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Top 10 Things to Do While on a Tour to Munich

Munich, the 3rd largest city in Germany, is the capital of the state of Bavaria. Many travelers associate Munich with the Oktoberfest festival only, but there is much more to do and see here. It is a wonderful city with so many amazing sights that it is nearly impossible to narrow down the list to just 10! However, we have compiled this list based on traveler reviews and have actually included those places and activities that will stick to your memory over time. We know from our own experience that you will surely love each of these 10 attractions/activities.

Marienplatz or St Marys Square

1. Marienplat1z / St Mary’s Square

If you are traveling to Munich for the first time, then you must take a walk through the St Mary’s Square. This is actually the heart of the city and offers diverse shopping and dining opportunities apart from the historic architecture all around. It is assumed that the square has been named in honor of St Mary;s column, which was erected right after the failure of a Swiss invasion. When you walk through the Marienplatz, you can actually feel the unfolding of the rich history of Munich. The Municipal buildings, the fountains and the shopping centers are very popular with the tourists.

Zum Augustiner

2. Visit the Zum Augustiner

The Zum Augustiner is a beautiful building located right in the center of the city. It is basically a beer house and a restaurant rolled into one. This is where the renowned Augustiner beer is donated right from the oldest brewery in Munich. The in-house kitchen also prepares typical Bavarian meals that are authentic in taste.

Castle Nymphenburg

3. Tour the Castle Nymphenburg

The Castle Nymphenburg is located on the NW side of the city and houses a beautiful park, pavilions and a number of fountains. The palace has been standing here since 1664 which has been designed by Agostino Barelli, an Italian architect. It has expanded over the years and pavilions were added in the later years. The chief attraction of this palace is the baroque facade that is 700 feet in width.

delicious Bavarian

4. Enjoy a delicious Bavarian meal

There is no better way to enjoy a city than to enjoy a full course local meal at any of the restaurants that serve delicious Bavarian dishes. Try the traditional food items like homemade bread, obazda, pretzels and, of course, German sausages. We suggest that you try a meal at one of the roadside eateries to get good food at low prices. These eateries offer a unique experience of roadside dining, which the foreign travelers to really enjoy.

The English Garden

5. Take a stroll in the English Garden

If you are fond of relaxing in a park then you will surely love the English Garden in Munich. Established way back in 1789, The English Garden is definitely one of the best urban parks in the world. In fact, the large green space is actually two times the size of Hyde Park in London. The Chinese Beer Garden which seats 6000 people is definitely the most popular attraction here, but there are loads of other things to do here in the English Garden. You can see people indulging in nude bathing on the banks of Eisbach River or if you prefer, you can just relax in the garden and give relief to you tired limbs.

Victuals Market

6. Explore the hugely popular Victuals Market

The most favorite thing to do for any foreigner in Munich is to visit the Victuals Market. This is basically a huge outdoor market that offers various kinds of food and specialties for sale. The open market concept is very popular in Europe and this is no different. Today it is the number one spot in Munich to buy or sample local wine, meat and cheese.

Church of the Lady or Frauenkirche

7. Visit the Church of the Lady or Frauenkirche

The Church of the Lady supports a Gothic style architecture and is best known for its two dome shaped towers. Although the Allied bombing in WWII destroyed much of the structure, it has been restored to its original glory in the mid-1900s. There is no entrance fee for the church and one only needs to pay a small charge to access the observation platform.

The Deutsches Museum

8. Tour the Deutsches Museum

Founded in 1903, the Deutsches Museum is the largest museum on the history of science and technology. The location of the museum is beautiful – in the center of an island on the Isar River. There are as many as 28000 objects in the domain of science and technology and here one can learn all about telecommunications, ceramics, trains, aerospace, hydrology et al. The museum also has a planetarium and an IMAX cinema in its premises.

The Asam Brothers Church

9. The Asam Brothers’ Church

Many tourists feel that Asam Brothers’ Church is actually a hidden gem in Munich and every tourist should visit this site to understand why it is so highly rated. The church was initially built to act as a show house for the Asam Brothers who used to live right next door. The Brothers were said to be the masters of the famous Rocco movement and they used the church building to show their work to prospective clients from Europe. The church is truly an exceptional work of art and it is not hard to imagine the kind of impact it had on the clients at that point of time.


10. Explore Dachau before you leave Munich

It is true that there are lots of things to do in Munich, but one should make it a point to visit the historical site of Dachau which rests just outside the city limits. This place is important historically as the first concentration camps were set up here during the Nazi regime. It became a memorial only in the 1960s and even if you are not familiar with the events or the horrors centering around these concentration camps, do take some time to show respect. English guided tours are readily available and the opening sequence in the movie gives the viewers a clear and uncensored account of the camp at Dachau. The trip may be uncomfortable for some people, but we do recommend a trip here as this place has huge historical importance in the history of the country. However, individual discretion is severely recommended before embarking on this tour.

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