LifeStyleHealthThese Yoga Tips may Save you from Face Surgery, Botox and Filler

These Yoga Tips may Save you from Face Surgery, Botox and Filler

As we start to mature, our skin starts to sag and wrinkles begin to appear. This is where facial yoga or face exercise comes into the picture. It makes the skin firmer and youthful looking by strengthening the 50 muscles in the face. By regularly carrying out face yoga, you can promote the circulation of the blood in different areas of the face. Doing this, you can replenish the oxygen supply to muscle and sin. Face yoga also promotes bright complexion and a healthy glow. These are pretty simple to do and do not usually involve any vestigial organ.

If you want to see quick results, perform face yoga 3-5 times a week for ten minutes each time. It is suggested that you do it alone because face yoga is a ridiculously funny yoga or exercise. In case your muscles begin to hurt, just inhale and exhale out air. Brush with your lips closed. Your lower teeth should not be visible while brushing your teeth.

You might think is face yoga a farce? There are plenty of celebrities who swear by face yoga. For example, Megan Markle. She said that face yoga helps her keep her face sculpted and taut. Other celebrities who do yoga include Gisele Bundchen, Kate Moss, Jennifer Aniston, Madonna and Gwenyth Paltrow.

Prevent and Cure Dark Circles

1. Prevent and Cure Dark Circles

Make a fist with your hands. Put both the fists on your lower back. To be precise, where the kidneys are. Begin stroking it up and down with fist. You know you are doing it properly when you begin to feel a dull sensation. It is perfectly normal so do not get alarmed. Then, begin moving your elbows while keeping the fist on your lower back area. Act as if you are trying to make flying with your arms or acting like a chicken. Take deep breathes. Repeat ten times for ten seconds.

Get Rid of Drooping Eyelids, Crow's Feet, Eye bags and Puffiness

2. Get Rid of Drooping Eyelids, Crow’s Feet, Eye bags and Puffiness

Press both of your middle fingers together at the inner corner of your eyebrows. Your fingers should look like a ‘V’ shape. With the index finger, apply pressure at the outer corner of the eyebrow. Look up at the ceiling and raise the lower eyelids up. Squint and then relaxes. Repeat it ten times for ten seconds.

Smooth Out Horizontal Forehead Lines

3. Smooth Out Horizontal Forehead Lines

Place both of your hands on the forehead. The nails on both hands should be facing each other. Spread your fingers between the eyebrow and hairline. Begin sweeps the fingers outward. The nails should move away from the other hand’s nails. Apply light pressure. Repeat for ten times.

Women with Neck close up

4. Prevent lines and loose skin on the neck; Get a neck lift and jowl lift

Look straight ahead. Place your fingertips at the bottom of the neck and lightly stroke the skin downwards with head tilted back. Tilt your head down and repeat. Just your lower lip as far as possible to pull the corner of the mouth down. Place fingertips on the collar bone with the chin pointed upwards. Hold your breath for few a seconds.

Aging skin comparison

5. Prevent Sagging Jowls

Open your mouth as wide as possible. Act as if you are yawning. Begin to close your mouth slowly but never let your upper and lower teeth too close. Repeat for three times at the count of twenty.

Allow your jaw to go slack so that your mouth is slightly open. Protrude your lower jaw, position your lower front teeth above your upper front teeth. Now raise your arm, rotate your head to the left and look up at the ceiling. Hold the position for ten seconds. Relax your jaw. Keep your right arm raised, protrude and raise your jaw again. Hold this position for fifteen seconds. Perform this exercise for three seconds. And repeat it with the left arm and bend your head to the right.

Tilt your back your head and look at the ceiling. Press the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth and swallow while tilting your head to left. Tilt your head to the right and swallow. Roll your head and neck to relieve yourself of pinched expression lines and tone the neck, throat and chin areas.

Chew sugarless gum. (Sugarless is being the keyword. Otherwise, you will end up with a double chin). This will help you have a firm jowl and neck. While chewing, move your jaw up and down in circular motion. Chew for twenty seconds.

Double Chin

6. Double Chin

Sit in Padmasana (legs crossed) while looking straight ahead. Lift your lower lip and just out your lower jaw. If you feel some tension in your chin and jaw muscles, you are doing it right. Stay in this position for ten seconds.

Relax and sit in a comfortable position while looking straight ahead. Position your fingers at the end of the neck and begin stroking your skin in a downward movement. Doing this, begin to tilt your head backwards. Bend your neck to touch the chest with your chin. Repeat the process at least two times.

Make a fish face. Suck in your cheeks and lips until you think you resemble a fish. Lok right and left, still holding the same expression. Hold it for ten seconds, then repeat.

Lift your chin up and look at the ceiling. Begin to open and close your mouth while still looking up.

Younger aged woman

7. To Look Younger

Place your index finger under your lashes and the little finger underneath the cheekbones. Press your hands to the surface of the skin to hold the muscles in place. Squint your eyes while squeezing the cheeks up towards the eyes.

There are plenty more exercises to do and try. It goes without saying that while facial yoga helps, it does not prevent ageing. It just slows down the process of these signs from appearing. With a healthy diet, regular exercise and sanitation, you can further decrease the chances of it appearing sooner. More than trying for a fair (gorapan) you should strive for clear, blemish-free skin which looks healthy. And that is where facial yoga comes into play.

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