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Cloud gaming and the future it holds

Cloud gaming, in a nutshell, is a game streaming service that is very similar to the video streaming services offered by many organisations.

Cloud gaming, in simple words, can be defined as a game streaming service; this service is very similar to the video streaming services provided by various companies. Here, the user can play games on any device because the games are being streamed through servers in data centers. The user only requires a membership and a device that is connected to the internet.

Why is Cloud Gaming the Future?

Cloud gaming has huge potential to dominate the future of the gaming industry. Even when the idea of cloud gaming was introduced, all the tech giants actively worked on their own implementations of it. The reasons why cloud gaming is considered the future are stated down below:

  • No expensive consoles needed: When it comes to cloud gaming, one does not need to invest in expensive gaming consoles. As the services are more in the category of game streaming, the user only requires a device with a screen and an active internet connection with good speed. Also, for some cloud gaming services, the users might be required to pay a certain membership cost. These prices, if observed, are minimal for the kind of experience and the high-end specification-dependent games the user gets to play.
  • Accessibility of Different Platforms: Previously, and even now, there are various gaming platforms that have their own exclusive games that can only be played on their respective consoles. A few examples of these platforms are PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, etc. But when it comes to cloud gaming, one just needs to buy a membership from the respective companies and can enjoy hundreds of games available on their platforms. There is no need to invest in their expensive consoles, which will become obsolete in the coming years in any case.
  • Freedom of Choosing the Device: When it comes to using consoles, one either needs to have a television or a monitor. With cloud gaming, the user has their own freedom in selecting the device, be it a mobile phone, TV, or monitor. The device just needs to be connected to the internet, and the user is all set to go. This facility provides relaxation with the choice of display one needs and, even in some conditions, the space utilisation done by the consoles and their display units.
  • No Need to Download Games: Because the services are streaming, the user is not required to download or instal large game files. The user just needs to login to the respective cloud service platform and select the game they want to enjoy. Hence, the storage capacity of the user’s device is not heavily consumed, and the experience is achieved simultaneously.

Is Cloud Gaming Shutting Down?

This perception that cloud gaming is dying and cannot be the future was introduced when Google announced the closure of Stadia, its cloud gaming service. Google, being one of the giants in the industry and taking such decisions, made people worry about the fact that cloud gaming is actually worth it. But, looking at the facts and not the perceptions, the company had its own reasons behind the decision. In a press release, Google clarified that the company is shutting down Stadia (their cloud gaming service) and is promising refunds to their customers. The reason they stated for this decision was the count of active customers, which did not match their expected numbers.

Leaving that aside, looking at the big picture, it is safe to say that cloud gaming has a bright future. There are numerous cloud gaming platforms that are booming the industry today. Most of these platforms are also owned by giants like Google. These platforms include GeForce Now, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Amazon Luna, PlayStation Plus, etc. So, if the future is to be considered for cloud gaming, the services shut down by one company cannot define the potential it holds. In addition, the metaverse is now regarded as one of the reasons why cloud gaming is not the future, which is yet another prediction that cannot define the future potential it possesses.

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is all about the gaming experience. Here, the user gets to interact with their environment, be it the elements, characters or anything. It’s a totally different genre when it comes to gaming. Virtual Reality is implemented where the players build their own character and also can play multiplayer with friends or competitors online. In a nutshell, the purpose of metaverse is to provide players with first-hand experience of the game and its environment. Few of the metaverse gaming platforms in 2023 are Decentraland, Roblox, Metahero and The Sandbox.

Is Metaverse Gaming the Future?

Metaverse Gaming definitely holds an impactful future. As the concept boomed during the Covid-19 pandemic, majority of the world experienced the magic Virtual Reality can do. The reasons for the category to mold the future are not with the convenience it provides its users as the cloud gaming does, but are in the experiences it provides to its users. The reasons that define the future of metaverse are stated down below,

  • The players will get a real-life interaction experience with the help of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. The user can interact with the surrounding objects and players.
  • One gets to create his/her own storyline or gameplay throughout the journey.
  • Exchange of currency, transfer of holding and various such digital transactions would be possible in the game itself. For example, the user is driving a car in the game and an advertisement billboard passes, the player can there itself place an order for the item which could be delivered in real life.
  • From any companies’ perspective, the metaverse uses Artificial Intelligence and IOT (Internet Of Things) to scan the users surrounding in real life and advertise or create similar environment in the game itself.
  • Connectivity and communication will become more realistic as the person one wants to interact with will also be a character in metaverse, almost every kind of interactions in real life could be done in the game itself.

Metaverse creates an entirely new virtual world with such features and experiences. The user gets to do almost everything and does not even need to move.


The idea that one of the two could dominate the other is basically meaningless, as each of them has its own different segment. Cloud Gaming is a game streaming service, whereas the Metaverse is a virtual world that provides its users with a first-hand experience using different technologies. The two cannot be compared as the factors of their origin and the services they provide are majorly different. Cloud gaming and the Metaverse both have a bright future and have the potential to transform the gaming industry.

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