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Smart Apps That will Help You to Kick off Your Bad Habits

All of us, the modern men and women, including teens and kids have two things in common. One this is a smartphone and the other is a bunch of bad habits ranging from not drinking enough water to smoking. For many people, the smart phone is fast becoming a bad habit. But that is another story.

Some of our bad habits such as procrastinating or biting our nails are fairly harmless, while some other bad habits such as smoking are harmful and hazardous. Many of us want to get rid of our bad habits. But not many are successful in their attempts. We need a constant companion to watch us, encourage us and track down our ups and downs in our fight. There are very useful apps to help out such people. Here are a few of available apps that will be you shed your bad habits.

1. The Fast Eating Person

The Quick Eater
The Quick Eater

Some of us have an unpleasant tendency of gobbling down their food as if they are starving. Such people might be swallowing lots of air and not chewing their food properly. They are sure to suffer from gas and indigestion. Here is a nice app to help them out. It is a timing app which will help them pace their chewing and assure their healthy eating.

  1. Android – Slowmo Eating Timer (Cost Rs.65-00)
  2. iPhone – Eat Slower (Free)

2. Miserly Water Drinker

Sufficient water is essential
Sufficient water is essential

Drinking too little water is also a bad habit. Some people tend to forget their water intake. Sufficient water in our system is essential for the optimum performance of our daily activities. Insufficient water leads to dehydration. Here is an app to remind us to drink water throughout the day. It is quite simple, effective and easy way to shed the bad habit.

  1. Android – Carbodroid (Free)
  2. iPhone – Waterlogged (Free)

3. The Compulsive Shopper

Shopped and dropped
Shopped and dropped

Some of us are hopelessly spendthrifts. Come month end – we are worried and regret the unnecessary purchases we made during the month. Of course, we decide not to repeat the extravagance. But, like every other bad habit, it won’t leave us. A handy app can help you.

These apps can track our spending, motivate us not to spend and reward us whenever we resisted a temptation. This is a sure way to kick off our too much spending habit.

  1. Android – Spending Tracker (Free)
  2. iPhone – TIDB (Free)

3. The Misplacing Master

Lost and didn't find
Lost and didn’t find

This one is not exactly a bad habit. We often tend to forget our wallets, keys, sunglasses and many more such things and end up searching for the misplaced item endlessly. How nice it would be if we have some help in this regard. It is not unusual that we also misplace our smartphones. No app would be able to help us in finding our phone. Isn’t it? Wait, we have something that actually fits the bill. Chipolo is the right app for us. It is a Bluetooth gadget. We should place this on items which we often forget. Our smartphone can track it and if we misplace our smartphone, the item on which the gadget is placed can track our cell phone.

The app is free to download for both Android and iPhone platforms. We need to purchase the Bluetooth gadgets.

  1. Android – Chipolo (Free)
  2. iPhone – Chipolo (Free)

5. The Habitual Defaulter of paying bills

Due dates are warrants
Due dates are warrants

We wish to pay our bills on time. It is our duty. But many of us, irrespective of age, habitually forget to pay our bills within the due date. Such unpaid bills attract penal interest and affect our credit ratings. We may install an app to remind us when and how much we need to pay and to whom. We will be benefitted by saving money in late fees and penalties.

  1. Android – Bills Reminder (free) (works on iPhone too)
  2. iPhone – Bill Organizer (free) (works on Android too)

6. The Lazy Lizard

Do not disturb
Do not disturb

Sitting around too much is a kind of bad habit. Some people are prone to this. Of course, with the present day lifestyle, we are living a sedentary life. We sit everywhere – at our office, in our car, and at home. We are prone to develop blood clots and we forgo the benefits of physical exercise.  For those of us who want to become active, here is an app. The app minds us to get up and sweat out.

  1. Android – Office Exercise & Ergonomics‏ (free)
  2. iPhone – Office Stretches (free)

7. The Compulsive Smoker

Smoking is injurious to health

Smoking is definitely a hazardous habit. People who are unable to quit smoking can try Kwit. The app works on both Android and iPhone and is available to download for free at the respective play stores.

Kwit removes the difficulty in quitting and makes it into a game. You can earn points, reach higher levels. You can also be able to see the progress of your wellbeing, health, and money saved, etc.

Go ahead and try it now. After all, you know you must quit it up anyway.

  1. Android – Kwit (free)
  2. iPhone – Kwit (free)

Veluvali Siva
Veluvali Siva
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