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The World of Illusions: Sad Reality of Today’s Relations

Human beings are the most crucial and beautiful creation of God that differentiates them from the other creations. With this, human beings always find themselves superior to all. With the change in time, man has learned to adapt according to the environment, atmosphere, and culture depending upon the situation’s needs. They make new relationships, contacts, and acquaintances. Simultaneously they fall into family and friendship matters, marriages, children, etc. This is how the journey of life starts and ends accordingly.

Importance of Relationships in Our Life:

Human beings possess different emotions and values in their lives. People generally need relationships in various forms to feel secured and protected. Mother, father, brother, sister, husband, wife, children, grandparents, friends, and colleagues are all related to each other in one way or another. Relationships give us the protection and warmth of being one. The growth of each tie depends on the quality of the emotional bondings. The stronger is the feelings and respect for others, the healthier the relationship. In other terms, relations are the backbone of an individual’s life. It is how an individual maintains this bond in a fruitful way or terms of healthy or unhealthy relationships.

Change in relations with the time shift:

We human beings possess different feelings for everyone. There was a time when everything depended upon love and care. People use to have a unique sense of responsibility and respect for each other in their family. The collective time spent together talking, working, gossiping, playing was something far away from the giant hands of the modern world full of technologies and innovations. Everything was handmade with hard work and toil, and so was the relation. This value of relationships kept on deteriorating with the change of time and status of human beings. The more the individual grows in terms of science and technology, the more they are confined to the ruthless world of change. This scientific development made humans more and more luxury and growth-oriented. Humans started thinking of themselves and became selfish to meet their needs. They started disrespecting their relations with others and slowly and gradually followed materialistic and glossy lifestyles. What was gold is now gold plated, and the result of this is that materialism has spread its jaws everywhere, leaving nothing but emptiness and hollowness within man to man?

 Changes in Technologies vs Changes in Humans:

With technological progress, humans have found comfort in everything. Starting from the journey of letters and telegrams to pagers, mobile phones, laptops, computers, tabs, etc. Humans have seen massive transformations. 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, and so on, this development has made everything very near and within reach of every human being. On one side, people are getting interconnected but simultaneously making the gap of relations and values broader and broader.

Following are the examples of these transformations both in positive and negative aspects:

  • Use of excessive mobile phones, tabs, laptops, computers, etc. There is more addiction than need.
  • Human beings can survive without food but not the internet. It is the necessity cum addiction.
  • Two people can sit together but not without their cell phones. They are bound in relations but held by technological addictions.
  • When people sit together and enjoy each other’s company, the replacement is made with the mobile phones. “No mobile phones, no life” motto is followed.
  • Now sitting on floors to enjoy food is replaced by Dining tables accompanied by mobile phones.
  • Parents are busy using mobile phones, and their children are waiting for their attention.
  • Apparent deprivation and negligence of the responsibilities are seen.
  • Now men and women are eager to maintain hollow figures and bodies to attract likes and comments on their social media.
  • Now social status is seen in terms of costly gadgets one has.
  • Live interactions are replaced by fake social media communications.
  • Originality is replaced by artificiality.
  • Relationships are based on monetary benefits. The richer the person is, the wider the circle of friends and relatives.
  • One with sugar-coated words is always appreciated than the one with simplicity and straightforward nature.
  • Brothers are against the lives of others fighting for money and living.
  • Rich is getting richer, and the poor are getting worse.
  • Toys are replaced by gadgets and costly electronic devices.
  • People are busy clicking photographs with the beggars showing off their merciful attitude on social media.
  • Priorities are changed so is the attitude of the people.
  • One with high educational degrees is begging for employment.
  • Human-made destruction is caused intentionally for seeking personal benefits.
  • The hypocritical attitude of human beings in terms of valueless relationships can be seen where people follow a path of egoism, cruelty, mercilessness and meaninglessness, etc.
  • It is the society where the standard of living is measured in terms of branded clothes and luxurious items one has.
  • Parents who are often seen feeding their children end up their lives in nursing homes. It is a society where pets are adored and kept in unique places at homes but challenging to keep the birth givers. The moment needs are fulfilled, priorities change accordingly.

Expectations vs Reality:

It’s rightly said that human beings are God’s supreme creation. But humans never gave respect and value to the composition rather;, they challenged it for their sake and interests. The valueless relations are monetary based and confined to duties with a lack of respect and moral obligations. Children are not safe, and so are the women. The harsh reality of dishonour and disrespect showed not only in society but also in the family itself, making men fear the other. Enmity, hatred, disloyalty are all live examples of the modern world. The condition is still deteriorating.

Human beings live in a fantasy world that is deprived of peace and contentment. People come and go in life, and so is the need according to the time and necessity. People live a fake life of illusions beyond reality, and that illusions never allow them to sleep properly, eat properly, or live life properly. People are more worried to please others to maintain social standards even though they don’t have anything for themselves.

Life is an Optical Illusion:

The difference between the scientific illusion and social illusion is the optical illusion which life offers. Human beings are never satisfied with their lust and hunger for power and pride. This involves disrespecting parents who feel proud of their well-settled kids, but their kids are never there for their time of need. Rapes, murders, honour killings are all forms of standards made by men to maintain the fake world of illusion. This is the exact reality of life left to live in the modernist world.

Clothes are getting shorter, and so are the values of men. The sexual exploitation of women is an open crime. The society where small mentalities are not blamed but the women being murdered or raped are openly challenged.

Humans have found luxury in a single click of a button. The way people are increasing everything is on sale even water and air are not free now. People take pride in being called branded but are shallow from the inside. Life is full of meaninglessness, and every single happiness is paid in the form of a price. The society of illusions offers fantasy and glitters, hiding the pain and suffering of the people in real life.

Pets are family and have a special place at home. There is a lack of space for the family members, but pets like dogs and cats are given a special place and attention.

Keto diets and zero figures with health supplements and tablets are fine, then eating healthy and right. As the more nicely dressed up the body is, the more likes and comments it can fetch.

And many such things express a lack of contentment and satisfaction.


The modern world and its reality are vast and confusing. The chains of hatred and envy have bound everyone to think and act smart and right. All are running onto the path of values but without moral scene and security. It’s the society itself that is making monsters out of the humans. There is a need to show gratitude and thankfulness with the right dose of love and care for the relations one has.

People come and go, and this journey will never end; what is left is the moral values one holds for the other. Suicides, killings, and deaths are prevalent as people are not aware of their heart desires. Depressing states of mind are more than happy faces.

So please choose the best time and thank the almighty for everything one has. Respect and honour the relations and spare time for the valuable moments. Shower love everywhere, and one can see life is charming.

“Live and relive the moments” is the best medicine for a happy life.

Sampada Jain
Sampada Jain
Fly high and touch the sky is my motto. Learn and to contribute is the basic idea I follow. I want to shine with my ideas and want to explore more with the help of writing.

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