Op-edUnhealthy Lifestyle: Present Warning for Better Future

Unhealthy Lifestyle: Present Warning for Better Future

“Health is Wealth” — We have been listening to this proverb since our childhood times. But did we ever spare a minute from our daily life to take up a research and find what hidden message actually does this proverb convey? No, because we are madly running before things that are not so essential, leaving behind the primary ones. It simply means if we are healthy, we are capable of achieving everything we aspire to. There are people who are really cautious regarding their health, but a few are involved in procuring wealth that would only bring fake happiness for a certain duration and not inner satisfaction. They do not prioritize things that instead actually beneficial keep on running after worthless possessions.

Pain in Chest, Heart attack

Presently, we have been looking around people suffering from diseases that have become common among the crowd. Diabetes, Thyroid, Blood pressure, Heart’s stroke, Cancer, Hypertension and many more such diseases have attacked almost 90% of the country’s population. Every other person is caught in the trap of one or more such disease. It has now taken the form of a trend not only among the people above 40 but also among the teenagers. Unhealthy lifestyle is majorly as well as commonly responsible for it. Being careless about health and having an inappropriate lifestyle is the general trend seen among people mainly teenagers and adults. But they are unaware of the fact that this casual approach towards life and lifestyle will make them suffer a lot and they will also have to pay for it. A study gave the report stating that 5.8 million Indians die because of diabetes, cancer, stroke, heart and lung diseases every year. More than 62 million people are diabetic in India. These facts are in reality showing us the true picture of the nation turning unhealthy day by day.

Dietetic Patience Test

Earlier, in the past, people used to walk miles and miles, work in the fields, ate healthy to keep themselves free from diseases. Hard work and a proper routine were the ultimate priority. Although there were no fitness centers or gym as of now, still people used to keep themselves fit and healthy by their routine. Getting early, eating healthy food on time and going to bed early was the routine that people followed and gave utmost importance to for staying disease free. It was simple. There were less luxurious facilities, so the people believed more on hard work. Less access to technology and comfort made people to work more, struggle hard and that turned out to be an advantage for them.

asthma affected Kid

It’s an alarming signal that if we really want to save our future, we need to be careful regarding our health from today itself. The day is not far when the hospitals would be less in number and the number of patients more. Maybe the world has increased its speed, technology has upgraded, innovations have been designed, yet all these are hampering our lifestyle. If we ever observe our routine, our lifestyle from our busy schedule since the first yawn of the morning, we can simply give the assertion that we are only running before money and attractions. On this run and snatch job, we hardly care about our health. Health is the utmost priority because — A healthy mind resides in a healthy body

Our health and body controls our thought process. So, if we are able to keep our body healthy and fit, disease free, only then we can think of our better future. Through a healthy diet and lifestyle, at least 80% of premature death from heart diseases and strokes can be prevented. It would be better on our part to get alert of the risks and initiate for the betterment to be able to feel the warmth of the sun and start a new life every day.

Medha Shukla
Medha Shukla
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