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Tips for acquiring natural glowing and healthy skin

Beautiful Skin is the reflection of both inner and outer health. Our Skin health is the key tool which shows the world our whole personality. It is essential to take good care of your skin as it is the window to our overall health. Moreover, having a beautiful, classy appearance also empowers inner confidence, makes us visually appealing and enables people to show interest in our job, communication or even in relationships. A good looking, classy, glowing Skin could only be conquered through proper care and love we show our Skin not just applying marketed creams and lotions.

Always remember good Skin is never found in the packaged bottles. Healthy diet and lifestyle is the first go for Glowing Skin. Skin health relies on how you take care of it. Let me share some useful tips which are proven to show amazing results on skin health.

Lifestyle and skincare regime:

skincare routine

Having a healthy lifestyle reshapes the skin health. Make your lifestyle a significant priority. When you are healthy than both your physical and mental health coordinates and works together to energize the Skin.  Yes, it is extremely important to follow a skincare regime as our Skin needs to be pampered in a right way from morning to night. Our Skin needs to be given more attention and treated like a baby.

Skin health reflects the way we treat it, a simple skincare steps to follow starts with:

  • Don’t wake up to coffee in the morning. Drink three glasses of water after waking up. Water keeps the skin hydrated, gives you clear, smooth skin and improves skin tone.
  • Follow a morning skincare regime. Use a cleanser based on the skin type to clean the face.
  • Apply good toner or rose water and a moisturizer in an upward motion to increase circulation and finish your morning regime.
  • Drink water more often throughout the day
  • Apply a face pack and leave it for 20 min before taking a bath. You can make masks of available ingredients like Papaya, turmeric, curd, aloe vera, besan flour, honey, Vitamin C fruits, tomatoes, sandalwood etc.
  • Don’t stress yourself. Stress is said to have a negative impact on the Skin as it increases ageing and acne. Try as much possible to be active in doing things you are passionate about and reduce stress.
  • Follow a night care routine for glowing skin. Clean your face before going to bed. Give your face a light massage. Apply toner and moisturizer and any essential oil made of natural ingredients like lavender, rose, olive oil, coconut oil etc.
  • Have a deep sleep of 8 hours. Nowadays, it’s hard to not look at the phone before sleeping. Don’t stay till midnight watching mobile. This will significantly affect your Skin and increases dark spots, wrinkles and ageing.
  • Good sleep is a mantra for younger-looking Skin.

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Exfoliate to enhance skin luminance:

Skin exfoliation

Exfoliation is essential for the regeneration of new skin cell growth. Refine the surface of your Skin so the healthy glowing Skin underneath can show up. Proper exfoliation also helps to remove cell debris, dirt, unclog the pores, reduces acne and scars, improves blood circulation, promotes collagen growth which is essential for a fine, smooth and even younger-looking skin tone. Exfoliate the face and body two to three times a week maximum. Don’t over-exfoliate as it leads to dry, irritable and flaky Skin.

Some of the naturals exfoliate for glowing Skin to use in our daily life and can be easily prepared from home are:

  1. Honey and sugar scrub

Take a few drops of honey and sugar (white or brown) in a bowl and mix it evenly. Then, take some amount of this mixture and apply it on the face, scrubbing it in a circular motion for 10 min. Honey has excellent antibacterial and antiseptic properties. When used along with sugar, it clears off all bacteria, dirt, old skin cells, cleanses your Skin and makes Skin look younger and smooth.

  1. Lemon and turmeric scrub

Cut half a lemon and squeeze its juice on to a bowl and dilute it with an equal proportion of water, add a pinch of turmeric, massage it on the face, scrubbing slowly in a circular motion.  Don’t apply raw lemon juice and scrub, and it will burn the skin. Keep it for few minutes and wash it off with warm water. Lemon and turmeric has anti-inflammatory and skin brightening properties which will give Skin an instant glow

  1. Almond-orange scrub

Take dry orange peel and grind it along with some almonds in a mixer. Add a few drops of coconut oil to the mixture and massage the compound on the face in an upward motion. Leave it for 15 minutes and use a damp towel to remove the extract and then rinse in warm water. Almonds are enriched in vitamin E along with the orange peel, it removes sun tan from the Skin, removes damaged skin cells, promotes skin growth, reduces skin ageing and promotes skin brightening.

4. Rice face scrub.

Rice is foremost used in several beauty treatments. It is readily available in all our home and is lovely to keep Skin hydrated, shine, glowing. It also gives a matte texture to the face. Grind rice and make into a paste by adding few drops of honey, apply it to the face, leave it for 5 minutes and rinse it off with cold water. Rice water can also be used in place for honey or isolated use.

  1. Oatmeal face scrub

This scrub is beneficial for people with oily skin. It can absorb oil from the skin surface. Make a paste of oatmeal, brown sugar, coconut or olive oil and apply to the face. Massage it for five minutes thoroughly and rinse off with cold water.

6. Aloe vera- Rose scrub

Dry and crush rose petals, add a scoop of aloe vera gel and few drops of honey and baking soda. Mix it well. You can use this most frequently as aloe vera gel, and baking soda has excellent detain property, and the rose petals add an instant glow to your skin.

Food-your most prominent companion for Glowing Skin:

Healthy food for skin glow

If Gut is healthy, then your skin is healthy. Natural-looking glowing Skin is the reward of both healthy Gut and Skin. The Skin and gut are interconnected. So for that, you need to feed your gut with the right balance of food to show it up on the Skin.

Some essential foods which could give natural glow includes:

  • Beta carotene foods like Carrots, pumpkin, Sweet potatoes, mangos and Papaya, blueberries etc. Beta carotene is the powerhouse for Glowing Skin. It acts as a form of natural sunblock for the Skin. They are included in the diet of all celebrities.
  • Vitamin C foods like broccoli, sprouts, cauliflower, sweet and white potatoes, cabbage, spinach, kiwi. Add them as salads, soups or sandwiches to the diet. Vitamin C foods promote collagen growth which is responsible for supple, firm Skin.
  • Vitamin E and iron-rich foods like avocado, Sunflower seeds, almonds, flaxseed, walnuts. They are rich in antioxidants, increases blood circulation and reduces UV damage from sun exposure.
  • Drink yoghurt, buttermilk as they contain probiotics that are GUT friendly and helps in reducing acne and dark spots. You can also make smoothies from fruits and have it for breakfast for better results.

Yoga asanas for marvellous skin texture:

Yoga for glowing skin

Eating a lot of food give us amazing Skin. But it can also make one put on a lot of weight. So it is equally important to exercise and eat food at the same time. Yoga has become a solution for a lot of problems since the ancient era. Doing yoga techniques can strengthen, tone and cure most of the skin-related issues and adds a glow to skin texture. No doubt Yoga is being followed by a lot of actors like Shilpa Shetty, Kareena Kapoor, Jennifer Aniston etc.

Let me share a few easy yoga techniques and exercises to achieve radiant and beautiful Skin:


  • Stand straight with both feet, hip-width apart and facing parallel to each other without facing outwards or inwards.
  • Then, slowly inhale by raising your hand, bend the waist forward and touch your knees with hands.
  • Don’t shrug your back while bending and keep back in a straight line.
  • Stay in that position for a couple of breaths.
  • Slowly exhale and return to a standing position.
  • Repeat it ten times.


  • Lie down in supine position
  • Keep both hands behind supporting the trunk.
  • Inhale slowly by raising both feet to 90 degrees
  • Hold in that position for five breaths.
  • Exhale slowly and return to lying position

Pranayama (Meditative breathing)

  • Pranayama has been practised long as yoga for both mind and soul.
  • First, sit in any comfortable cross-legged position.
  • Keep the back straight and shoulders stretched out.
  • Place your left hand on the lap.
  • Bend index and middle finger on the right hand (Vishnu mudra)
  • Use the thumb and ring finger to block the nostril.
  • Inhale through the right nostril
  • Block your right nostril with the right thumb and hold it for 4 sec
  • Exhale through the left nostril slowly and do it vice versa
  • Repeat it for six rounds on each side

Bhramari pranayama (The Bee Breath)

  • Sit down in cross-legged position with back straight, shoulders stretched and eyes closed.
  • Open both hands and close both ears with the thumb.
  • Place both index fingers on the left and right side of the forehead above eyebrows.
  • Rest the middle and ring fingers on the closed eye
  • Now inhale and exhale slowly through your nose.
  • Make a humming sound while exhaling with the mouth closed.
  • Do this for 5-10 times.

Always end the yoga session with Savasana. Savasana lets all the stress go away and keep your body in a mindful and relaxed state. Follow these vital practices as a routine to enhance your skin glow and shine like a star.

Amritha Kanakam
Amritha Kanakam
i am a medical undergraduate student who has a passion for writing.

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