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The Hidden Secrets and Best Ways to Make Your Child Extraordinary?

All parents see a dream that their child must succeed in life, do things more significant than what they did, and don’t make mistakes which they have made. To make this happen, parents do everything possible, spend as much money as they can, and provide all the love they have in them. But this is something every parent does, right? Then how can your child become unique? What better or something new, you can do to make your child better than others. What can you do to make him/her extraordinary? Here are some things one can do to make his/her child extraordinary.

Make him/her write and work with both hands: When the child is in the learning phase of life, i.e., right from birth to about 5 years of age, the number of neurons in their brain is very high. About 90% of the brain develops by the age of 5. This means that this is the best time for learning. There are certain classes like that of Abacus, which are usually taught during this period of life as at this period, it is easier for the child to learn new things. Often, parents enjoy when they see their child writing. The only thing here you have to do is, as soon as your child starts writing from one hand, put the pencil in his other hand. Suppose he/she began writing from the right side than now makes him/her write from the left hand. When he/she learn writing from his/her left hand too, make him write from both hands simultaneously. Those people who can write with both hands are known as ambidextrous.

Only about 1% of people considered ambidextrous throughout the world. If you are lucky, your child may learn to write with both hands simultaneously, which is a sporadic phenomenon but possible. In case you are fortunate, some people can write two different things with both hands simultaneously, like writing on two various topics at the same time. Usually, when an average person starts writing with one hand, that part of the brain activates, and the other doesn’t work much. This reduces the efficiency to about half as compared to the people who write with both of their hands. For these people, both parts of the brain work, making them mentally stronger from others. There is a school in Budhela, Madhya Pradesh, named Veena Vadini. Students, there are all ambidextrous as the school itself used this technique from the beginning. Where healthy children complete take 3 hours to complete an exam, these children take about 1 hour. They are fast, and their memories are way sharper than healthy children. If your child learns it, for him, it will be like starting a race halfway away from the starting point.

The Hidden Secrets and Best Ways to Make Your Child Extraordinary are:


Meditation and a good night sleep is very essential for a healthy and an active mind where the mediation works and it is very powerful. The concentration and peace of mind and soul that meditation can provide cannot be found anywhere else. The way to practice meditation is to sit on the floor in a clean, healthy environment with your back straight and to focus on the middle of the head where Indian women wear ‘bindis.’ Start with 2 minutes, and by the time he/she reaches one month, take it to 30 minutes a day. This will keep your child away from anger, unnecessary irritation, etc., and make him focus on the critical things. Don’t miss the detailed article on How to increase Stamina with Exercise, Diet and other effective Measures?

Avoiding masturbation (specifically in males)

Keeping control on the mind is very important for everyone which has been embedded in the Indian culture since the ancient period which talks about the best ways of keeping control over our mind and it’s important where when it comes to personal pleasure and desires not many people talk about this openly. In today’s teenagers, this is getting very common. This is a big issue which society does not focus on. Swami Vivekanand said masturbation is a waste of energy. He said, “Loss of semen causes cowardice, scattered intelligence, and severely damages the thinking capacity of a man.” In this case, the person becomes the slave of his desire. According to him, for a minimum of 12 years, one should keep himself away from these practices. If, as a parent, you cannot stop him from indulging in such acts, then at least ask him/her to read about this and at least not watch prohibited contents to satisfy his desires.

Teaching something new daily

One must have basic knowledge about as many topics as possible. Even if one does not believe In something, one must have the necessary experience about it. For example, if one does not play Foosball, one still must at least know what Foosball is and how it is played. One must know its rules. Who knows when you meet someone fond of Foosball, and you can talk about it with him only if you know about it. This will increase your general knowledge and confidence, which in turn makes your communication skills better than the other person like you. Focus more on current affairs, games, famous people, websites, etc.

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Sports and defence

Your child must play a sport at least every alternate day. One specific sport is enough. It can be anything like Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Badminton, tennis, hockey, etc. This will help in staying fit and healthy, and it will make him/her happy. Apart from this, one must know at least something to defend itself during the time of emergency. Apart from swimming, one must know Judo, Karate, Boxing, etc. to protect himself.

Musical instrument and drawing

One must at least learn to play at least one musical instrument. It can be anything like Guitar, Keyboard, etc. This helps in concentration as well as it also makes a person stay concentrated. People who get involved in musical instruments can get involved in any other activity continuously without any break. Drawing makes a person calm and creative. For many people, these activities work as anti-depressants.

Writing and languages

One must have a habit of writing. It can also be typing or learning a coding language. He/she can write about anything he/she likes. The best is to maintain a personal diary and write about how he/she felt throughout the day. This sometimes helps in cooling the mind and removing emotional baggage. This increases writing or typing skills. Apart from this, one can learn a new language. It can be anything except the languages one already speaks and write in.

Memory/Puzzle games

Games like Sudoku and other memory games if played daily for only about 15 – 30 minutes sharpens the memory and the brain. A good memory is vital in today’s life. These games are usually fun, and achievements in them make a child happy.

Building immunity

Many parents make mistakes here. In today’s life, immunity can be increased in two ways, and one must follow both approaches. One is from taking pills (prescribed by your nutritionist or health expert), and the other is not staying home. In today’s life, people keep their children packed in homes. Let them play outdoor sports, let them go to the market to buy stuff, make them independent as well. You will see a massive difference if they stay away from you independently.

Taking Breaks

Let them enjoy their life as well. Allow them to take breaks on vacations. Allow them to do anything they like to do at least two days a week. Tell them it is their choice, and this is the time which they must utilize treating their heart with happiness and positivity. Many people do not take this broken concept seriously, but this is one of the essential things we must learn for effective parenting.

Imagine how much pressure they are going to deal with if you make them do all the stuff mentioned above. It is not so easy as it seems. It creates mental pressure which has to be released in one or the other way.

Dreaming about making your child extraordinary is alright but please initially look at your child’s situation. Not every child can do all these things. If you think your child is not mentally or physically prepared for the burden, then do not let them get into it. Make them feel like this way, and life is better. One does not need to follow all the points mentioned above but at least let them follow their passion. Being extraordinary with mental traumas and pressures is lethal. So never pressurize them to be a prodigy. Let it come naturally. Just show them the paths as mentioned above and let them explore things in their own way.

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