Op-edThree Golden Rules of Life to Achieve Your Goals and Dreams...

Three Golden Rules of Life to Achieve Your Goals and Dreams…

I was wondering about my life, all the rules and regulation that I am supposed to follow, like never hurt others, help them and many other such rules but it is now that I realized that most of the rules that we make are for others. What about our own happy life? So here are three rules that I have framed which I feel is important for your own life.

1. Choose Yourself

Always choose yourself first because only when you can choose yourself, you can choose someone else wholly. So what if you are tagged as selfish at least you are happy. But it is important that when you choose yourself, you must make a decision that will help you grow and not pull you down. Firstly you must choose your passion over comfort. Yes a secure job is all we want, but is comforting our happiness, take a risk and let the wheels of fortune decide for you.

Regret is something that kills you so take the chance, maybe you will end up getting humiliated, but never give up on your dreams. Keep practicing and one day you will reach your dream, even if you do not, at least you will not regret thinking that you never gave it a try. Then, while you choose, make sure the choice is something that will make you happy, never choose an option which is a compromise and not a choice. As compromise can only make you satisfied and not happy. Do not let others decision blind your own judgment.

2. Understanding Life

I really like some Tamil songs, but the tragedy is I do not understand Tamil but the composition of Rehman is so great that I just enjoy listening to it. Life is like that there are things which we will never understand, but that cannot stop us from enjoying it. Sometimes it is better just not to even waste your time trying to understand it. Life is very confusing you feel you have figured it out and just then a new challenge is thrown in your way which will keep you baffled. You can never plan, life is something that happens to you while you are busy planning it.

So this is the way to understand life by not trying to understand it. Whether life is unfair or kind just enjoying each and every moment it offers to you. After all, no matter how much we wish we will only have one shot at it. Not every puzzle needs to be solves some masterpiece are created out of unsolved puzzle. I mean, look at the world map, it looks like a jigsaw puzzle where pieces are hay where yet it is so beautiful Life is designed to be enjoyed if you pause it thinking about ways to figure it out and play it according to your own wish you will be lost, I am not howsoever saying that go with the flow as I believe only the dead fish go with the flow but just in some cases do not understand anything and enjoy it.

3. Freedom

It is important that you are free. I know we leave in an independent nation where our constitution provides us with enough rights and duties that implies us as the free citizen of this great nation. But here I am talking about freedom of mind. Yes my friend you must be free from fear, anxiety or any such negativity. Fear can be the biggest jail so in my view we must do everything that has the power to scare us and fear them. Once you have overcome fear there is nothing that can hold you back. Negativity can be your biggest enemy so make sure it is just a guest in your life and does not hold a permanent residential ship in your life. We as human have the biggest fear that we will fail and that is the reason we quit on so many things, but you will on, you are successful if you have failed. You need to fall more than once in order to learn to walk. You need to free yourself from someone else ‘s idea of perfection, from their judgment of your life. Only when you can be free, you can be yourself.

This above provided the rules are not for success, as I do not even know what success means to me yet. I mean, if I manage to barely pass in my semesters that is success to me sometime while other time I feel successful by just scoring the highest in Snakes v’s Block but these are the rules I follow in my life. I feel this rule should be followed by all not to be successful but to be themselves.

Monalisa Mukherjee
Monalisa Mukherjee
I am a human being and the distress condition of human disturbs me, but this has been writing again and again so here is the new twist. I will write each day about something that I feel wrong in this society with a pinch of comedy because nothing is better than sarcasm.

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