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Solar Energy – Clean and Efficient Way to Produce Electricity with Advantages & Disadvantages and How it can benefit our lives?

Solar Energy – only name says it all. This is a new type of energy that is making inroads into our lifestyle. A simple and clean type of energy producing system, this type of energy is a new type of energy can be derived from the sun’s rays. Sun’s rays are the entire time available, energy source falling on the earth. When these rays fall on earth, its energy goes waste. There is a system available to tap these rays could be trapped to get the power out that suits our lives.

Solar energy is such a type of energy that does not leave any harmful gases that are generally released by some other types of energy producing systems. Various harmful gases such as methane or nitrous oxide or carbon dioxide are released from various energy production systems. But, solar energy production is free from all such curses as this energy does not consume any type of external source of energy production. Instead, it consumes the energy that is falling down the earth from the sun.

As the sun’s rays “let them first reach the earth” reach the earth, they are trapped by installing The Solar Panels in various styles. Solar Panels are the panels that are made from silicon. As sunlight falls on Silicon, the metal transforms heat of sunlight into electricity. This electricity is produced in this way is D.C. electric power (direct current electric power). To convert this direct current electric power into alternating current electric power for proper usage, solar inverter is used. Solar inverter is an important component for the production of solar energy.

Though tapping of solar energy is gaining momentum for production of solar electricity, still that day is far off when this type of electricity will be a household name due to some of the disadvantages that are being faced today. Disadvantages that are coming today in the production of solar energy are:

High cost of setup

This type of energy has a high cost of setup because solar energy is in the early years of development. So, not much research has been done till now for the development of solar panels, inverter and other associated units. Due to the high cost of these units, installation is not cost effective.

Low production rate

The production rate is low as the sun’s rays are not always available due to various factors like cloudy sky, shadows from trees and other structures falling on solar panels. Due to this, production rate could come down.

Depends upon sunlight availability

Production depends upon sunlight availability. If sunlight is not falling directly on solar panels, we will not get good enough energy.

Requires lot of installation space

It requires lot of installation space in setting up this type of energy production unit due to bigger in size solar panels. Along with solar panels, inverter installation and other associated units all require space.

Apart from a few of the disadvantages in setting a solar energy production unit, there are some advantages to set up solar energy production unit such as:

  • Low maintenance cost: Once installed, this does require low maintenance cost
  • Clean energy: This type of energy is always a clean source of energy as it does not emit any harmful gases that are damaging to our environment.
  • Always available: Sunlight is always available. There may be times when we may not get full sunlight, but those times can be only short lived in a year.
  • Reduction of your electricity bill: This energy gives your electricity bill a reduction factor.

Jasmeet Singh Chhabra
Jasmeet Singh Chhabra
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