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Rishi Kapoor and his dark secrets of romance and love

After a long battle with cancer, Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor died on April 30 this year. He was undergoing treatment for over a year in New York since 2018 and even came back to shooting films earlier this year. Rishi Kapoor was a romantic both on and off the screen. Besides, who is not aware of the adventurous, and even often scandalous stories of the Kapoors? But, Rishi Kapoor is one step ahead because before he died, he has come out with his bold memoir “Khullam Khullah” in which he has been brutally honest about his life. This book elaborately describes his dissatisfaction with his father, his love-sagas and even his darkest fears and insecurities.

On his father Raj Kapoor’s extra-marital affairs

There was a time when Raj Kappoors’s romantic affiliations were the centre of Bollywood’s gossip and controversies which made his married-life with Krishna Raj Kapoor quite complicated. Rishi Kapoor has made zero attempts to cover up for his father and writes about how he has witnessed his father’s extra-marital affairs since early childhood. He mentioned the names of the actresses his father was involved with – like Nargis, Vijayantimala and even much younger Zeenat Aman. Raj Kapoor’s involvement with Nargis Dutt for above 6 years almost broke his marriage off. “I was very young when my father had an affair with Nargis Ji, and so was not affected by it.” Rishi Kapoor says, although there were nott something ‘amiss’ at his house, he could remember leaving home with his mother fr some time. Also, read the Indian celebrities who became authors.

The love of his life- not Neetu?

Rishi Kapoor has also written about the love of his life, a Persian girl called Yashmin Mehta. During his pre-stardom days, he was head over hills for Yashmin, and they were in a steady relationship for a long time before the release of “Bobby” in 1973. after the release of the movie, Bollywood was flooded with the rumours of an affair between Rishi and Dimple. Rishi says although it did not stir Dimple who was already married, his relationship abruptly ended. The gossip was all over Stardust(a famous entertainment magazine, so instead of trying hard, he could not win his love back.

Rajesh Kanna threw away Rishi Kapoor’s ring?

Yashmin gifted a ring to Rishi Kapoor when they were together. The ring was simple and had a peace sign on it. During the shooting of Bobby, Dimple got fond of the ring. Rishi Kapoor says, she would often take it off his finger and wear in hers. Later, she ended up keeping the ring. When Rajesh Khanna proposed to her, he saw that ring on her finger. He threw it into the sea near her house in Juhu. This incident was exaggerated by national media and headlines like ‘Rajesh Khanna Flungs Rishi Kapoor’s Ring Into The Sea’ popped up everywhere.

Does Rishi Kapoor have a grudge against Amitabh Bachhan?

Amitabh Bachhan was the heartthrob of Bollywood at his time, and every director wanted him in their films. Rishi Kapoor, in his book, says movie scripts were specially written for Amitabh Bachhan and then he was given all the credit for the success of the film. All the secondary characters were neglected despite their tremendous talents. Everyone was making action films which were Bachhan’s arena and Rishi Kapoor, being a romantic actor, was in an uncomfortable position in the industry. Rishi Kapoor says he along with other great actors like Shatrughan Sinha, Dharmendra suffered for being in Amitabh Bachhan’s shadow. He personally felt except for “Kabhi Kabhie” he got no author-backed role in a multi-starer movie. Rishi Kapoor even accused Amitabh Bachhan of not giving due credit to his fellow actors.

Rishi Kapoor blamed wife Neetu for his failure in depression

Every actor must endure the ups and downs of the volatile industry. His first film “Bobby” was a super-hit, and such breakthrough made his expectations very high. But his second film “Zahreela Insaan” was a flop. Even his next movies did not cut much among people. By this time, he got married to Neetu Kapoor. Drowned in dissatisfaction Rishi Kapoor went into severe depression, and he blamed Neetu for his failures. Neetu was pregnant with Riddima during this phase. In his memoir, he remembered this chapter of his life with sorrow and guilt. He came out of depression with the help of his supportive colleagues, friends and family and realized how difficult it had been for his wife in such a vulnerable condition.

Neetu felt threatened by Dimple

Rishi Kapoor never admitted that he had an extra-marital affair with Dimple but did not deny sharing a good rapport with her. We all know how the rumours flew about his romantic connection with Dimple during the shooting of Bobby. After 10 years of Bobby, Dimple and Rishi shared screen for the movie “Saagar”, and Neetu felt threatened by her presence. Rishi said her fears were baseless because they both had families and kids by then. Dimple was just a friend, he says, even if she had been something more during Bobby (we could call it a partial admission, eh?).

Rishi Kapoor calls himself a “Chauvinist”!

Rishi Kapoor has confessed that he had been a chauvinist especially with his wife, Neetu. Soon after their marriage, Neetu took early retirement from acting. Though, Rishi Kapoor says he never forced any such decision upon her, at the same time he had his share of male-ego which influenced her decision to leave work for raisin children. Rishi Kapoor was such a chauvinist man that he almost rejected ‘Kabhi Kabhie’ because he thought Neetu had a better role in the film than him. In his memoir, he writes, “I felt Neetu had a more prominent role than I did”. Rishi Kapoor even asked Yash Chopra to give him Neetu’s role if he wanted Rishi in the film. Thus, “Naturally, Yash-Ji was confused,”.

Rishi Kapoor Bought an Award!

Rishi Kapoor has admitted to buying the ‘Best Actor’ award for his film Bobby which Amitabh Bachhan (quite rightly) thought he deserved for his ‘Zanjeer’ that released the same year. He has given an elaborate description of this incident in Khullam-Khullah. He says that he met a PRO named Taraknath Gandhi, and he said: “Sir, teen hazar de do apko award dilwa dunga” (sir, just give me three thousand rupees and I will get you the award). Rishi Kapoor says he was new to the industry and he was naive enough to give him the money without thinking much.

Rishi Kapoor’s dark tales beyond Khullam-Khullah!

If you think all you need to know about Rishi Kapoor is penned down in Khullam-Khullah then you are mistaken. The Kapoors always have a little bit more. Rishi Kapoor had been involved in a Twitter controversy. An FIR was lodged against him for posting sexually explicit content (including children). The head of ‘Jai Ho’ foundation, Afroz Malik spat, “We would request you to immediately register an FIR against actor Rishi Kapoor under relevant sections of POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses), and IT Act for posting (an) indecent, nude and vulgar picture of a minor child on his Twitter account @chintskap.”

This is not it. Rishi Kapoor had been slapped with charges of domestic violence by wife, Neetu Kapoor. Her complaint said Rishi had a drinking problem and raised hand on Neetu many a time during his drunk tantrums.

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