EducationThe Best Five Ways to Prepare For Your Board Exams

The Best Five Ways to Prepare For Your Board Exams

It is that time of the year when thousands of students who are just student in name and are actually being trained to be machine are made to give their board exam. During this course they will be repeatedly told by their parents and teacher about how this marks will define their career because in reality their mark sheet will only be used to check their birth certificate. They will undergo immense pressure and give their hundred percent only to run in a rat race that has no end or no winner. So here I am trying to tell all those children about how to prepare for your board exam because obviously I will know more about your child ‘s intellect than you.

Time Management

It is very important to mange your time so so here is the tip, no matter what never ignore this two things during your exam first and the most important thing is your sleep. Yes Sid instead of waking up sleep for some more time because this is the time when your brain cells need to be relaxed so you can keep what you have learned. According to the scientific study result that I have just made up it is proved that students who sleep more often during their exams can grasp thing more easily. Do not undergo immense pressure and give yourself a much-needed sleep. The second thing is the obvious that is recreation whether it is in form of a sports that you play, a movie or even listening to music but you need to give yourself a break. You need to know that there is a world beyond your books. So no matter what give yourself time to sleep and take a break or chances are high that you will go blank in the examination and break under pressure.

Conversation with Fellow Mates

Your friends are perfect to create pressure on you during time, if you call them they will tell you about topics that you did not know even existed in the syllabus so be aware. They will always tell you that they have done nothing at all because face it fate you are going through your fifth revision just do not let that effect your studies. You are made to be person and not a clone. Just focus on your part of studies and do not let their insecurities ruin your education. One of the best part can be to completely ignore such friends who see you as a competition. Now there are some angels in name of friends who will sincerely guide and motivate you this are the kind of people you should never lose. Group studies with them can help you both to clear your concept which should be a basic before giving your examination.

Last Minute Preparation

This is now when you run to tuition and look for new guidebooks and for those writing their ICSE and ISC will make the last ten years their holy book but never go for selective study always try to clear your concept and complete the syllabus, there is time and slowly you can complete your studies. Also you will be wasting your time if you spend time in tuition or going through several other book. Rely on your textbook and class notes only as they mark on your knowledge not on the length of your answer. More than mugging the concept you should be clear with your concept as that will help you in your future.

Involvement of Parents; Our parents become the public who are at a horse race and have bide their entire earning on you. They will start by asking you to study only and not even waste time breathing, they will compare you with your friends and the obvious they will check on you every now and them. So make sure your involvement of your parents is least tell them that their efforts are only distracting you and nothing else. Do not let their comparison affect you because no matter what you are their children and they will always love you, we are humans we are bound to have expectations but does that mean when our expectations fail we stop hoping it is the same with your parents and this is not the only chance you are giving them to be disappointment with you. There will be plenty in future and in spite of all that they will continue to love you.

Aiming High

Do not aim to just pass your exam, do not even aim of scoring top marks in one subject or even being an all rounder aim higher. You must aim at being completely clear with your studies as bookish knowledge never build a genius. Aim for future so that whatever field you choose your base about the same is clear. That is planning actually no that is smart planning. So give your attention to all the topic and make sure whatever you are studying you are able to understand the same.

The results whatever be make sure you had ready for it and never be disappointed with it. Exams are a part of life but not your life completely and no mark sheet can ever define you. This is just the start of your life as you grow up friend you will be faced with tougher situation only to realize at the end of the day that every problem has a solution even the pie ones in maths.

Monalisa Mukherjee
Monalisa Mukherjee
I am a human being and the distress condition of human disturbs me, but this has been writing again and again so here is the new twist. I will write each day about something that I feel wrong in this society with a pinch of comedy because nothing is better than sarcasm.

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