometimes malware is disguised as a game-related download to trick you into installing it. These are known to interfere with the programming of the device. While playing certain games, the user gets notifications constantly linked to the game. And to get access, he is asked to download certain applications, which may not be his actual requirement. These programmes are malware, and when a user downloads them, his system as well as personal information are compromised. Sometimes fraudulent apps will also request an OTP code, which must not be shared, and if by any chance it is supplied, it would be great trouble for the user. Additionally, some websites may take you to unidentified places or domains where your device will be instantly compromised. This allows the fraudster to get access to your device and utilise it for immoral purposes.

The allure of worldly goods is universal. Everyone is drawn to material goods, and wealth is the stepping stone to this. Online games were initially made for fun, and children who played them as well as video games displayed increased brain activity in specific regions. However, for a few years, there has been financial involvement in these platforms, harming the innocence of kids. Although having a competitive spirit is good, these activities inculcate the desire for money at an early age. Where they are still learning and immature, greed dominates their thoughts. At the same time, parents are so busy that they have little time to care for their kids, and because of poor communication and a lack of direction, kids end up going down the wrong path. Then comes the point when they are forced to steal to secure funds for the game and improve their scores.

  • Online gaming sites organise tournaments to attract more audiences

Some online gaming tournaments are also held from time to time that involve gambling. The players participate in mass, and each player pays the required registration fee and joins in the action collectively. Naturally, not everyone who registers will succeed. The owner keeps the majority of the proceeds; the balance, or the smaller amount, is then divided among the winners. Because of this obsession, many are willing to offer an unjust share and turn a blind eye to the reality of online gaming. They do not consider why they are spending money on an unprofitable endeavor. Additionally, some websites offer lucky lotteries to participants in exchange for a small entry fee. The user fails in his first attempt, but he still wishes to try again because he feels that the website is genuine and he will eventually hit the jackpot.

Even if the chances are slim, if the user does manage to win it the first time, his excitement rises to a whole new level. He bets again the next time to try his luck once again, but this time he loses. He could not accept his defeat, and by repeating the same thing again and again, he eventually loses twice in a row. These games are indeed rigged because they never allow their users to win a decent amount of money. They prey on users because they know that their passion for money knows no bounds and because they are confident that they will win a large amount of money. Whether it be drugs or money, it gets worse over time. People typically lack common sense and only want to satisfy their wants and cravings for money. They can do anything or pursue any path to make huge money in the shortest amount of time.

  • YouTubers are paid for promoting these online gaming

Online gaming is hugely popular among kids today. Both blogs and social media sites guide you on how to master your skills in subject-matter expertise. On websites such as YouTube, people post videos of themselves playing online games in real-time. And these vlogging channels are so popular that they have millions of followers. Due to their large fan bases and ability to draw in more viewers, some YouTubers are paid by gaming agencies to advertise their channels. And they certainly waste their time on such apps because they trust the YouTuber. However, there are some YouTubers who are sincere and recommend the best to their viewers. They provide frank reviews and only offer particular application recommendations after thoroughly vetting themselves. Everything in today’s world is due to the internet. Social media sites must contribute to raising awareness about online gaming and gambling issues and refrain from promoting such scam websites.

  • Conclusion

Online gaming has benefits if it is solely used for entertainment purposes. It can be used to pass time and aid in skill development. Play a fair game; it promotes teamwork and fosters a sense of competition. It should be acknowledged that online gaming should not be used as a source of income as it may take the form of gambling. Online gaming is the spice of the internet world; we must not take away its flavour by introducing unlawful means of payment.

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Tannupreet Kaur
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